The Curry Coastal Pilot

Project was success

A gracious THANK YOU to our wonderful community that made our Annual Baby Shower such a success.

So successful that we ended up with 31 boxes and a number of toddler items, including a car seat. Of this three boxes have already been distributed along with the car seat and toddler items.

We thank Kristine Giving, Committee chair, Aleta Mankamyer and Marsh Geraghty for the fine organization of this project. A special thanks to the Emblem Club, Red Hats, Quilters Guild and so many more organizations that took the time to donate money and items.

This project will give so many babies a new start in a world of challenges they enter. This community has shown its compassion and love for many who may not in a position to help themselves at this time of need.

Soroptimist International Brookings also thanks the Pilot for all the articles providing the information needed for this successful project.

Thank you again and bless you all.

Carol Slewing,


Brookings Soroptimist

Opt To Adopt

Regarding my "Please do something" letter (Pilot, Jan. 11): I must clarify. Some important explanatory information was deleted, and it really needs to be put forth.

No, Moose was not my own dog. I knew about him because of the Pilot's Adopt-A-Pet publications. The opt-to-adopt concept relates to him because all the wonderful, homeless dogs and cats - whether or not they have health issues - should be able to be brought into the loving homes they deserve.

When I first read about Moose, and saw his adorable picture, I immediately called about him and, sadly, learned about his horrific history of abusive neglect. At that very moment, I vowed to find him his true home.

I put ads in the Pilot. I asked everyone I could if there was a chance of even fostering him. I offered to pay any medical expenses.

Unfortunately, a tumor issue, which could easily have been corrected in his puppy stage, had progressed to such a terrible point that he had to be euthanized, mercifully.

Moose is the supreme example of my "opt-to-adopt" philosophy and advice. There are thousands of wonderful healthy animals, each and every day, in this country, let alone the hundreds in Curry and Del Norte counties, simply there for the adopting. Yes, Moose's health was highly compromised, but even if someone had adopted him for one day only, before his issues overwhelmed him, that one day would have been monumental for both Moose and his adopter.

Simply give the animals, with their soulful eyes and loving hearts, the chance to be safe and happy, and in return they will delight in enriching your life, keeping you warm in every sense of the word, and showing you the kind of devotion and loyalty that we only wish could be demonstrated by humans everywhere.

Marie Kirk


More golf pros

As a golfing member of good standing - I think - I must respond to the letter last week about the situation at Salmon Run and the folks who play golf out there.

I believe it was last year that the city council identified the golfers as the "upper crust" and now it's the "well-to-do" and the "wealthier folk in our community."

Not so my friend.

We have well over 100 members, both husband and wife, widowed or just single folks. Several players are in their 80s, some pushing 90. Some are living on Social Security, some on disability or normal retirement.

We also have a lot of working folks of all ages who play on the weekends or whenever they can get the time. Average cost for a membership is around $190 per month for golf and cart and a weekend outing is an average $35 per round. Costly playground. Yes. But when you compare playing golf to sharing the cost of gas for a day of fishing at $50/day, golf looks pretty good. I love to fish but it also is a costly playground.

By the way, the golf course offers special cost and play for our young boys' and girls' teams who really enjoy the game, and a lot of players from out of the area come to play and stay.

Give me a call, my friend, and I will walk you around the wonderful setting out there. You will see wildlife, large trees, fish in the streams, green grass, and meet some of the folks who are enjoying life and getting some good exercise. Who knows, you may run into your neighbor having a good time.

Bill Smyth


Closing a tax door

I see where the sheriff of Curry County is again short of money and in order to rectify this he is toying with the idea of what he calls a Door Tax, (in other words a "property tax") on all inhabited dwellings in the county.

This Door Tax, he opines, would be just the thing to see him through some rough times, until he runs short of money once again. When "once again" comes round perhaps the good sheriff will have thought of another kind of tax, say, a Window Tax, a Chimney Tax, a Wood Burning Stove Tax - the possibilities are endless, and before too long there might even be a tax just to turn the key in your front door.

The sheriff hasn't told us if this will be a Progressive tax; whether or not it will be a two-part tax - meaning will it be a Door Tax only on the dwelling itself. Will there be additional taxes on a house, say, with 10 or more doors? How would the Door Tax affect hotel owners? Would hotels be taxed for each door to every unit? I have often wondered what strange chemical God mixed with the clay from which he fashioned some members of the human race, particularly those who entered the political arena. Their minds are always cluttered with ideas on how best to fleece the punter - which is the taxpayer.

I say, don't open your door to new taxes.

