The Curry Coastal Pilot

Once again, we are impressed with how quickly Port Director Ted Fitzgerald and his employees responded to a serious situation at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

This time, it was skinned mink carcasses - at least a ton - bobbing in the water.

Disturbing? Yes.

Smelly? You bet.

Within an hour of spotting the disgusting blobs of rotting animal flesh, Fitzgerald and his crew quickly employed a boom to contain the bulk of the spilled crab bait under a commercial dock. They spent the next few days patroling the port by boat and scooping up individual carcasses with nets and carting them away for disposal.

A nasty job for sure, but one that must be done. We applaud their efforts.

We've seen this kind of dedication before, when port employees responded to oil leaks from commercial fishing boats, rotting meat left behind at an abandon fish market building, and the destruction caused by the 2011 tsunami spawned by the Japanese earthquake.

Well done, fellas.

Well done.