The Curry Coastal Pilot

Make do with less

So said the county commissioner - "The average person thinks in light of their monthly bills," she said.

"Compare dinner for two, 40 bucks. A bottle of wine, $12, go to the movies, $15, $20. Compare that to the Sheriff's Office, $5.21 a month, the Board of County Commissioners, at 46 cents, assessments and taxation, 87 cents, juvenile services 76 cents a month."

Most people here cannot afford out to dinner for two, $40 bucks, (I can feed myself for a week on $40) a $12 bottle of wine (I make my own out of free blackberries) or pay $20 to go to the movies (Netflix, $8 a month and you get to pick the movies). Heck, we even have to pay the tax collector almost a buck a month. Plus the monthly cost of food and gasoline and electricity in Curry County.

Those monthly costs are sky high and now they want to raise the taxes? Make do with less. We sure do.

No New Taxes.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

The dog lady is back

Hello Friends, the dog lady here.

You may have noticed that I haven't been walking much this past year andhellip; and when I did, it was in a great deal of pain. The good news is, I am back.

I will still battle my disease - Sweet Syndrome - a rare immune disease that affects my energy at times. But it will be easier with my new knee.

I have missed all your waves and smiles, just as much as I have missed taking my pals for a healthy walk.

Thank you to those who helped me feed my birds and take me into town for my groceries. I have the best husband on the planet, who would not leave my side and took such incredible care of me.

I did not realize how much you out there had missed the gang and I andhellip; so we are backandhellip; slow and steady, but we are back. Wave and honk to your heart's content, because I will be looking out for you.

Ede Viale,

that dog lady


Beaman great judge

I write to express my wholehearted support for the re-election of Judge Cynthia L. Beaman.

By way of background, I am a lawyer practicing in Grants Pass since 1976. Good fortune and good luck have caused me to spend a great deal of time in Curry County so I am both an "outsider" and "local."

First let me say that Curry County has always enjoyed a positive reputation for the quality of its judges from Fred Starkweather to Hugh C. Downer, Jr. and Richard Mickelson to your present judges.

The residents of this county would be proud to know of the reaction of the "big city" lawyers who occasionally appear in Gold Beach: I've never heard a negative comment. Likewise when Judge Beaman will travel on a "trade" with another county, local lawyers and court personnel are impressed with her courtesies, competence and professionalism.

You have great judge there: keep her.

Christopher D. Mecca

Grants Pass

Re-elect Beaman

I served as a circuit court judge in the 15th Judicial District (Coos and Curry counties) from 1985 until 2006.

During that time Cynthia Beaman was actively practicing law in Curry County and appeared in my court on a regular basis. She did an excellent job and I was very pleased when she was appointed as Circuit Court judge for position No. 6. She is running for re-election to that position in the upcoming primary election and I strongly endorse the re-election.

I know that Judge Beaman has brought the same dedication and preparation that she had for her clients in private practice to the bench. Re-electing Judge Beaman will continue the same dedication, respect, understanding, compassion, consistency, and fairness that she has shown to the parties and professionals who have come before her. In addition to her work as a judge, Cynthia Beaman has been actively involved in many community activities to benefit the youth of her community.

Re-election of Judge Beaman will serve the citizens of the 15th Judicial District very well, and again, I strongly endorse the re-election of Judge Cynthia L. Beaman.

Hugh C. Downer Jr.


A few questions

In response to Gary Milliman's letter (Pilot, April 2):

Thank you for the public forum. I would like to ask a few questions:

andbull;Is the commissioner system working? Let's look at the numbers.

andbull;Are our commissioners our employees? Our taxes pay their salaries and benefits.

andbull;Are they doing what the taxpayers want or what they want?

M. Dill


Huxley exceptional

What can I say? Except that Tom Huxley is a decent human being, honest and smart.

Tom has attended numerous county board of commissioners meetings, wrote factual, informative letters to the editor and provided documents, finances and benefits for interested citizens on the Curry County Taxes website.

Above all, Tom was interested enough to travel the distance to Gold Beach to observe the commissioners at work and remained generally unimpressed. He tried to engage the commissioners in numerous issues important to taxpayers, a difficult task at best. Data, numbers, Excel spread sheets, questions and inadequate answers. Independent, with a strong streak of perseverance, Tom will follow through, even if it takes weeks or months to get at the truth.

He served on the Citizens Advisory Committee and became disillusioned when a committee member asked Commissioner Itzen if their recommendations would be taken seriously. Itzen responded, "You serve at the pleasure of the board." Translation, "I am the boss here."

Fed up with inefficiency, lack of transparency and perceived incompetence at the level of Curry County governance, Tom decided to run for office. A successful businessman, he has written extensively against excessive benefits and PERS; therefore, refuses to take any benefits if elected. "You have to start somewhere and make a stand for your principles."

Tom will accept the $10,000 stipend (Home Rule or not) and reject the $88,000 Itzen enjoys.

What more can I say? Except that Tom Huxley is an exceptional candidate. Now you know who to vote for county commissioner.

Yvonne Maitland