The Curry Coastal Pilot

Care outstanding

Shortly before Christmas a broken hip made me a patient in the Curry health care network.

I have only praise for all the care and skill that I received from the personnel of Cal-Ore, Brookings urgent care, Gold Beach hospital emergency room, Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, and Good Samaritan rehabilitation center. We can be thankful that we have such outstanding health care to serve us.

That care would be improved if we in the lower half of Curry County were also part of the hospital district. It would not cost us that much extra in taxes, but it surely would guarantee that we would have an emergency room here in Brookings, which would make emergency care much more convenient, when we need it.

I also encourage Curry County residents to use Bay Area Hospital rather than go to Medford: it is much closer, the drive is much less stressful (when going to visit or for follow-up appointments, etc.), and the skill of the medical personnel there is all that anyone could desire.

No one wants to need health care services. But when one does, we are blessed with a very good system here, even though we are so isolated.

Regarding national health care: Contrary to what some claim, the quite liberal CNN and Huffington Post both report that 51 percent and more oppose Obamacare, while the Gallup Poll (quite neutral) reports 52 percent are opposed to it.

Theodore Allwardt


Bowlers' bingo big

The Brookings-Harbor High School Bowling Team had a Bingo Night fundraiser at the Elks Lodge 1934, and it was a huge success.

We were able to raise over $1,400 for the 19 boys and girls that make up the four self-supporting Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.

Special thanks to the Elks Lodge for allowing us to hold the event there and to all the businesses and people who donated prizes and gift certificates for our raffle and came to the event.

Thanks again and this is why I love living in this community.

Randy Scruggs,

head coach

BHHS Bowling Team

Big bucks, no bang

These comments are directed to the Curry County director of Administration, as I believe they are the county's person charged with bringing the January 24, 2014, Summit to Gold Beach.

As a concerned citizen of Curry County, as well as someone paying an above-average amount of taxes, I am interested in this event. Even after hearing a local elected official say he had reservations as to its success, I am curious as to certain aspects of the Summit.

I spent my entire career in private industry where teleconferencing has become more and more the norm, mainly because of all the costs involved in traveling to events of the Summit's nature. On the other hand, whenever government meets, costs seem to be one of the least thought about items. At best, this is very disconcerting.

Has anyone determined the overall cost of the Curry County Summit?

Has anyone determined how many people, i.e. commissioners, sheriffs, district attorneys, and support staffs, are going to attend? I believe almost half of Oregon's counties will be represented: therefore the number will be considerable.

Has anyone looked at each attendee, determined his hourly cost to taxpayers, including all benefits, and multiplied his cost by the number of hours, including all planning and travel time, that he will spent on this meeting?

How many hours of Curry County employee time have been spent on this event?

The facilitator alone is costing over $6,000, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I imagine it is easy to justify all of the costs as long it is someone else paying the bill.

I like to get good value for my money, but I fear this is another example of little, if any, gain, with great expense.

Gregory Empson

Gold Beach