The Curry Coastal Pilot

Decide on Beaman

I have known Judge Cynthia Beaman for over 10 years. We served on the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Board of Directors together when we were practicing attorneys. Both of us subsequently became circuit court judges.

Judges have to make tough decisions on a routine basis. We may have to decide whether to incarcerate a youth or adult offender. We may have to remove children from their parents when the family becomes involved in the child welfare system. Or we may have to determine whether it is lawful to evict a person from their home.

These decisions require thoughtfulness, knowledge of the applicable statutes and case law, and an assurance that all parties have an opportunity to be heard. Judge Beaman possesses all of these qualities and has demonstrated the ability to fairly and impartially follow the law in her seven years on the bench.

Judge Beaman is dedicated to her community. She has been involved in numerous organizations and events that benefit youth in the Brookings area. She also serves with me on a statewide group of juvenile judges who are committed to raising the profile and priority of child abuse and neglect cases in Oregon.

Please vote to re-elect Judge Beaman to the Coos/Curry Circuit Court.

Lisa C. Greif

Jackson County

Circuit Court judge