The Curry Coastal Pilot

Missing the boat

To all those who lament the absence of the lovely Brookings holiday decorations:

Did you volunteer to climb into the bucket and hang the decorations for free? Did you vote for tax increase money to pay someone to do the job for you, so our town would not be left behind?

Did you stop to think that, without funds for special things, our town is down the tube?

Chris Malek


Holiday happy times

What a wonderful Christmas with all the festivities, singing and participation of many of the community at these events.

The Festival of Lights was so beautiful and well done; a big thank you to all the volunteers and Brookings Soroptimist for their Christmas caroling. The event held at the Brookings Harbor Shopping Center was fun and they also had Christmas caroling, thanks to the Brookings Harbor Shopping Center merchants for their participation, for all their hard work and Shop Smart for their cookies and cider.

Would like to see more of Harbor participating in festivities during these seasons.

Then Santa appeared at many of these events; the children loved it. Even with the poor economy, the community turned out and all of us appreciate their support of all the activities that went on throughout the Brookings Harbor communities.

A heartfelt Happy New Year to all from Soroptimist International Brookings.

Marie Garcia



I moved from Brookings three years ago down to Greater Phoenix. Sales taxes here in my city run 11 percent on EVERYTHING.

I was, of course, from Oregon where there was no sales tax. And I was initially furious over having to pay it. But here, because of the sales tax which everyone pays, our property taxes are low, and so is our state income tax. Our county coffers are full, our police, fire, administrative offices and our schools are all well-funded.

Why on earth up there in Curry County would anyone choose to lose safety protection, tourist dollars and new residents over a refusal to pay a sales tax? I mean, with a sales tax, the money goes out daily, we forget we pay it, and we never miss it. Wake up, Curry County, before the drug houses, street gangs, thieves and murderers move in next door to you.

And they will!

Jan Norwood

Peoria, Ariz.

Optimistic over 2014

I never liked the number 13 even though I don't think I am superstitious. However, I am very happy the year 2013 is over.

I intend to be optimistic about 2014. I am not a Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or Liberal. I still hope that President Obama will realize that he should let his ego and catering to the "fat cats" come to an end At the very beginning of his first term, he seemed to have "we the people" his priority. He promised medical care to all, hospital and doctor insurance if you had a particular plan or doctor. What happened?

President Obama has appointed people to positions of "power" who do not, in my opinion, know what they are doing Why isn't a military man or woman in charge of our armed forces try to see how we can get our troops out of harm's way in the Middle East? Why does he appoint women just because it is "politically correct"? I never thought I would use John Kerry as a good example of how to get out of places like Syria, Iraq and especially Pakistan, but he has not backed down to our president's desire to have "peace" conferences about the stopping of manufacturing nuclear weapons in Iraq, etc.

I believe we are a people who will work to once again make the United States of America a country that welcomes people of all races, religions and life styles. Who will see that our young people become educated so they will lead us into the future with hope, integrity and "liberty and justice for all."

Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year ... God Bless America.

Geraldine Kass


Just take care of it

It's looking quite likely that more of our road funds may go toward other county needs.

After being tortured daily by a pothole on my daily route, I went in to ACE and asked if there was a product for potholes and there IS! Its about $11 a bag and for about $60 I took care of my huge nemesis-hole!

See?! We can take pretty good care of ourselves!

Claire Willard


To hire and be hired

It is food for the soul when I see the occasional letter that someone will write regarding work ethics.

Bravo! to Dex Fick for doing so. He hit it on the head and it needed to be said. This may be a small community, but there are many that believe in good work ethics; not a lot - but many. May I dove-tail from his letter?

Employees: Make sure you are at work on time every day; that you look presentable; that you smile and have a clue what good customer service is all about; that you are willing to do above and beyond what your job description is; and treat your employer with respect, as it is not a thing of the past.

Employers: Make sure that you value your employees; that you are approachable and considerate of their feelings; that you give credit where credit is due; that you utilize good sense in your decision-making, as this also is not a thing of the past.

For Both: Hang in there, as I believe good employees can be employed by good employers, thus not making it a thing of the past.

Well wishes to all in the New Year!

Sherri Barron


It falls on them now

I would argue that our county commissioners have reviewed the county's shortfall and examined the unacceptable alternatives long enough.

The failure to submit the Declaration of Emergency to the state to provide the services county residents pay for, falls on them. There is no excuse from this point forward.

John Roorbach

Port Orford

The Giving Tree

I would like to give a shout out to Cindy Davis who goes above and beyond giving, especially when it comes to the Giving Tree at Christmas. She gives so much of her own time to make sure all runs smoothly. At least I know 91 families had a great Christmas, thanks to the community and businesses and Cindy Davis. Please drop by or send Cindy a thank you P.O. Box 836, Brookings, OR 97415.

Elizabeth McDonough