The Curry Coastal Pilot

A thank you ending

I would like to thank the person who, on the evening of Saturday, Jan. 18, found my wedding ring and turned the ring in to the staff of Superfly Martini Bar and Grill. They in turn were able to return the ring to me.

Thank you all for a happy ending.

Diana Chasar


The Circus is coming

Remember as a kid looking forward to the circus coming to town? Well, this week the county commissioners brought te Public Safety Summit to town. Summit objectives in the Technical Assistance "Grant" Application are available at Consider wearing rubber waders or hip boots prior to reading as it gets pretty deep.

Application narratives include "Our citizens have been inundated with half-truths and misinformation, confusing their understanding and eroding support for county government."

No supporting facts are provided by county officials to assist "unintelligent" citizens to better understand. The main purpose of the summit is identified as how to fund adequate levels of public safety. A presentation on HB 3453 is also scheduled.

Invitees for this three-day event included commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys and judges from 18 Oregon counties along with tribal representatives and other state and county officials.

To put this attendance list (and taxpayer $$$) in perspective, some Curry County commissioner meetings last October and November included between 15 and 20 county staff. Staff labor cost (including benefits) was about $500-700/hour. Multiply this times 10-15 or more.

Public pensions and benefits are, in my opinion, the root cause of financial insolvency nationwide. Be it Vallejo, Orange County, San Diego, Detroit, Chicago or any one of dozens of other municipalities. More tax revenue is NOT the only solution.

In Curry County, contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) are fully paid by taxpayers, including the 6-percent employee portion. This is in addition to Social Security (FICA).

PERS contributions for four years (2007/8 to 2010/11) totaled about $5.8 million. $1.5 million of that went to fund current retirees (PERS: by the numbers July-2013). For an alternative solution to TAXES in perpetuity, go to

Thomas Huxley


MY Dreams still alive

One morning many years ago, I opened my eyes and they saw the sunlight for the first time.

I grew and developed into a person. A person who, by the grace of God, was placed in a time where I could dream, and try. Where I was given an opportunity to do anything I could think of doing. Things that only a couple of hundred years ago would not and could not be done by anyone because you would not be free to do them.

As I move forward, my dreams are still alive, and I am working to make them real.

If I had given up on my dreams, I, too, would look closer at the achievements of others, and point out to others who I would hope to gather in a group, and tell that group that I don't have what they have, and neither do you. I would have that group make signs, stating that it is not fair, and try to take what the people who have away from them and give it to the group. I would also tell the group that your dreams will never come true unless we dream as a group to make a Utopia where everyone gets everything. As a group I would upset them and manipulate them, to get to my goal. Leader of a mindless mob.

Want is the only thing that can make you upset. There are only a few things that we need: air, food, water. That's it. Everything else is a luxury. Without dreams of achieving a goal all you will have is air, food and water.

We all` have dreams. Keeping those dreams alive will get you to the place you want to be.

If you let your dreams die, you will see what someone else has and want it and forget that person earned what they have by reaching a goal, which started as a dream.

John Antinello