The Curry Coastal Pilot

Shoulda, coulda

Well, our commissioners plowed through another year, no salary cuts, no employee participation, few if any layoffs, and no solutions.

I, for one, did not expect any legislation out of Washington, that promise is so old it has mildew on it.

If there is $43 million in the road fund and it's not dedicated to retirement benefits, then it belongs to the county.

Don't borrow it, use it.

If the county is broke it can't pay it back anyway.

If you really believe our congressmen are going to buy a Bronze Plan or choose Medicaid you have lost your mind. Obama and his flock have had their last communion.

IN 1992, Brookings had a homeless problem; in 1992 Brookings had slum lords and empty buildings; it's 2014 and we have more of each.

I enjoyed a wonderful holiday, I know many didn't.

I wish one and all a happy new year.

Clifton Siemens


Pursuit of Happiness

Political and moral arguments about difference boils down to an idea in the Constitution - the pursuit of happiness.

The fact that people are OK with governing others according to "their" value system means they simply want it their way.

The old story about Karl Marx explaining communism to a group of people when someone asked, "But, who will wash the dishes?" led Marx to exclaim angrily "You will." It's the extent of theories made into a zero sum game, it's my way or the highway kind of idea!

In thinking of Liberalism or Conservatism, the former is more in line with the Constitution of American ideals than the later, that is the reality. Veterans fought, supposedly, for a liberal society, even though it is easy to slip into a conservative zero-sum line of thinking; it's not worthy.

The environmentalist falls into the same category Quit of Ten; humans only destroy nature, therefore the zero-sum answer is stop doing everything, except for what they do. Electric cars made of rare earth materials running on coal-powered electricity is no real answer to anything except yuppie desires.

The sad news is any advances in anything means monopolies control them; governments hand out money to advance the sciences of everything and cannot reap any of the rewards; look at the Internet and computers, the government paid upfront monies to start all of these items along with most medicines and laboratories. But because they cannot compete with private industry, they (the taxpayers) never reap the rewards! I blame private capitalism for not realizing their taxes are long overdue!

G.G. Thompson


Please do something

Del Norte Animal Control did the best it could. With volunteers like Shelly and Liz, among others, Moose was able to know about love, despite the fact that his experience with it was far too short-lived.

As of Dec. 23, he is now totally without pain, freed from those lonely, painful memories, and as gleefully happy as he always should have been.

I loved and still love Moose. I desperately tried to find a loving home for him, and offered to pay any present and future medical costs. He had already been saved, but I wanted him to be nurtured and adored, in his very own home, with his very own cozy pillow, and surrounded by a mountain of toys. As of December 23, that became an impossible dream.

Please let Moose become a legacy. It is with a heavy heart that I make the following statement: He is not unique. There are hundreds of thousands of Mooses, in this country alone. Speak up about a neighbor's cruelty - often in the form of neglect. Stop for a stray whenever it is safe to do so. Report the casual neighbor whose dog is supposedly "street smart and always comes home anyway." Be truthful with your children and let them know about the suffering and killing that results from a lack of responsibility. Spay and neuter, spay and neuterandhellip; and then spay and neuter.

Everyone can donate. Consider donating items, such as blankets, towels, shampoos, leashes, etc. Perhaps your time can be rescheduled so that you can regularly walk dogs, help clean cages, etc. Most importantly, opt to adopt.

Please do something, for the sake of, and in honor of all the regal, innocent, pure-of-spirit beings, such as Moose, who deserve to be healthy and happy.

Marie Kirk