The Curry Coastal Pilot

Chowder hounds

Yes, Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter is at it again!

We are having another fundraiser at the Crab Festival on Jan. 25 at the Port of Brookings Harbor. We are doing a chowder cook-off - all the proceeds will go directly to Pennies for Pooches. Get your registration form at the port's office or at the shelter in Gold Beach; it will be $5 to enter your chowder and tasting will be done between 2 and 3 p.m. and it will be a $5 donation also. Cash prizes for first and second place will be given at 3:15 p.m.

Remember, you won't only get your belly full but you will be helping us to continue to save lives and to take in strays and give all those the help they so desperately need. We do not have a thrift store nor do we plan to build a brand new one; all the monies go directly to those who need it - that is the animals.

Thank you all for your tremendous support we have gotten. There are leaders and there are followers. ... We believe we are leaders!!

I know over 80 percent are on a fixed income here but we have to do something about the protection of our community. Why not use the road fund to help out there are millions in that? I would certainly vote to be annexed with Brookings. Is there a way that, during the day, protection can be spared a little and put more protection on at night? Yes, taxes may rise a bit, but what is your life worth?

Bev. Duncan


Foundation thanks

As we look forward to the New Year, the Board of Directors of the Curry Health Foundation would like to pause and look back at the events of 2013 in Curry County. Specifically the Health Care Services made possible by you, the people of this county.

Your generous gifts of time; mostly volunteered talents; second to none, and treasures: given from the heart, have made it possible for the Foundation to award grants and sponsor Health Awareness activities. Without this support of the people of Curry County none of these efforts could have been realized.

Please take a moment and look at our website,, or our Facebook page,, to see how your gifts were granted.

Working together we can continue in 2014 to provide quality health services throughout Curry County. Our Mission, as a Board, is to help by representing and supporting these needs.

Thank you again for your support.

Jamie Lundin,


Curry Health

Foundation Board

of Directors

Gold Beach

That's a good thing

For some reason the Pilot chose to publish a letter to the editor in its Jan. 8 issue in which the writer responds publicly to a personal letter he received about the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

The author of the letter in the Pilot doesn't like Obamacare one bit and sites several quotes from "liberals" to justify his position. All but one of these quotes are fictitious as anyone can confirm with a few simple Google searches. I urge the reader to do so.

The only quote with some basis in fact is one that the author incorrectly attributes to the "liberal" San Francisco Chronicle. The quote, which begins with "It's about trust!", is from a December 9 article by AP political reporter Nancy Benac covering the political controversy surrounding the Obamacare roll-out, not the program itself (

The writer of the Pilot letter goes on to state that, among other numbers, 53 percent of Americans want Obamacare repealed. Google reveals that his numbers come from a Fox News poll - no surprise there. Most polling on the Affordable Care Act show people's opinions nearly evenly split. For example a December Kaiser Health tracking poll shows that 43 percent of Americans want Obamacare kept as it is or expanded and 42 percent want it repealed, with opinions breaking strongly along partisan lines (

The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect, but it gives millions of uninsured Americans access to quality, affordable health care. That's a good thing.

Tomas Bozack


A holiday nightmare

During the Christmas holiday my home was invaded by many unwelcome guests. Namely large black blow flies.

I immediately checked all windows, screens and any openings under sinks to see if I could determine how they were entering my home and to no avail.

None of my neighbors were invaded but I was killing at least 6 to 10 flies per day. They were everywhere. I was devastated and still at loss as to how they were entering my home.

Then I thought maybe I should save the dead carcasses so that I would have proof of how many flies there were. That way no one would need to think I was off my rocker and call the little men with white coats to cart me away screaming and waving a fly swatter.

The mystery was finally solved. My neighbor asked if the tub/shower in my second bathroom was used much. I said no. I was then informed that when the water in the trap dries up it opens a direct freeway from the sewer line directly into my home. Since filling the trap with water the flies started disappearing. Thank goodness!

Many homes have more than one bathroom so I hope everyone learns from my misfortune. Always keep water in the traps.

Since flies are great carriers of germs and diseases I am now faced with an early massive spring house cleaning. Yipeeeeeeee!

Mary Lou Frenzel


Now we are covered

"Every citizen has the right to health care. The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions." - Article 31- Iraq Constitution

The Iraq constitution was written in 2005 by the Bush administration and 950 billion American tax dollars funded universal health care for Iraqis.

Ironically, because I am self-employed, my wife and I have been without health insurance since 2005 because the individual health insurance we could afford were basically junk policies. Before 2014, insurance companies did not have to legally provide any benefits or even pay our claims. It was legal for insurance companies to drop you if you got sick.

This year because of the Affordable Care Act aka "Obamacare" we now have an insurance policy that provides coverage for all our preventative health care needs, prescription drugs, dental care, and is accepted by most local health care providers. is off to a rocky start but the program came through for people like us. We had over 35 plans to choose from and because of a federal subsidy based on income it is affordable. We can finally seek medical care without the threat of denial or going broke.

The idea of Obamacare wouldn't exist if not for the conservative Washington DC think-tank Heritage Foundation and its 2006 implementation in Massachusetts by Governor Mitt Romney.

I don't care whose idea it was to make health care affordable - because we all have that right in Iraq and now in America.

Don Nuss


Shelters don't help

Re: "Please Do Something" by Marie Kirk (Pilot, Jan. 11): I went to the Gold Beach shelter and adopted a beautiful shepherd mix named Ben.

He was there because he continually escaped from a fenced-in yard at Sunshine Cove Trailer Park in Harbor. We spent 14 wonderful years together romping on the Wild Rivers Coast, then on Aug. 30, last year, he died quietly in the night. I still miss him terribly.

After a few trips to the Humane Society in Brookings, I spotted a beautiful Aussie shepherd and told the woman that I would like to adopt that dog, tail wagging and saying to me "Get me out of here." She said sorry, this dog runs away. You must have a fenced-in yard! No, I'm not kidding so I left, never to return to that place. I have been checking with Pennies for Pooches, but they have not had the medium-size, long-haired dog I am seeking.

I have had four dogs in my left whose total years add up to 57 of my 69 years. No one is closer to their dog than I. My life revolves around my dog and my work.

I'm sorry, Marie, but I will no longer rely on the shelters to have my dog. I will do without a few things and have the money to buy the other half of my life by March.

Arthur D. Larason


Money controls

Humanity is steeped and controlled by capitalistic, sub-rosa machination. The intent and purpose of that secretive plotting is based solely on greed.

Presently, 99 percent of humanity is under the control and command of the powerful super rich!

Today, politicians sit and bargain with open hands under the table!

"Big money" conspires to promulgate the kinds of information that creates cynicism and disgust in government and politics. Hoping, ergo, to gain greater economic, financial and influence in those they have affected.

The middle class is shrinking, world population is expanding exponentially and national borders are disappearing. All of that is a positive for the "money'd!"

I read and listen to baseless opinions of the politically and religiously inspired and shake my head, not in disbelief, but in amazement at the level of powerful, propagandized doctrine their seemingly simple minds wallow in. Propaganda that engenders responses that are brazenly and unashamedly offered as fact and truth. Factually and truthfully, all that can be offered is warped, ignorant opinion.

Folks claim to be "conservatives," "fence sitters," or liberals." When asked to define the position they've chosen, their response is, mainly, unsophisticated ambiguity! Yet they passionately offer unestablished information as fact and expect listeners to accept their bewildering offers as unimpeachable!

We humans have gained an ability to accomplish just about anything that we can imagine. The problem is that we are yet too unevolved to come together and work in concert to guarantee our continued existence.

My pessimism can only be overcome by hoping that genetic engineering and technology will produce an android or another human species that can be programmed to exist in peace and in communion with all existential life andhellip; until our sun ends the viability of life on this planet.

Fingers crossed!

"Skip" Howard