The Curry Coastal Pilot

Floating a question

Did anyone else notice: While watching the salvage recovery of the Jo Marie at the port Sunday, what was the sheriff's boat with four deputies on-board doing there. Plus the state police boat. Then again on Monday.

We read constantly the shortfall of monies for the sheriff's department; what kind of crime was sheriff expecting to take place during salvage? The funds used during their two days would have been better used on land. One would think that our very capable Coast Guard could have handle any situation that would arise.

Greg Kukulka


Healthcare trouble

The Obama administration admitted (Jan. 22) that it has serious issues with the website:

New documents released state that the Obama Administration fears part of the website could bankrupt Insurance Company and cripple "Obamacare" (the Affordable Care Act) itself. Obama Administration released documents today stating "After firing CGI and excepting a 'no bid' contract from the Accenture Company to work on the website and 'back end' of Obamacare. Government website document revealed that Obama Administration fears that the entire health insurance industry is at risk, potently leading to their default and disrupting continued service and coverage to consumers. Document continues to state that if problems are not fixed by March of 2014, "The entire health care reform program is in jeopardy." Problems were known at the beginning of December. That the "Back End" (info. sent to insurance companies) had NOT been built. The "Back End" was not finished when the Obama Administration opened the enrollment site in October. Insurance company stated that they are dealing with massive confusion and missing information with who signed up. There is no way to match policy to people. Insurance companies are relying on guesses and estimates, and are now just asking the federal government for money. I would love to see a nationwide insurance for the United States. Maybe some sort of program that would be put together by doctors and the medical profession instead of Obamacare but together by politicians. "Lets just pass this bill, then we can see what's in it - Nancy Pelosi. To the one who asked me to "Give Obamacare a chance" - and the one who said that "I got all my information from consecrative news (Fox Cable)": Listen to UPI (United Press International) who broke this story and turn off MSNBC!

Andrew Ragan


Vote for Music

The entire community can help support Stagelights' "Music in the Classroom" program without spending a dime!

Simply visit the website, select the Stagelights image under "South Coast" and click the vote button. That's it!

The more votes Stagelights gets, the more money that Rogue Federal Credit Union will donate - up to $1,500.

It's all part of Rogue Credit Union Foundation's Giving Local campaign. In addition to votes, you can watch a wonderful video about Stagelights and our community outreach efforts. You can also donate any dollar amount you choose to help us raise more than $1,500.

Please visit the website daily (put a Post-it note reminder on your computer!) and vote once a day, every day, until we reach our goal.

Thank you for your support.

Michele Later, treasurer

Stagelights Musical Arts Community


Fiefdom foolishness

So now, the politicians and sheriffs have had a big meeting in Gold Beach about how to use "psychology" to bamboozle the people into forking over more money in the form of taxes.

How many times do We the People have to say? No New Taxes. Deal with it.

Why don't OandC counties consolidate their services instead of having all these little fiefdoms?

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

He owes an apology

I find it amusing that when submitting letters to the editor, it is reviewed for "brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons."

So I then ask, why isn't this same requirement upheld for one of its own writers before publishing an article, especially where minors are involved?

Why is it acceptable for one of your writers to print heartless, mean and just plain stupid remarks about this community's children and young adults? I am specifically referring to the bias article written by Bill Schlichting, for his review of the Brookings Harbor Children's production of Pocahontas: True to the Legend (Pilot, Jan. 22).

I find it disturbing that this same "taste" wasn't upheld by the Pilot. I think Bill owes, at the very least, an apology to those who are attempting to do something positive in this community, and for the love of god ... give them the opportunity to shine!

Brandie Austin-Huck


Genetics and faith

I read a letter in the Faith Forum about time. (Pilot Jan. 11).

The writer quoted a statement written by Dr. Laurance Doyle who is an investigator for the SETI ( Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Mountain View, Calif. "There has never been a connective force discovered between the orbit of the earth and the sun and the aging of the human body. There's no reason why that should occur - It's just something people believe."

In essence, that statement obviates the necessity for about four billion years of evolving life as it experienced the dynamic results of the process of "natural selection."

The "connective force" responsible for all facets of life on earth is evolution!

According to Darwin's Theory of Evolution, evolution occurs when an organism is confronted by a changing environment. Organisms able to adapt to these changes survive and are thus "naturally selected," passing their useful traits on to offspring. Ergo, environment controls evolution.

Man is but an "organism" and its evolution is subject to the same laws that define all other life on the planet.

I am not religious. I consider religion to be the primitive antithesis of reality and is demonstrative proof of human immaturity. It is regressive and dangerously anti-adaptive. It functions conversely to reality.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to experience the human control of our evolution? Instead of waiting for tens of thousands of years for "natural selection" to bring us to maturity, we, in only a generation, create another species of human being, which would be programmed to function, holistically, as a social unit with its goals: survival and viability! The potential for "A Brave New World!"

Read a book titled The Singularity, and open thine eyes!

Skip Howard


A thankful Oasis

The staff of Oasis Shelter Home would like to take this opportunity to thank the generous folks of Curry County for another successful Holiday Program. We served over double the number of families from last year.

With the help of our community support we provided gifts and goodies to 90 families (283 individuals; of those 165 are kids). Thank you to our volunteers for helping the staff elves wrap and deliver gifts. A big Thank You also goes to each of the following people and businesses for their generous support:

Mr. Brandon Hunt, Girl Scout Troup #30541, Bob The Train Guy Tetrault, Tasty Kate's, Langlois Library, Rachel's Coffee House, Corner Drug, Sterling Bank, Grocery Outlet, Superfly, Fred Meyer Grocery, Quality Fast Lube, Shop Smart, Caryn's Corner Cosmetology, Brookings Elks Lodge, Toys for Tots, and U-Haul, and of course everyone that picked a tag from our Giving Tree.

This year the request from families in need doubled,but with your support we were able to help provide food boxes and presents for all the children.

Lea Sevey

Oasis Shelter Home

Gold Beach