The Curry Coastal Pilot

Voting is an emotional endeavor for most of us and, when it comes to choosing what's best for Curry County, it is important that the moral compass of a candidate matches that of our own.

Character and leadership are two main qualities that voters should consider when choosing an elected official.

Experience should also be considered - people are not likely to vote for someone whom they feel lacks the experience and ability to handle the job.

Most candidates are quick to list their accomplishments, experience, and their opponents' flaws. Rarely do you hear them talk about their moral code, their philosophy of life, or provide examples of when they practiced honesty, compassion, competence and leadership.

Who are these people really - apart from where they stand on key issues?

Unfortunately, none of these characteristics were addressed at recent candidate forums. We left each forum without learning more about the personal characteristics of those running for county commission or circuit court judge.

We know of their public persona, but what are they like on the inside? Will they keep a promise? Do they tell the truth? What tenets, beliefs, ideals do they have that will keep them on their path - and ours?

It's obvious the county commissioner candidates are frustrated with the current leadership, but what personal qualities do they posses that will help improve matters?

These are tough questions. We, as voters, should be pressing for the answers.