The Curry Coastal Pilot

Law enforcement fee

Isn't it time to think outside the box regarding funding law enforcement?

Set up a law enforcement users fee. When a ticket is issued, the user fee will be the same as the fine. We see the same people over and over again driving while under the influence. Impound the vehicle, either auction the vehicle or charge a fee of $1,000 plus the impound and towing expense to recover the car.

Also, whatever the fine is that will be double due to the law enforcement fee. The same for driving while suspended. Impound the vehicle.

Juveniles who seem to be a constant problem, impound the bike; the parents may reclaim it with a $100 fee.

Juvenile who are using our law enforcement time should wash all the city and county vehicles on Saturday.

City and county vehicles should not idle for more than three minutes. I've seen law enforcement vehicles idle for 30 or more minutes while taking a report. I've also seen the city of Brookings trucks sit and idle for 20 or more minutes.

The judges could impose the maximum sentence and/or fines. I've seen probation violations be fined as little as $25. That doesn't even cover the paperwork.

Parole violators, why aren't they sent back to prison? Some have been using law enforcement and the courts for years. Stop using local resources.

When a cite and release is issued, the law enforcement users fee must be paid immediately. Perhaps our commissioners can implement something other than just ask the taxpayers for more money.

This idea should bring in enough revenue to cover all law enforcement expenses.

Sandy Winter


Annex town to city?

Did anyone notice the article in the paper about Brookings looking at the option of annexing Harbor into Brookings?

I am guessing we in the town of Harbor will be voting on approving this? And how much will this cost us?

As some may know or not know, Brookings' taxes are higher than ours. Also are their water and sewer charges. Will they all go up because we are part of their city?

Will we lose our wonderful Harbor Fire Department and Post Office?

I am proud to say I live in Harbor, Oregon. I don't want it to change. Does anyone else out there care besides me? What are you thoughts?

S. Osborne


stewardship, sense

An increase in the tax base in Curry County is the only solution to our problems.

The wider the tax base is, the more the County will have to provide the required services for the citizens. Until we are allowed to utilize the natural resources we have in our county and the federal and state regulations revised to reflect common sense and realistic stewardship of our resources, the citizens will be faced with an ever increasing threat of higher taxes which I and many like me will refuse to pay.

I would start up my business in a heartbeat if it were not for the ridiculously high cost I have to pay to the state just to get set up. And I don't have to worry about the environmentalist either.

There is another business that could be a boon to our tax base but no, the regulation hoops and roadblocks to get it up and running are counterproductive.

As always, this is just my humble opinion but until the government on ALL levels wises up, we are in deep doo-doo.

Bruce Grieve

Gold Beach

A vote for Beaman

I am in complete support of Judge Beaman in her run for another term.

I know her to be a clear thinker; ardent in her pursuit of justice. We in Curry County are fortunate to have a civil servant with such a high degree of competence and integrity.

Thank you, Judge, for your service in the past and in the future.

David Frazier


Welcome home day

The flags are flying on the bridge because March 30 has been designated as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day" by a resolution of Congress, thanks in no small measure to the efforts of Senator Richard Burr, ranking member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and Representative Linda Sanchez in the House.

However belated the recognition of the service and sacrifice of those of us who served in southeast Asia during the years of what was then America's longest war, it is appreciated. For far too long citizens of all political persuasions blamed those who served for the failures of those who led, those officials whose military as well as political policies failed.

Returning veterans were not welcomed by a grateful nation; instead, many were ignored at best, scorned at worst. The psychological issues faced by many Vietnam vets can be traced not simply to what they experienced in Vietnam but to their experience on their return home.

Perhaps America has grown up. Today, Americans embrace those who have volunteered for military service and have placed themselves in harm's way - whether they agree or disagree with the mission in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Chapter 757 Vietnam Veterans of America, Brookings/Harbor, would like to say, "Welcome Home - Thank you for your service" to ALL veterans. Our national slogan is: "Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another."

Sam Vitale, president

VVA Chapter 757


Answer to dilemma

I am of the opinion that we can solve our police budget issues without raising additional taxes. It is crucial we do so, but believe "new taxes" are not the answer.

Recently the Pilot newspaper highlighted a Public Safety meeting relegated to finding answers to budget shortfall that plagued Curry County. It was noted that the law enforcement officials who were present were given the task of reviewing new ideas, and hoped for public involvement.

May I suggest that our county supervisors submit a request for a feasibility study to combine our local police departments with the sheriff's department. I believe there to be many cost-saving synergies (duplicated personnel/equipment, etc.) that could be used to repair our county jail and maintain the various services currently in jeopardy. This is not a novel idea; quite the contrary, this type of cost-effective change has been done many times with other municipalities, all hoping to solve their own budget hardships.

As a footnote, it is my hope for all those committed to correcting these budget issues, view this feasibility study with an open mind. I believe it is what the attendees of the Public Safety Summit meeting should be looking at. Furthermore, I believe it is exactly what our great county of Curry need in solving this very pressing matter.

Gary Morgan, 20-plus years a resident

Gold Beach

Protect Constitution

Our freedoms are disappearing!

No, not by accident; it's a simple fact that most of our voters are not aware of what is vitally important to their future.

The mere fact that Obama has won the most prestigious seat of the world with his unorthodox background is proof that a large majority of voters do not understand the reason why we are a phenomenal country. In other words, the Constitution cannot protect you if you don't protect the Constitution with your votes against anyone who violates it.

These government officials who want more power are not going to stop unless they get stopped. It's only obvious if you let government grow and get strong with our beliefs of freedom that your taxes will expand and your freedoms will disappear.

Protecting our borders with a strong military is the only responsibility our government should have. Take a look: With no competition the government can't control their spending with post office workers.

Ben Carson has never held political office but is a black conservative, a retired professor emeritus of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University. Given the opportunity he would be the perfect man to gather people together of his choice from the medical field. A great and wonderful healthplan would be assembled without the government and Democrats like Merkley, DeFazio and Obama involved.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach