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Dodging the option

Why is it that we are not discussing a sales tax?

Back on Feb. 17 of 2012, hours were spent studying 19 recommendations. They settled on one right away, a sales tax. Commissioner Itzen said, "I personally favors this. Apparently we can do this."

Recommendation No. 17 by a majority of the committee, called for "a County sales tax strategy that excludes groceries and pharmacy purchases be pursued. Implementing a county-wide sales tax would increase revenue, spread the tax burden on residents and visitors alike, and provide a dependable revenue stream."

County Counsel Jerry Herbage told the commissioners that the Legislature made some adjustments in 1993 and that some communities, including Ashland, have a sales tax. "Personally, given a choice between property tax and sales tax, I would favor the sales tax," Commissioner Bill Waddle said. "Not only the local citizen, it would let citizens of neighboring states pay. They would be subject to the sales tax. The property tax only affects property owners," he said. These are direct quotes from the meeting.

Why is that we have stopped discussing the most fair tax of all? You can see the whole article at

Mike Pundyk


New man, good man

Pssst. ...Wanna hear some good news?

It's becoming very apparent that the Pennies For Pooches Board of Directors hit an "outta the park home run" in making Mark Curran their selection for Operations director of the facility. Those who work around him are inspired by his tireless energy, ability to tackle the many responsibilities, embrace what works, and also, "think out of the box" and implement new ideas and positive changes.

It's a tremendous responsibility, filled with too many challenges, too many abandoned and lovable pets, too much of everything, for most of us to even envision. Yet, he, and his very small staff of volunteers and part-time employees, are out there every morning, all day long; moving, feeding, caring for and sheltering the many animals that, for the present time, call the Animal Shelter their "home."

Probably the biggest challenge Mark faces, besides following our beloved Catherine Powers almost "Mother Theresa-like" legacy, is understanding the impossibility of making everyone happy. The Shelter is many things to many people, and one of the worthy causes, and a mission of the operation is to rescue animals beyond our borders, and attend pet adoption facilities, also beyond our borders, in hopes of finding loving homes.

In a perfect world, Mark would either "clone himself," or have several more responsible volunteers to assist in this and all the other worthy causes. In the meantime, he is doing all he can, and that is a lot.

If you hear someone ever criticize his operation, and, yes, some have, please suggest to them to "walk a mile in his shoes," or, better yet, come down to the Shelter anytime, and volunteer some very much appreciated help. The staff will thank you, and the pets will, too.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Heaven's connection

Thank you to Heaven's Connection for providing a free Christian Music Concert on March 2, 2014 at 6 p.m. at Christian Community Church. It was a wonderful time of great music, fellowship and refreshments.

I would also like to thank those of you from this community and neighboring communities who joined us in this evening honoring our Lord. We put up several concert posters around town and also had submitted a notice to be posted in the Bulletin Board Section of the Pilot. In not following through to make sure it was posted a lot of people missed out on a great concert.

I will be adding clips of the concert on our Church website for you to see what you missed.

If you ever get a chance to attend one of their concerts please do so, you won't be disappointed. Also they will be leading our Music Ministry for our Worship service on Sunday March 16, 2014, at 10:30, so join us.

Thank you and to GOD be the Glory.

Jack Short


Much has changed

God love them all!

The letters to the editor in Saturday's (March 1) Pilot, are getting to all sound the same. I would hope we might hear something other than the same old "party" line. In answer to Mr. Tribble, I have found that much has changed!

andbull;I am thankful for more people qualifying for health insurance as that moves us toward the Christian goal of loving our each other.

andbull;The 16-trillion-dollar debt is due to Bush and his penchant to invading Iraq, without making sure that it could be funded.

andbull;With more available jobs there is less need for "entitlements" andhellip; but what do you call corporations and the "ultra" wealthy who don't pay their fair share and put their money offshore?

andbull;Do you really think that we need more guns and less regulation?

andbull;If the poor and disabled can't get jobs, are they just to eat air? Where does it say that we should ignore the needy?

andbull;Wouldn't it be a nice change for our children to have living examples of generosity of spirit in school?

andbull;The main reason I am responding is I want to know how can anyone "remove God from the classroom"! An omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent presence cannot be removed and I can close my eyes anytime I want and pray, as I do now for heartening enlightenment to befall the fearful.

andbull;I thank God for being able to live in a country where we can disagree but it has turned to hatred of anyone who holds a different perspective than our own. This is not what Jesus wanted. Of that I am certain! Whatever happened to the Golden Rule?

Burrill Catanach


Taxes and Golf

The city counsel of Brookings, city manager and the mayor will soon be discussing spending $380,000-plus of our tax money to buy a pump and pipe to carry water from the Chetco to the (Salmon Run) golf course.

The course has been a money loser since opened: unable to make payments to the city. The city had to cut their payment in half. We own the course; however, very few city folks play the course.

The green fees are too expensive for most "locals." Only the "well-to-do" can afford to play.

Do you want to spend your tax money on a playground for the wealthier folks in our community? I don't!

Call the mayor, city manager, and all councilmen. Let them know that you would like your money spent on much more needy projects.

The cities proposal is unbelievable to me. Like ... in my face.

Mike Schrum


It's A Conundrum

In our rural era if a person broke his leg another farmer would plow his field.

When I pay $5 for a Band-Aid at Sutter Coast I am subsidizing uninsured who are being treated for overdose, or obese persons whose vascular system fails. Given our impersonal society should we let these people die?

Successful people marry other successes; combining incomes put them in the top 1 percent. Many jobs disappear, some salaries go to an IT specialist who has consolidated work, not the janitors.

A programmer designs circuitry for a cell phone, uses logic to check for redundancies. After being patented, circuitry is sold to a manufacturer who pays a fee for intellectual property. Should we tax that fee for redistribution to the poor?

A disabled veteran says he has PTSD. He is an alcoholic, after non-combat service in the Navy, blames his condition on a dysfunctional family. Should we pay for his weekly therapy, monthly stipend and service dog?

Thanks to globalization, in 1985 a VHS cost $350; 15 years later it was $28. Many clothes cost less percent of income than 40 years ago. About 90 percent of our poor have air conditioning and flat screen TVs, a higher standard than billions who live in Africa or Asia.

The middle class in the U.S. is disappearing, not owing to conspiracy by elites, but economic dynamics. Should we pay bills for those on the bottom?

R. H. Morneau Jr.

Brookings (Retired)

Thanks for the party

Before the new year gets away the Curry County Child Welfare Office would like to thank all of the businesses and community members that so generously donated their time and resources to 2013 Holiday Party for foster children and their foster parents.

Because of your gift there were lots of big holiday smiles.

Rotary Club of Gold Beach, Spinner's Seafood, Steak and Chophouse, Mangia Buff, Dairy Queen, Lee Gifford Photography, McKays, Central Curry 76 Station, Brookings Grocery Outlet, Escape Hatch, Kidz Zone, Scenic Rivers Wellness Resources, Barron's Home Furnishings, Dan's ACE Hardware, Three Wishes Beads, Jerry's Rogue Jets, Playa Del Sol, Corner Drug and Gifts, Wild River Pizza, Flora Pacifica, All Access Management, Bikers Against Child Abuse, Court Appointed Special Advocate, Gold Beach High School.

Sarah Sanders for

Curry County Child Welfare Office

Gold Beach