The Curry Coastal Pilot

In quite a state

Have you heard the new song " Crescent City - keep California California?"

It's liberal California's effort to stop the continuous effort to make Northern California a separate state, specifically "Jefferson State."

Obviously they have no clue why people and businesses are eager to leave California.

From what I hear it's because of high taxes, strict regulations and stupid laws, definitely high gas prices and a whole lot of Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - what a pair. The Democrats rule the state legislature and have no idea of their problems. It's no wonder California is in such a mess.

Let's not let the same thing happen to our Oregon and especially to our federal government.

Lou Costa


I Trust Tom Huxley

I will be voting for Tom Huxley for Curry County Commissioner and hope you will join me.

Dave Itzen, the current commissioner, has had four years to correct the fiscal problems facing the County and nothing has changed. It's still the same old tax and spend County government we've always had.

Tom has said he would forgo the salary and benefit package the current commissioners take for granted, and would work for the $10,000 per year expenses stipend the proposed Home Rule Charter provides whether it passes or not. I have known Tom for several years and am confident that any decision he made as a commissioner would be with the benefit of the Curry County taxpayers in mind.

The people saw right through the Itzen, Smith plan to raise property taxes promoted to benefit law enforcement when in fact their plan was to take the money if the tax increases had passed and give it to the sheriff, D.A., jail and Juvenile Department while taking what was currently budgeted for those departments from the general fund and using it for their own benefit. I'm sure with Tom as a commissioner there would be no more bait and switch ballot initiatives to raise property taxes.

Join me in electing Tom Huxley Curry County commissioner and let's get back to government we can trust.

Sandy Dietz


Pro McKenzie Kudlac

The McKenzie family has a strong history of public service.

My husband Bob McKenzie served on the Coos-Curry Electric board for many years. My son Robert McKenzie served on the Curry County Planning Commission. Now, my granddaughter Shala McKenzie Kudlac is running for judge in Curry County.

We have been in Curry County for many generations, and it is important that this area continues to be a place to come home to for all its residents.

Not all of my grandchildren have been able to come home; Shala is one of the lucky ones. She is bright, gutsy, and has the necessary instinct and temperament to be a diligent and fair judge.

Her work ethic is instilled in her from being raised in an agricultural family where she had no problem jumping in and getting dirty from a young age. She has always had a great love for Curry County from the land to the people and will serve this position well.

Please join me in voting for Shala McKenzie Kudlac.

Beverly McKenzie

Port Orford

I don't get it!

A meeting of two people is not a meeting:

Talking about county business is not county business! What gives with the secretary of state office? They said OK to all this; so Quorum Laws are for a reason and maybe not hence for a reason.

No wonder Dave on Dave can't get anything done in Gold Beach; maybe because there is no meetings or are there meetings?

S. Brown, how did you survive all this?

I hope some new people in the county office have some sense of all this.

Jim Relaford, business and port commissioner, made sense of the mess at the Port of Brookings Harbor a couple of years ago. Give him a chance at the county. It can't get any worse than it is now. So keep that old engineering concept going (K.I.S.S.) and get the job done.

Just plain Al Cornell


Know Pesticide Seed

I am prompted to write concerning the May vote on allowing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and Round-up Ready seeds to be sold to farmers in Jackson and Josephine counties.

My brother-in-law is a retired wildlife biologist, specifically for the Rogue River Drainage Area, during his term of service. He is aware of the tragic effects on fish from pesticides and herbicides washing into our wetlands, rivers and streams.

I have alerted him to some other side-effects of Round-up Ready and GMO seeds. Besides the pollution of nearby water sources, "Round-up Ready" seeds have herbicides and pesticides layered on seeds. These poisons become integrated in the plants, thereby poisoning not only the target insects, but also the pollinators. I believe it was Einstein who stated, "If we kill the pollinators, in four year we will be starving." That may not be an exact quote, but the concept is true. The people who profit most from allowing the sale of these products are the chemical companies who make them.

Please educate yourselves on this issue. CDs of interviews with experts are available at health food stores on Railroad Street, Brookings, Ellensburg Avenue in Gold Beach, and online. Then, if you have friends or relatives in Josephine or Jackson counties, let them know these side-effects, so they can vote intelligently in May.

