The Curry Coastal Pilot

Angel in heaven

Well it's our first Christmas without Catherine as our Shelter leader. Let me tell you, for me it was very difficult. My last three years of memories flooded over me. And if you don't mind I want to share a few of them with all of you.

This lady helped all - whether it was a close friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger and she treated everyone with compassion and dignity.

She had a love of animals and it was a beautiful gift for me to share this with her. An abused dog so terrified would come to the shelter and within a few days, Catherine would use her high squeaky dog voice, and she would have them jumping with joy to be by her side.

Christmas Eve, July Fourth, and stormy nights she would come to shelter at all hours, sit on the cold cement floor, and sing or read stories about other dogs to our dogs. Within in minutes each and every dog would calm down and not a sound to be heard from them.

I'm so proud to have worked with her. I have great memories of our playing together, laughing, crying, and helping each other in trying times.

During our rabies clinic, Jan Hammer, our in-house veterinary, would often say, "Catherine, you can't do that!" and with a twinkle in her eye, she would say, "I can't" followed by "Won't do it again doc!" with her fingers crossed behind her back.

This went along with her favorite phrase, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission," and we always forgave her because we knew everything she did was for the dogs or someone else.

Now there is another angel in heaven. And if you ask me, God is one lucky guy to have her. Thanks, Catherine, for the fond memories that we will cherish forever. It's not goodbye, it is until we meet again.

Your friends,

Carole Meuret and Jan Hammer

Gold Beach

Scouts thank you

Boy Scout Troop 32 would like to take this opportunity to thank Curry Equipment for their generous donation of the use of a wood splitter.

This company's willingness to support our troop allowed us to prepare a year's worth of campfires in just one afternoon!

Donations and support of this kind from local businesses not only support our program but teach our boys about community pride and service.

Again, a huge Thank You to Curry Equipment.

Please remember when you shop, local companies that support our youth deserve your business.

Shannon Warner, for Boy Scout Troop 32


Anti anti-radiation

Your paper recently discussed the purported radiation remediation efforts of John and Nancy Hutchison Pilot, Dec. 25). I say purported because there is absolutely no credible evidence that their so-called radiation remediation efforts do anything other than create a nuisance.

Over the past several years, John Hutchison has claimed to have achieved: antigravity, radiation neutralization, free energy, the conversion of tar into water, and other equally fantastic phenomena. One of the Hutchisons' latest claims is that their anti-radiation equipment also improves the weather.

Extraordinary claims call for extraordinary evidence. The majority of their evidence consists of unverifiable YouTube videos, virtually none of which contain sufficient information for anyone to reproduce their findings. I say virtually none because there is at least one video that provides sufficient information to duplicate the Hutchison's results. If you study the video carefully, you can see the string responsible for producing antigravity. Nancy Hutchison claims that their "(Technology) doesn't fit the academic sciences." And there is a good reason for that - it is not science.

The Hutchisons say they are lowering radiation levels resulting from the nuclear reactor accident in Japan. However, airborne radiation fell below minimum detectable levels long before the Hutchisons came to Oregon and began their anti-radiation efforts.

Joseph Cereola

Nesika Beach

The Giving Trees

The Brookings Harbor community pulled together to make this Christmas season a little brighter for many families by participating in the Community Giving Tree program.

Oregon Coast Community Action coordinates the yearly program with the Elks Lodge, local financial institutions and businesses, but it takes the entire community to make the program a success.

The Giving Trees were provided by and located at CandK Market, Chase Bank, Evergreen Federal, Ray's Food Place, Rogue Credit Union, Sterling Savings Bank, Umpqua Bank, US Bank and the Presbyterian Church. The Red Hats and Lighthouse Assembly of God Church sponsored entire families. Wild Rivers Community Foundation, The Lion's Club and John Sheller donated very generously to the program. The Hanscam family donated space in the Hanscam Center for Santa's workshop.

Kudos to our wonderful volunteers Janet Pariani and Dale Hall who, along with Liz McDonough, did a great job wrapping and delivering gifts. Thanks also to the many, many individuals who picked tags from the Giving Trees. This year, by combining our efforts, over 184 children received gifts and food for the holidays.

This is a wonderful and caring community. All of us at Community Action want everyone to know that their help was greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Cindy Davis,

Liz McDonough, Shannon Antus

Oregon Coast

Community Action

Members need plan

Your cartoon in the Dec. 28 Pilot gave the distinct impression that, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act this January, congressmen will be keeping their current healthcare plans.

This cartoon implies that congressmen will have the privilege of keeping their plans while the citizens they serve will be forced into an Obamacare health exchange. Your readers need to know that this is not at all the case.

In his recent Town Hall Meeting, our Congressman Peter DeFazio addressed this question. He explained how, due to an amendment proposed by Congressional Republicans, all members of Congress are now required to choose a new health insurance plan. They'll need to pick a plan offered by the Washington, D.C. healthcare exchange. This is the same healthcare exchange that any D.C. resident needing health insurance will access under the ACA.

Until now, members of Congress have had the same health insurance choices as all other Federal employees. But starting in January, all members of Congress and their staff will give up their current federal health insurance plan and enroll in the Washington D.C. exchange, right alongside their fellow citizens. They have an added disadvantage of being required to enroll in a Washington D.C. plan, even if their preference would be a plan in their home state. Their fellow citizens will be able to choose a plan in their area, which will more likely suit their needs.

Linda Bozack


A grateful family

To the generous souls who contributed toward our "tribute" obituary page for our mom Sandy Peterson: Thank you so very much for giving us, her children, a wonderful opportunity to pay loving tribute to their mother and to Brookings/Upper Chetco "River Granny" in such a public venue. It is truly appreciated.

Also to Karen (LaCroix) at the Pilot for her patience with taking on the task, and help.

With immense gratitude,

The Peterson