The Curry Coastal Pilot

Unions necessary

In 1955 my 54-year-old grandmother died of lung cancer. "Work Papers" allowed her to work in a textile mill at age 13.

In 1885 my great-grandmother was indentured at age 5 for 20 years to pay family passage from Scotland to Nova Scotia.

Unions were formed not only for the benefit of those who joined but to prevent their children from enduring the hardships the members endured (look-up 1912 bread riots and children in coal mines circa 1800). Unions are concerned about children, their wages and the elimination of child labor.

To say "Not one Union member ever struck for a child's wages" is just not true. Deep down, the heart of all union members is the same as those of any caring parent, to make their children's life better than their own. Unions have always been concerned about children, their wages and the elimination of child labor.

Unions are a "necessary evil" that protect children as well as adults and without them we would all suffer. I work for a company that does not need a union, the company founders have a high sense of moral responsibility to their workers and treat them fairly, but that's the exception not the rule.

Gary MacEachern


No recall, please

Citizens of Port Orford, please vote No on recall April 8.

Recall elections should be held only when crimes or very serious malfeasance in office has been proven.

That is clearly not the case with Mayor Jim Auborn who has invested untold hours and personal funds working toward a better Port Orford. This election is no way to thank him for his service.

If you disagree with someone or their policies, please vote for a candidate you prefer in the next regular election.

This recall attempt is wasting time, your money (approximately $2,000) and serves only to further polarize our citizens. This election is counterproductive, wasteful and driven by irrational anger or fear, not leadership.

Lastly, please think it through. There is no one better able or available to serve as mayor.

Mayor Jim has invested in us; let's keep him working for our common good without distraction, threats and false allegations.

Dave Bassett

Port Orford

Volunteers welcome

The Southern Oregon Kite Festival Committee is busy gearing up for the 20th Annual Kite Festival which will be held July 19 and 20 at the Port of Brookings-Harbor.

This free, fun-filled event features some of the best kite flyers and kite makers in America invited to demonstrate their skills and display their creations.

The weekend's activities include children's kite building workshops each day of the festival. Local vendors set up their booths for the spectators' enjoyment, providing great eats, treats, and crafts.

I invite you, on behalf of the SOKF Committee, to become an integral part of one of our community's most unique events by volunteering in preparation and during the kite festival this summer. Assistance is welcome during the weeks of preparation ahead of the festival: getting the posters out to the local businesses, helping to thank sponsors, and assembling kite flyers' packets, etc., as well as at the festival with positions such as: assisting at the headquarters' tent, helping with the children's kite building workshops and traffic control, and serving the flyers' lunches.

Please contact Marihelen Pitts-Campbell at or 541-251-0498 if you have a few hours to volunteer during the weeks or days before the kite festival or on July 19 and 20 at the kite festival.

Volunteering is a great way to use your unique and individual talents, make a difference in your community, and have fun.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said: "Everyone can be great because everyone can serve."

For more information about the Southern Oregon Kite Festival, check out

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell,

volunteer coordinator

Southern Oregon Kite Festival Committee


Busting our boons

Well, the Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA) is at it again. This time they're appealing the Curry County planning commission's decision to approve a golf course north of Port Orford.

While I understand there must be overseeing of development to preserve our rich coastline, this group's main purpose appears to be a policy of no-growth instead of using common sense. No growth equates to less jobs, less revenue and less tourism for our area.

The last time ORCA reared its collective outrage was repeated opposition for a proposed golf course around Pistol River. That project would have been a boon for Brookings and Gold Beach tourism, and it was to be developed on private land. Lots of jobs would have been created in an area badly in need of work. But these pinheads, who don't live in this area, deem it their mission in life to dictate to the locals what is best for us and believe they have a better way to use private land than the owners. That's arrogant.

This mentality of protecting people from themselves sounds reminiscent of today's Federal government. And like our Federal "leaders" today, most of the board and staff of ORCA are attorneys or law students.

I guess that rules out using common sense.

Mike Wiley


Not a good idea now

A group of Curry County citizens spent some time - but not enough - creating a Home Rule Charter which they hope we voters will approve at the May 20 Primary Election.

The measure is vague, yet would change our form of county government drastically.

It was written without enough public input or comment.

The group feels that the current three-commissioner government has not functioned well and that five commissioners would do better with a county administrator. The five would be expected to create policy, create ordinances, approve hires appointed by the administrator, and plan strategy for the future. They would work part-time, at a monthly stipend with no benefits. Other Home Rule counties provide benefits for their commissioners, whether full- or part-time.

It is possible that the system is not at fault. Changing our county structure in a time of crisis does not seem like a good idea. Of 36 Oregon counties, only nine, or one-fourth, of them have adopted a Home Rule Charter. If doing so is such a great solution to problems, why haven't more counties gone that route?

Copies of the proposed charter are available in Chetco, Curry, Port Orford, and Langlois libraries. Pick up a copy and decide for yourself whether it would be a good idea for us.

Shirley Nelson

Port Orford