The Curry Coastal Pilot

Linemen the best!

A notice to all Curry County residents, to those who appreciate having electricity.

We need to realize especially, when it goes out during a storm, that our linemen are putting their lives on the line, for us!

Our linemen we have are the best! They are fast and very efficient, especially during our recent power outage.

He people! Let's give them thanks, letting them hear from you.

Please, pray for them every day.

Bonnie Olds


Abnormal is norm

Apparently the U.S. and the state of Oregon are no longer considered occupied by people governed by law. Both the U.S. and Oregon are now governed by their Attorney's General. Both U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum have decided that if they don't like a law that has been through the legislative process and passed by the people or both houses of the legislature and signed by the president or governor they will just ignore it.

According to the Feb. 22 Pilot, Oregon Attorney General Rosenblum will not uphold or defend Oregon's constitutional ban on same sex marriage because she doesn't like it. She has decided that it is unconstitutional. Funny, but I thought that was something decided by the courts.

I am truly amazed at how things that were considered abhorrent by the American people 40 years ago through re-branding and name change and brainwashing of the people by the media have become the norm today. Killing babies at or before birth that would have been unbelievable and looked down upon 40 years ago is OK now because it is a "woman's right to choose." Communists and Communism are now acceptable because they are now called Progressive. Government forcibly taking money from those that earned it and giving it to those who refuse to work is wealth redistribution instead of Communism.

The citizens of the U.S. should be worried about the erosion of morals, the failing educational system, the government drifting into Communism, but hey, who's on Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and did you get that text and have you seen my Facebook?

Ralph Martin


Mobbers raid Ray's

On Thursday, February 20, Curry County's first ever Cash Mobs were a celebration of community goodwill.

In Gold Beach, Port Orford and Brookings, Cash Mobbers showed their appreciation and support for Ray's Food Place, a local business, the local economy and our community food share programs.

Thanks so much to the Cash Mobbers, community outreach volunteers, Curry Coastal Pilot, Vista Pub, Sunset Pizza, Ray's, the Port Orford Beacon, Bicoastal Media, KGBR and the Wild Rivers Connect group for making this event a fun and successful one. A special thanks to Michelle Carrillo and Rachel Gates, co-chairs of Wild Rivers Connect and coordinators of the Gold Beach and Port Orford events, as well to Julie Payne, who never gets recognized enough for all her community contributions.

In the Brookings' store, Brookings Harbor Food Bank was overwhelmed with the outpouring of generosity from Cash Mobbers with contributions of 415 pounds of food and cash in just under one hour.

In Gold Beach, the Oasis Shelter and Christian Help received three shopping cartloads of Ray's purchases. In Port Orford, the Common Good received over 150 pounds of food.

What a wonderful community we live in.

Ray's Food Place, its parent company CandK Market and the Nidiffer family have been a valued and integral part of Curry County for over 58 years. Woven into the very fabric of our community, it is now the fourth generation of this family attending schools here. All the good they have done and will continue to do for the communities they serve is immeasurable.

Thank you all for supporting the Cash Mob for Rays!

Georgia Nowlin,

Wild Rivers Connect steering committee member


WPA will work today

I and my sister were born during a time in the evolution of human life that reduced the majority of mankind to just "existing."

That time was during the Great Depression of 1929-1939.

Unemployment soared to 15 million with additional millions earning near starvation wages. Grampa was making 25 cents an hour at the sawmill.

My parents divorced and disappeared. Our grandparents were now responsible for us. We ended up foster kids in a home in Denver, which was given financial relief by a government program.

In 1934, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. He frantically sought ways to alleviate the suffering of the nation's jobless and their families. He created a New Deal Administration. It and a Congress, unlike that which exists today, worked together and formed an agency called The Work Progress Administration (WPA) whose prime objective was to put people to work on a variety of needed projects. It played a vital role in helping the nation's jobless maintain a minimum standard of living without resorting to being on the "dole." Its efforts were felt in virtually every facet of American life!

WPA workers built schools, hospitals, post offices, bridges, etc. The program was responsible for 1.4 million individual projects.

Would someone please give me a logical reason why a like program couldn't/shouldn't be created today. I think I know why it isn't, but I'd like to read thoughtful responses in reference to why voting members of a functioning but ineffective Republic don't make the government perform favorably for the People instead of for the propagation and enrichment of influential, greedy corporations and their depraved political slaves.

The People have the power! What seems to be their handicap?

Skip Howard


Zip line and more

I think Stuart Johnson's idea of making Brookings-Harbor the zip line capital of the West Coast is exactly the type of idea we should be looking for.

We should be looking for a magnet to draw people here all summer long (if not all year) and something that will draw them again and again.

The various weekend festivals are good and helpful but they don't offer the kind of economic opportunity that becoming a destination location for various enthusiasts would.

I am reminded of a story I heard about Linz, Austria. Linz, which is on the Danube, was once one of Austria's major cities. But in the late 20th century, Linz had become a really depressed post-industrial city in serious decline. Today, however, it is a thriving art and cultural center - a destination vacation spot for Europeans. One of the things that helped this along was the implementation of a huge (and unique) computer generated light show across the new office buildings at night. Museums, galleries and cafandeacute;s would draw people during the day who would stay to see the light show at night.

This is the kind of novel thinking (and action) we need and it's more likely to come from enterprising citizens and entrepreneurs than government officials, although government can play a part by providing assistance and a welcoming environment.

So, thank you, Stuart, for a great idea nicely fleshed out in your letter to the editor (Pilot, Feb. 15).

Does anyone else have other ideas of this magnitude? Let's put them on the table in a public forum such as this paper.

Eileen Sorrels