Kate O'Hanlon

Port Orford

Time for a change

Can anyone name even one business that is managed by three top managers of equal standing and each receiving executive pay?

No? OK. How about this: Name a business that has downsized by more than 50 percent, and still kept the same number of top managers at the same pay.

Or, name a business that is approaching bankruptcy because it's losing 60 percent of its income, but still has the same number of top managers in place.

Can't think of an example? That's because there isn't one.

When businesses spin off subsidiaries, cut employees, contract out services and have to cut expenses they consolidate and reduce management. But there is a non-business example of maintaining the management status quo while the ship is sinking. Curry County.

Curry County has slashed its payroll, spun-off services to non-profits and is coasting toward a financial failure. But we still have three top managers earning about $88,000 a year in total compensation.

It's time to start running Curry County like a business. It's time for a change in management style. It's time for a Home Rule Charter that will reduce management costs. It's time for a Home Rule Charter.

Please vote yes on Measure 8-76 on May 20.

Kelly McClain


If it wasn't for us ...

I take issue with the article in the March 8 Pilot titled "GB students (sic) shares concerns with county," and the Stebbins March 12 article titled, "Students study hospital measure."

Both articles relate to the attendance of some Gold Beach high school students from the government class teacher Kevin Swift attending a Curry County commissioners board meeting.

First let me explain that the U.S. educational system that once was ranked 1st of the 33 developed countries of the world now ranks 17th. Oregon's Kandndash;12 schools when compared to the schools of the other 50 states ranks 43rd.

In the first article, although it said it was opinions of the students, the only views expressed were those of Swift. Swift possessing legal expertise considerably above his pay grade determined that the Curry County proposed Home Rule Charter is unconstitutional even though there are already 11 counties in Oregon that have Home Rule Charters and nearly every city in Oregon has a type of Home Rule government.

Swift and his students took exception to having all current elected officers but the sheriff and district attorney appointed by the county administrator instead of elected. I might remind them that under the current form of government we had several people with no expertise elected to offices they weren't qualified for. In addition, under the new Charter, with commissioners only being paid $10,000 a year and no benefits, the taxpayers will no longer be saddled with paying the salary and the health care for commissioners.

Maybe someone should explain to Swift and his class that if it wasn't for the people of Brookings/Harbor using the Curry General Hospital and Fifth Street Clinic, Gold Beach wouldn't have a hospital.

Ralph Martin


Food to families

On behalf of the Outreach Gospel Mission Board of Directors and staff, I would like to thank Scout Leader Tim Buehler, Girl Scout Troop 30581, Boy Scout Troop 21 and Cub Scout Pack 124 in providing the Outreach Mission with over 1,500 pounds of food.

The Outreach Mission provides on average 100-150 families monthly with food assistance, plus meals for the residents of our men and women shelters 24/7. This donation, which is equivalent to 20 grocery carts full of food, will help us continue to provide food to families in need.

Again, thank you for this wonderful blessing that will help us help others.

Michael J. Olsen, executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission


The Democrats did it

As I sit down to prepare my 2013 taxes, I'm reminded of the following:

Happy New Year America - Here is what happened on January 1, 2014:

Top Income tax bracket went from 35 percent to 39.6 percent

Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4 percent to 52.2 percent

Capital Gains tax went from 15 percent to 28 percent

Dividends tax went from 15 percent to 39.6 percent

Estate tax went from 0 percent to 55 percent

Remember this fact: If you have money, the Democrats want it. These taxes were all passed only with Democrat votes. No Republicans voted to do these taxes. These taxes were all passed under the "Affordable" Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

We enjoy living in this community with a lot of uninformed individuals who believe that anything passed by Congress must, by definition, have been passed by both parties This is just not correct. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) or "Obamacare" as it is known in some quarters, was passed by Democrats alone. Although the Republicans offered many amendments to the Democratic majority to aid in the construction of the bill, none were brought forward for a vote. If any of you believe that all these amendments were obstructionist only, I'd like to invite you to research and read what was offered. There were a lot of constructive and thoughtful proposals made that might have saved this Obamanable creation.

Richard Laskey


Manager Crumley?

I believe we have a solution for the current problem plaguing the county coffers. We already have a planning commission, all volunteers. We have department heads. And best of all, before the commissioners run our Roadmaster Mr. Dan Crumley into retirement, why can't we bump him up to County manager.

This man has proven himself time after time as being able to run his department very well; has the knowledge of county government.

We then can eliminate the three commissioners' positions completely. In doing this we then will be able to save the Road Department funds that current commissioners are dipping into to pay their salaries. Problem solved. Make it part of Home Rule ballot.

Gary Davis