Russia, Mexico and most of Europe have banned the sale of these products in their countries. We need to do the same! Thank you.

Claire Haight


Hiding for the 'hub'?

At their April 2 meeting, the Board of Commissioners quickly adopted a resolution which further obscures the cost of the commissioner's office from public view. They established an internal administrative fund that will be used to "charge out" their salaries, travel and office costs to all other County departments.

In supporting the change, Commissioner David Brock Smith described the BOC as the "hub" of all County services and said that it was appropriate to disburse the costs of the BOC among all County departments. This means that a piece of the commissioners' salaries will now be found in the Sheriff's Department, the Road Department and all other areas of County government. That means that a portion of their compensation and expenses can be paid from road funds and various other non-County General Fund sources.

Hiding the ball - i.e., actual cost of administration? It also means that the County budget process now becomes even less transparent. Is this the kind of County government we want?

If you say "no" then vote "yes" on the citizens Home Rule Charter, Measure 8-76 on the May 20 ballot.

Connie Hunter


Noise and no need

From my point of view, bringing in a third auto store is similar to the closing down of Shop Smart and the Chetco Pharmacy and the Ray's in Smith River. Those businesses served a wide group of people and it's possible that they were not organized for success. Regardless, could it be that allowing a Bi-Mart to come in when there was also a Grocery Outlet and Fred Meyer and a local Ray's had anything to do with those closings? I think so.

When Walmart comes to town, a whole assortment of smaller businesses disappear. One could argue that the larger stores provide more jobs. Personally, I would much rather buy at locally owned shops. I didn't move here to live among "Big Box Stores." Is it too late to examine this trend?

On another note, now, the older people who live at Pelican's Perch in a previously quiet neighborhood, have been subjected to continuous construction noise, the removal of all trees that acted as a sound buffer, and gone is the relatively small town feeling in that area.

Come on, powers that be. Which one of our established auto stores will be the first to go so that a big, aggressive store can muscle into this small town? It's not like it's filling a need. "Find a need and fill it." I guess not. They didn't even hire a local builder to do the work.

At the least, they should be required to plant a stand of trees at the rear of the business to protect the residential neighborhood from added noise pollution.

S.J. Hyatt


Ideas, independence

I have a great idea for promoting tourism in this area.

I have attended several events in the past few months with my donated 42-inch handcrafted miniature yacht and selling raffle tickets for it for the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

The crab festival was great, and the good people at Grocery Outlet, in Harbor, let us set up a table where we sold several $10 tickets. Even Einab, my new south-of-the-border collie, was there handing out free samples of puppy love.

Of course, not everyone is interested in winning my miniature yacht, but despite that, some people paid for a ticket and said "Give it to the next kid that comes by." Some just donated money. Is that great or what?

This area is the most veteran-friendly place I have ever been, and I have lived in a lot of places. You might want to remember this when you invite people to visit here. There are a lot of veterans out there.

As for the local government, I read where the commissioners want to send out a questionnaire asking what services the people want to pay for. Considering the extremely high cost of government these days, they should be asking the people what services can they afford to pay for.

Finally, a fellow in Harbor asked what people thought of the annexing of Harbor into Brookings. To me the thought is a horror story and reminds me of that part of the Declaration of Independence that states - "He has erected a multitude of new offices and sent hither swarms of officers to harrass our people and eat out their substance."

An exaggeration? Wait until you get the new bill, Pal!

Arthur D. Larason


Advocate for Huxley

"We must pass this legislation before we can find out what's in it." - Nancy Pelosi.

Curry County should hire a mediator to reconcile the acrimony between commissioners during their meetings so they can get something done for Curry County (recent topic in Pilot). On and on ad-infinitum.

It is no wonder that the citizens have lost confidence in the absurdity in government and push back against tax. Enter Tom Huxley!

I hereby second Mr. Ralph Martin's and Ms. Maitland's letters to editor advocating Tom Huxley for commissioner. Mr. Huxley has the honesty, integrity, knowledge, common sense to address the issues facing Curry County that have been so plentifully and fearfully published in the Pilot.

His indication to forego the substantial remuneration presently enjoyed by the commissioners is evidence of his sense of a civic obligation to address what he perceives as a major problem in our society.

And he has enough tiger in him to stand on principles.

Jack McGahey