The Curry Coastal Pilot

Why can't the Pilot?

My husband and I were at the Brookings Library yesterday.

While there we read the Gold Beach paper. In it was a complete report on the Curry County commissioners' recent meeting.

Why can't the Pilot do that!

Also, how about reports on the Port commissioners' meetings?

Jean and Howard Turner


Linemen the best!

A notice to all Curry County residents, to those who appreciate having electricity.

We need to realize especially, when it goes out during a storm, that our linemen are putting their lives on the line, for us!

Our linemen we have are the best! They are fast and very efficient, especially during our recent power outage.

Hey people! Let's give them thanks, letting them hear from you.

Please, pray for them every day.

Bonnie Olds


Seek, demand truth

Sir Winston Churchill once said "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Does this sound like and feel like America today?

Our government is encroaching into every aspect of our lives, led by a president and Congress who, it seems, will tell a lie, even if the truth is a better story. The scandals under the present regime - IRS, Benghazi; Obamacare, tax increases, political correctness, uber-environmentalism, the callous wasting of our tax dollars - are what happen when our leaders engage in an alternate conceptualization of reality.

The tool our founders gave us to change course is our vote. However, voting down the party line is, in my opinion, a cop-out. Seek the truth; it is universal, it transcends parties and political agendas, but it takes work and diligence. Demand the truth, and vote accordingly. By doing so, perhaps we can restore our position in the world. If we accept the status quo and no longer demand truth and fair dealing from our government there will be further erosion of our freedoms.

Samuel Adams warned that "If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats of government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."

That time is now.

William Dundom


Unjustly exempt

In response to the cost of inmates hurting the county: When you're incarcerated, the Department of Justice has the power to make the inmate "exempt" from child support.

Tell me that's just?

Ruth Verouden


No rational basis

The United States of America is a nation of laws.

Our elected and appointed politicians take an oath of office to uphold and enforce the laws, NA-A-A-W! Not unless you happen to disagree with 'them laws'! From the president of the United States, all the way down to our Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

The president of the United States has said several times that "the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land." NA-A-A-W! Not if he doesn't like what some outcomes are.

We have three sections of Federal Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, (by the way, after 41 years in Congress, our Vice President Joe Biden did not know the three). The only one that can change a law is the Legislative branch of the government. But Obama just decided to change the Affordable Care Law 29 times.

Now, Ellen Rosenblum has decided she doesn't like one of Oregon's laws and had stated she "will not defend one of our laws." According to her, "There has to be a rational basis to a law" for her to enforce it. That is not her decision nor is it her job!

Hey, I don't like taxes! There isn't any rational basis (in my opinion) for taxes. How about if I don't pay my Oregon taxes, Ms. Ellen Rosenblum?

This has become the "norm" with our elected politicians lately. It doesn't matter if they like, dislike, or don't think they have any rational basis to the "Law of the Land."

But, then again! There are no consequences for breaking the laws if you're a politician!

Andrew T. Ragan


Country is changing

Has anyone noticed a distinct and ongoing change in our country over the past five or six years? Ask yourself if the following issues have become a reality in the United States since our current administration has been in office:

andbull;Government mandated and government controlled healthcare (Obamacare).

andbull;Exponential increase in our national debt - to unsustainable levels (16 trillion and climbing).

andbull;Increase in our poverty level and an increase in government entitlements to those in poverty.

andbull;Increase in gun control (more legislation to remove guns from law-abiding citizens has been introduced than ever before).

andbull;Increase in welfare state (more individuals now dependent on government provided housing, food and income than any time in our past).

andbull;Increase in censorship of what our children learn in school (common core curriculum is the first step in controlling our young minds).

andbull;Removing God from government and schools (your child is no longer allowed to pray or learn the Ten Commandments in public school).

andbull;Dividing people into distinct classes of wealthy and poor (intentionally causing discontent and hostility, inciting class warfare).

Our current president is willing to push his progressive agenda further than most supporters could have ever imagined. Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, he believes it is everyone's right to have a good job, and nice home and government health care. Like Woodrow Wilson, he believes our Constitution is a "living" document, "evolving" at one's whim and fancy. And like Teddy Roosevelt, he believes that wealth must be spread to all, even those who aren't willing to work for it.

When our Commander in Chief lies to his nation, abuses his executive power, disregards the limits of our Constitution, and ignores the will of the people, We The People must stand and say, "No more!"

Jeff Tribble


Addressing the slide

I find it hilarious that Del Norte County Supervisor Roger Gitlin and Del Norte citizens committee member Kurt Stremberg would ask the Curry County commissioners to intervene in their behalf with the California Department of Transportation in a regional solution to the problem of the continual slide of Highway 101 into the ocean at Last Chance Grade south of Crescent City.

Apparently they don't realize that the Curry County commissioners are so incompetent and inept that they can't even get along long enough to solve the problem of Curry County's continual slide into insolvency. Their ability to influence the California Department of Transportation to change the location of Highway 101 in this slide-prone area would be like Larry, Curley and Moe giving CalTrans advice.

Robert Dietz