The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thankful for them

Walking in the truth is peaceful and I believe at this point in time that those who know the truth will vote for Huxley and Mackenzie Kudlac.

I think if everyone knew what I know they would vote for Mackenzie Kudlac and Huxley. I am so thankful they are running and will give more thanks if they are appointed to office.

I will be thankful to everyone who voted for them.

Paul R Brousseau

Gold Beach

A strong candidate

Regarding: Shala McKenzie Kudlac for Curry County judge, 15th Judicial District, Position 6

We are proud to support Shala. McKenzie Kudlac as a candidate for judge. We have had the opportunity to work both as co-counsel and as an opponent and have found her to have a common sense approach to the legal field. Shala McKenzie Kudlac is a strong candidate for judge because of her knowledge of the people and her abilities in the law. She is a sincere and honest person that has demonstrated her abilities as a lawyer. She is mature beyond her years due to her upbringing and work ethics. We believe she is a leader in whatever endeavors she may choose to pursue and will be a great asset to the judiciary in Coos and Curry county.

Your support of Shala McKenzie Kudlac for judge is important so please remember to vote.

The mail-in ballots are out on April 30 and must be received by 5 p.m. on May 20,2014.

Ann Hernandez

Manuel C. Hernandez

attorney at law


Our citizens charter

Why has a resident of Coquille who has worked with a citizens committee to develop a Charter that, he believes, creates a government system that fits Coos County written a letter to the editor criticizing the Charter proposed by Curry County citizens? (Pilot letter, April 9, 2014).

Over 800 Curry County citizens signed petitions to put Measure 8-76, the Home Rule Charter, on the May 20 ballot. Curry County citizens. A Curry County Charter.

Why are Coos County citizens attempting to intervene in a Curry County election? Do they have something to gain? Why have some Coos County citizens teamed up with Commissioners David Brock Smith and David Itzen to oppose the Charter written by OUR citizens?

Send a message to the Coos County citizens charter committee on May 20. Stay out of Curry County! Its none of your business! We're happy with our very own home-grown Charter.

Vote yes on Measure 8-76, the Curry County Home Rule Charter.

Brindel Stubbs


More scare tactics

Where is the headline? "Commissioners Report County Attorney Approves Placement of Unconstitutional Measure on Ballot."

County Commissioners David Itzen and David Brock Smith are once again trying to employ scare tactics on Curry County voters. They are claiming that the proposed Home Rule Charter, Measure 8-76 on the May ballot, is "unconstitutional."

Did they somehow forget that their own lawyer, County Counsel Jerry Herbage, reviewed and approved the Measure for placement on the ballot?

Do they think we have forgotten the legal prowess of Commissioner Smith to filed complaints of illegality against the Brookings City Council and Brookings City manager in a recent tax election, only to have those complaints thrown out as being baseless? That Smith had to write an apology letter on County stationary to avoid a libel suit stemming from his false accusations?

The facts are that every city in Curry County has a Charter. Nine Oregon counties have adopted Charters. If Charters were "unconstitutional," don't you think someone ... like the Oregon Attorney General ... would have already taken notice? It is a frivolous argument and a scare tactic, just like their efforts to get Curry County voters to approve excessive new property taxes to continue funding their $88,000-a-year jobs.

Voters can send yet another message to Smith and Itzen that their scare tactics don't work. Vote "yes" on Measure 8-76, the citizens Home Rule Charter. Let's change County government for the better.

Pat Bisgrove


No go on GMO

I was interested in the letter from Claire Haight (Pilot April 19).

I always get my seeds from Thompson and Morgan, which come from the U.K. The green beans seeds I ordered four years ago are still producing this year. Also, I order from Pinetree Garden Seeds. These companies refuse to sell the GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds.

If you buy GMO seeds you will be a life-long customer to these companies. Also, have you thought about what these GMO seeds do to birds and bees eating this poison? No wonder we don't see as many bees like we used to.

Joyce Manning

Smith River

County needs Kudlac

I have also been active in Port Orford's government by attending almost every City Council meeting for the last 10 years.

In that time I have watched Shala conduct herself and instruct the Council at the meetings in a professional and impartial manner for the last seven of those years.

Regardless of the political sides of the aisle, Shala has shown that she has the necessary presence and command that a judge needs. Her instructions to the Council are given in a respectful tone and questions from the public are answered in the same way.

Though her decisions are not always popular with the council or public they appear to be based upon the law and listened to.

We need a judge who can deliver this same kind of result for Curry County.

Dolores Mayea

Port Orford

All good questions

I am undecided about Prop. 8-76 and can't get answers.

Do the current three supervisors share an office with three desks or each have their own office? Do they each have a secretary? Clerk? Someone to answer the phone?

Will the new volunteer commissioners share an office? Secretary? Clerk? Will they be paid mileage for trips to Gold Beach? Paid for meetings with commissioners from other cities? Cell phones?

Will the new county manager hire secretaries, clerks, service personnel? Get an office somewhere? How will he know knowledgeable officials in Salem who can answer questions? Will the five new commissioners be expected to know officials in Salem they can lobby? Will the $80,000 savings all go to hire more employees?

City Manager Milliman gets written up in the USC Alumni bulletin for his success. Will he apply for the $135,000 county manager job? If Milliman gets the job, who will pay for commuting mileage or will the county buy him a car?

Whether or not he applies, will the city/county have to pay for a new manager to come from somewhere; for settling-down expenses? Who interviews new prospective county managers to assess their ability/expertise? Do they pay their way from wherever to Gold Beach?

R.H. Morneau Jr., retired


Retain Beaman

As a deputy district attorney from 2010 until less than two months ago, I appeared in court before Judge Cynthia Beaman frequently.

My experience led me to be able to expect and trust that Judge Beaman would make fair and correct decisions, as well as hold each attorney, including me, accountable in doing our jobs.

Particularly with criminal law cases, which encompass the vast majority of the Curry County Circuit Court's caseload, a circuit court judge is forced to make decisions quickly. Time is a luxury in Circuit Court. Yet Judge Beaman still makes every effort to make fair and correct decisions that are founded in law and based on the facts presented to her. That effort, shared by the other judges in the 15th Judicial District, is a large reason for why I choose to stay as a practicing attorney in Curry County.

Please join me in voting to retain Judge Cynthia Beaman.

Carly Kruse,

Olin and Associates


Wonderful people

My husband recently passed away at Good Samaritan Nursing Home, and I would just like to publicly thank the management and caregivers there for the outstanding service they perform.

Every person we encountered there was so kind and caring that it eased a very difficult time in our lives, both for my husband and for our family. We especially appreciated Judy, Brenda, Rose, Kate, Charlotte, Maria, Amy, Kurt, Jaime T., and the many others who took such good care of him.

The musicians from the community who entertain there each week are providing such enjoyment for the residents. We have wonderful people here in Brookings, and many of them work at "Good Sam."

Nina Hall