The Curry Coastal Pilot

Prepared for the job

Tom Huxley is running to replace David Itzen as our Curry County commissioner.

Tom has lived here for 13 years and for most of those years he has been single-handedly exposing the waste and corruption perpetrated by the current and past County commissioners on we the taxpayers. The current commissioners have not appreciated his exposing their less than honest, scare the people tactics to pass unnecessary tax increases.

Honesty and integrity are two principles Tom lives by every day and are not just campaign slogans to get elected as has been practiced by past and some current commissioners.

Tom is retired from a very successful business career and has stated whether the proposed County Charter passes or not, he is willing to work for the expenses only amount of $10,000 per year provision in the Charter and will not accept the $88,000 per year compensation package, including PERS retirement, the current commissioners are fighting to keep.

Tom is fed up with the past four years of endless, non-productive commissioners' meetings attended by large numbers of County managers and staff that eat up time and our tax money and produce nothing but the same old idea of "Let's raise taxes."

Tom, unlike the other two candidates, Relaford and Dowler, has for years taken the time to attend commissioners' meetings, view video of the meetings and study County documents to prepare himself for the job of commissioner. In other words, the thing that would worry Itzen and Brock-Smith the most is that Tom knows where the skeletons are buried.

Ralph Martin