The Curry Coastal Pilot

Right from the left

Seeing that Rich Ruppert sent a letter to the editor directly to me, I would like to answer him.

If you want some comments from liberal publications, here they are:

Harry Reid: Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate: "The Affordable Care Act is ... a train wreck."

Jay Rockefeller, Democratic senator from West Virginia - instrumental in writing Obamacare: "Affordable Care Act is approaching a train wreck."

New York Times newspaper, Liberal columnist Paul Krugman: "Because of the Affordable Care Act millions will be thrown off Medicare"

New York Times Newspaper, Liberal columnist Reed Abelson: "Because of Obamacare premiums will rise well over 20 percent for people in the 50 to 60-year-old-bracket that make $50,000 a year or less. Far less increase per year adjusting for inflations than before Obamacare."

San Francisco Chronicle - liberal newspaper: "It's about trust! It's about big government! It's about politics! and yeah, it's about your health care too! Would you buy a used car from (Obama) this man or an agenda"?

I could send you additional liberal publications if you wish. This is all that I feel the Pilot will allow. Eighty two percent of Americans were satisfied with their health care before Obamacare (U.S. Government stats). Sixty seven percent of Americans want Obamacare delayed indefinitely - 53 percent of Americans of Americans want Obamacare repealed: Washington Times liberal newspaper.

UPI news reported today that Obama's rating, mainly because of Obamacare, is lower than President Nixon at this time to 41 percent.

Give a 100-foot tsunami a chance? There are a lot of people suffering over this!

Andrew Ragan


Taking care of us

We are writing to give kudos to our Curry County Road Department.

They do a most excellent job of keeping our roads open, clear of debris and safe. We were so pleased to see that while we were away on a day trip, our Agness-Illahe Road had been plowed and the many rocks removed from the surface, plus ditches were pulled in anticipation of a someday rain. The road department crew have taken care of our roads in Curry County year after year and we say thank you!

If our County commissioners keep transferring funds out of the road department fund we all might lose this valuable service. A service that we ALL benefit from. We know the county is going through some hard times just like most of us but our commissioners cannot strip the road department funds and hope to keep all essential and nonessential county programs afloat.

We are going to miss Dan Crumley, his fine leadership and dedication to the county of Curry. Enjoy your retirement, Dan!

One other note of thanks goes out to Coos-Curry electric company. They do keep the lights on for us. They are quick to respond to power outages and keep us informed when service will be restored. Thank you, CCEC!

Terry and Sandra Mewhinney


Lies keep coming

Linda Graves leads the Democrats of Curry County and even though we have never met I'm sure she is a fine person.

Her recent, well written article about Congress not having a different healthcare than any of the D.C. residence is either misleading or uninformed. I prefer to assume she is uninformed, which is what I have been telling you readers about now for almost a year.

Facts hurt the liberal far left and they swear to someone other than God that they are the most loving and truthful on the planet.

Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin senator is suing the White House because of the double standard President Obama is giving Congress subsidies on their healthcare which is unavailable to any of us. This information is not hidden in any manner but you will not find it from CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and certainly not MSNBC. Eighty percent of the political articles are from the left and the facts are nothing but political spin.

Porter Stansberry is an investment counselor from Maryland. He became famous for predicting our collapse in 2008. He can't say when it will happen but he maintains we have passed our point of no return and the United States will suffer a complete economic collapse in the near future.

Government is not competent enough to run anything leave alone healthcare. After our collapse the younger voters will realize there is more to life then marihuana, tattoos, texting (research shows over 50 per day is common) and gay rights advocates controlling our judges.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach