The Curry Coastal Pilot

Avoid temptation

In response to Sandy Winter's letter printed Mar. 22, 2014, I would have to respectfully disagree with Ms. Winters.

I think directly linking the budget of a law enforcement agency to their enforcement activities is a disaster in the making. We have already seen too many abuses that have grown out of the policy of in rem seizures by drug enforcement agencies. This would just be more of the same. Stipulating that the current police departments and sheriffs are scrupulously honest does not ensure that the situation would remain the same in the future. All it would take would be a future department to succumb to the temptation to raise their revenue by increasing their enforcement levels to jackboot tyranny for this plan to show it's inherent flaw.

I personally would prefer to keep a tighter control of the law enforcement agencies. Their job, while necessary, is by nature an adversarial one to the public. Let us not give them any more temptation to abuse the public.

Ken Swanson


Vote for Music

Time is running out! There are only a few days left to cast your vote and help Brookings' Stagelights Musical Arts Community reach its fundraising goal of $1,500.

We don't want your money. Just your vote!

Simply visit, click on the Stagelights banner and click the "vote" button. It takes less than 10 seconds. You can vote once a day, every day!

The more votes we get, the more money Rogue Credit Union will donate to our "Music in the Classroom and Community" program.

The voting process is 100 percent safe. There are no requests for personal information and there are no sales pitches. It's just a fun way to support a local charity without spending a dime.

Your vote is worth 50 cents and the money donated by Rogue Credit Union will be used to purchase music instruments and sound equipment and bring professional musicians/instructors into our public schools and community.

As of Monday (March 24), we had received 2,250 votes and received $1,175. Wow!

We'd like to thank everyone who has voted so far, and we are especially grateful to Rogue Credit Union for supporting music in our community.

Laurie Calef


Stagelights Musical Arts Community

Citizens academy?

I realize that it is frustrating to watch a police car sit idling away gasoline and tax dollars.

I took a class called "Citizens Academy" in Show Low, Ariz., where I learned why they do that. Everything in that car that is necessary to do the job is run on electricity. Most of it is computerized. They actually HAVE a computer in there. If they turn the car off while they take a call they may have to wait for it all to come back on, even reboot before they can get back to work. They leave the engine running so the battery doesn't die from supporting all that equipment.

Ever notice how the radio is spouting information while they write that ticket? They need that information, and occasionally you might not even get that ticket because a more dreadful call comes in before he is finished with you.

I enjoyed that class immensely. It reenforced what I already knew about Keepers-of-the-Peace: They are all we have between us and utter chaos. Laws are just ink on paper without something to at least make you think about them. Most human beings are utterly predictable in that they will get away with everything they possibly can. The honor system is just a phrase.

Those officers take an oath before they get to be officers and they go on doing a tough job with few thank yous.

We would all be benefited by a Citizens Academy here in Curry County. Doesn't cost much. Mostly volunteer time from officers who care. Any joy here?

Alice H. Leyva

Gold Beach

Not enough thought

There seems to be a trend throughout America to legalize marijuana.

A CNN poll states that 55 percent of Americans want this to happen. I stand a little skeptical. One can manipulate polls - one can easily lie with statistics. One could ask questions that can direct a certain answer - one can take polls of (a) younger demographic.

That being said, my wife is a retired nurse and my father-in-law was a doctor for 42 years. Marijuana does have some merit for people with certain cancers. A lot of touting for other medical usefulness is a little misleading, ie: glaucoma. Look up treatment for glaucoma. You will find six or, in some articles, seven drugs for that disease. Marijuana is listed. Usually there are four or five drugs that are cheaper and work better than marijuana in these articles. Some studies show that regular use of marijuana in teens may permanently damage brain cells, leading to reduction of IQ and mental health.

We don't have enough studies to just willy-nilly start legalizing pot. The hybrid of today's pot is 10 times stronger in THC than years ago. In the city of L.A., it ran amuck. There were a number of licenses issued, and police verified there were as many operating without any licenses. After a shooting death at an unlicensed medical marijuana store, police verified the store was bringing in $60,000 profit a month and that 90 percent of the marijuana was coming from the Mexican drug cartel.

The states of Washington and Colorado made it legal with little afterthought: How to test for driving under the influence (blood tests take days), understandable guidelines for police, and quite a few more legalities.

Smoke from cigarettes bad? Smoke from marijuana good? What? I've got another headache coming!

Let's stop and think, if we can?

Andrew Ragan


Bigotry right here

I had an opportunity to witness a woman exhibit bigotry towards a person with a physical disability.

I happened to see two men talking outside a place of business, when this elderly woman stepped up near the two men. They were talking about a small dog that was in a van and barking.

The way this woman spoke rudely to these two men could be heard, but it was the manner in which she keep looking the man with a physical disability up and down ... I became angry just watching.

Finally, the man without a physical disability stepped between the woman and the man to block her view. It was obvious he was preventing the second man from seeing the woman's face and mannerisms.

I saw the woman's business vehicle and I will remember her. There is no place for hatred and bigotry in this world and that includes in Brookings-Harbor.

Tim O'Leary


In good company


That's the term repeatedly used by County Commissioner David Itzen in describing the group of Curry County residents who produced the Home Rule Charter appearing on the ballot in May.

Who are these "ignorant" people who worked together for several months to craft the Charter? I was one member of that group. Here is a partial list of others:

andbull;Brookings Mayor Ron Hedenskog

andbull;Retired Attorney Carl King

andbull;Retired Councilor and Vietnam Veteran Dave Gordon

andbull;Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman

andbull;Former Port Orford City Manager and Langlois Fire Chief Mike Murphy

andbull;Port Orford Mayor Jim Auborn

andbull;Brookings City councilor Kelly McClain

andbull;Gold Beach City Manager Jodi Fritts

andbull;(Add a few more).

I am proud to be associated with such an ignorant group. Vote "yes" on Measure 8-76, the Citizens Home Rule Charter. It will bring more efficiency and accountability to our county government.

Connie Hunter


They Earn the jingle

Dave Itzen, our local lad, is running for Curry County commissioner this May election.

We have great weather.

We have God-given beauty of ocean and mountain.

We have good people.

We want good Curry County schools and churches and towns.

Our businesses have clean malls and helpful personnel.

We have dedicated county commissioners.

You get good guidance when they have had years of studying local laws - county laws - city involvement. Keep reading - state law - consideration in federal law.

We now realize blood, sweat and constant brains are needed.

Vote NO on 8-76. They earn their share of jingle in the Levis.

God bless one and all.

Betty Grant