The Curry Coastal Pilot

No Curry vet support

The headline on Pilot's article regarding veterans' services, "County dissatisfied with the size of state grant" (Pilot, Feb. 1)should read, "Curry County mucks it up for our veterans." How many ways must we be told - Curry County - get professional?

Issues brought forward in the article described mistakes that are - no other way to say it - amateurish. These grant guidelines were specifically developed to address the issues concerning Curry County veterans. We still muck it up? Incompetence? Ineffectiveness? Infighting?

Message from the state: minimal confidence equals minimal grant funding. Curry veterans won't get what they deserve - quality, supportive services. Innovative short-term strategic plan? Foundation for building future support of our veteran community? Neither were communicated in the county's grant application. Conclusion? An innovative, well-conceived plan with a coinciding reasonable proposed budget - doesn't exist. Does this affect veterans? Make no mistake about it, people are dying out here. Solution? Curry needs professional administrative help.

Get professional? Create effective governance - adopt the Citizen's Home Rule Charter: (1) Clarify duties of commissioners (set policies, evaluate administrator, become public policy advocates that they are meant to be); (2) Hire a professional administrator (to develop resources, administer programs in support of citizens, including veterans).

If this grant debacle doesn't make the case for the Citizen's Home Rule Charter to better develop and deliver services for veterans - I don't know what does. Veterans, families, supporters - unite - Vote Yes on Measure 8-76, Home Rule.

Connie Hunter


A little of a lot

I planned a December-January symposium on Global Warming, but, my feature speaker's tongue froze.

Wanting to do something, I decided to talk about the environment. Much to my surprise most of the environmentalists were in their houses built of wood, keeping warm by burning coal, wood, oil, natural gas or using electric heaters. None of them like spiking trees in the cold, but they can plan bombings and arson.

There weren't many solar panels working on the East Coast.

So, I decided to talk about health care. I'm not eligible for "the Plan," probably a good thing.

All I was really looking for was a supplement. There are a few I can almost afford until you get the deductible. So much for health care.

Social Security, Medicare and the Part D Drug Plan are good things, but premiums keep going up and drug costs are going up.

The Cost of Living Index was changed so we are not keeping up.

President Obama andhellip;Washington D.C. andhellip; Politics andhellip; Jobs. andhellip;

I guess not saying anything says a lot.

I have noticed public employees working or retired only criticize Republicans and Independents.

That does say something.

The forum (Pilot, Jan. 11) was outstanding. Let's hope everyone read it.

Clifton D. Siemens


Desiring donations

Donations are requested for the Brookings Harbor Community Theater's Annual February Rummage Sale to be held on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 15 and 16. We need your under-used household items, furniture, clothing, children's supplies, garage items and more!

This is our big sale to raise funds for future theater productions. No donation too small, or too large!

Please call Dori to arrange drop off or pick-up.

Thank you for supporting community theater. We appreciate you! 541-661-2473.

We appreciate your support!

Dori Randall

Brookings Harbor Community Theater


Off-season successes

Brookings has arrived as a winter tourist destination.

The first Crabfest and Old Time Fiddlers' Winterfest were smashing successes and both of them are planning to expand next year. There's lots to do here during the off season - Art Walks, Live Theatre, Whale Watching, Sporting Events and more.

Thanks to all for giving our local economy a shot in the arm.

Joe Willett

Brookings Tourism Promotion Advisory Committee