The Curry Coastal Pilot

Take future seriously

This letter is to remind Curry County voters that:

The Citizens Charter, Ballot Measure 8-76, is the charter that outlines the structural changes for a more effective Curry County government. That form of government is called Home Rule.

County Election Office verified that the last day to register to vote is April 29, 2014. In addition, the ballots will be mailed out no earlier than April 30 and no later than May 6.

I encourage all who are not registered to vote, especially our younger voters, to please take the future of Curry County seriously. The path to your future lies in how we build the foundation needed for our county's government.

Vote YES on Ballot Measure 8-76, Citizens Charter.

Kidd Stubbs


Disaster and failure

How about some facts.

In the history of the world not one union member ever struck for a child's wages. Benefits and working conditions create strikes.

Teachers do not strike for children. The Pilot's Feb. 8 headline proves that point.

The entire nation now knows Cover Oregon is a disaster, and I trust all will know soon Obamacare is a bigger disaster.

Our president is a total failure and many of our elected officials are inept to say the least.

DeFazio finally saw the light on timber harvesting, but I think it's lights out next election.

We do not have a quorum in Curry County because two of our commissioners don't know what a quorum is.

Clifton Siemens


Sorry, Sheriff. No.

Sheriff Bishop, nice try, but most people in this county cannot afford any property tax increase at all, much less increase by .68 cents to $1.27 per thousand.

Most people do not really care about taking nice care of the prisoners and criminals. Let them eat beans. Give 'em another blanket if it's cold and damp in the jail. Heck, most resident here are eating beans because the cost of living in Curry County is so high already.

Speaking of beans - What? Have a gas tax too? Are you crazy? Our property taxed get increased automatically by 3 percent a year whether we like it or not. In 10 or 11 years from now our taxes will be increased by a third, in 30 something years everybody's taxes will be double of what they are now.

No New Taxes. Period.

Melissa Bishop

near Port Orford

Danger! Danger!

Warning to anyone who decides to visit the beach at Pistol River along Highway 101, specifically the north parking lot.

The construction crew rebuilding the bridge are finally gone but they've left behind a parking lot full of nails and screws.

On Saturday the 8th I pulled into the north parking lot at Pistol River and noticed the trash right away. Then I realized I was parked in the middle of a mine field of nails and screws. I picked up quite a handful but it was pouring rain and I'm sure there's plenty more.

I've informed ODOT but despite their actions I fear it will be a precarious place to park for some time to come.

Nancy Tuttle


Soul-Satisfying golf

I would like to tell my own personal experience with our beautiful Salmon Run golf course.

I am on a fixed income, far from wealthy, just ask my friends; however, I am able to play twice a week. It's a wonderful form of exercise and costs a little more then a gym membership. All forms of nature may be seen on the course. Ducks, geese, otters, deer, bunnies, mink, plus salmon swimming in the creek. All-in-all a soul-satisfying experience.

The majority of players are from Curry County. It would be a shame to forfeit the pleasure derived from playing our own beautiful course!

June Whitehead


Make a better place

Hello World!

Sitting looking out our window watching the waves going in and out, bringing with each wave hope, peace and kindness. With each wave going out take with it regrets and anything that is keeping us from enjoying each precious moment.

I believe a lot of us waste so much time on getting things and wanting more or worrying or fussing because people do not think the way we think they should; trying to convince people to think otherwise instead of looking around us and accepting people the way they are.

Take a moment every day to be grateful for what we have and the beauty of nature that is here for all of us to enjoy; not to destroy. Give with your heart, not with your ego or to impress someone. We all can make it a better place just by spreading a little kindness to each other, with a smile, a wave, or a greeting; How are you?

There will be people we do not feel comfortable with and that is fine, just let them be; they have things to learn as we do too. Just send a good thought to them and let them go.

Sometimes just listening to the silence with your breath is priceless; understand there are bad things in the world, but it is our choice how we react to it. We have choices every day to make, it is up to us where we take it. We are free to be who we are as long as we don't intentionally hurt another.

Beverly Duncan


Are you just kidding?

I was actually saddened reading an article in last weeks people's voice.

A gentleman concerned about the financial future of our county brought up the question of "Why are we not discussing a sales tax." I've never in my lifetime seen a sales tax that has even slowed the property tax rate. So why and how can we afford an "extra" tax.

First of all, I believe our county's financial condition may be a little self-inflicted. I feel our local economy could be stimulated in many ways other than waiting for the Federal Timber Dollars to save us. Other Oregon counties have stimulated housing, industries, and last but certainly not the least, especially in our case, "tourism."

I see foreclosed homes, not being offered for sale, I see industries being scared away by harsh fees and requirements on all governmental levels. I plainly see local entities spending more time fighting over "possession" of tourism dollars than using them constructively.

And now I see the question of "why not discuss sales tax" rear its ugly head again. So, why shouldn't we impose another tax on our already struggling local citizens? Or, since we are a "Border County," why take away the good reason for our southern neighbors to shop here? Or why shouldn't we give locals that "one more reason" to make that shopping trip to Medford? And why shouldn't we be like Ashland? I guess I'll leave that to your opinion.

Dex Fick


Referencing three

Ref: Proposal to change Curry County government to a home rule charter form: I signed the petition to put the issue on the ballot because I believe that it should be voted on, but have serious misgivings about inserting another layer of bureaucracy between those who represent the people (commissioners) and the people.

Ref: City of Brookings consideration about extracting water from the Chetco and using taxpayer money to supply water to the golf course - the issue actually involves using taxpayer money to subsidize a private business and raises serious questions, including legal ones, about the ability of the river to support extended extractions of a limited resource in support of a situation of high demand (golf courses are high water demand areas), and with relatively small return to the community. Also, forecasts about global warming include reduced river flows.

Ref: Sheriff's $0.68/$1000 of assessed valuation property tax proposal to support the jail - would be more palatable than previous proposals but obviously does not address the issue of the dire need for a new jail at his estimated cost of $30 million. Negating the idea of consolidating with Coos County makes one wonder how law enforcement functioned before Curry County was separated from Coos. Vigilante justice, perhaps?

Jim Hansen


Correcting claims

Brett Webb, in a May 5 Pilot article about the recall of Port Orford Mayor Jim Auborn, made statements about the National Marine Sanctuary Program.

Unfortunately, none were true. I worked in ocean management for the State of Oregon for nearly 30 years, learned about National Marine Sanctuaries, and want to correct his statements.

He claims the mayor supports "imposing" a National Marine Sanctuary. The U.S. Secretary of Commerce would designate a sanctuary only after an extensive public review and environmental assessment.

He asserts a sanctuary would be "a regional wipeout" of the shrimp fishery. In fact, National Marine Sanctuaries allow shrimping and other commercial fisheries that bring in millions of dollars to local economies.

He says "there is no limit to the reach of a sanctuary." Untrue. A sanctuary would have authority only within its ocean area and none over any land use such as music festivals, ranches, golf courses, cranberry bogs, or sawmills

Finally, he fears the community would "surrender our local resources and the management of them to the federal government." He seems unaware that the federal government already has authority over all ocean resources and uses in federal waters or that some federal laws apply in state waters as well.

A National Marine Sanctuary would give the community more, not less, control of ocean resources because the community would help to write and implement the sanctuary management plan that would guide federal agency programs in the sanctuary.

I urge readers to get the facts for themselves.

Robert Bailey