The Curry Coastal Pilot

More than once recently, we've heard people ask about the lack of outdoor holiday decorations in the community. It's a legitimate question, but it's often phrased with a tone of blame and complaint.

Like so many other community efforts, there needs to be a shared ownership. The question should not be why "they" didn't do something, but why "we" didn't get something done. This is true of everything from holiday lights to an adequate public safety system. We are all responsible. Pogo the comic strip character, said "We have met the enemy and he is us."

When we spend money with online shopping, our storefront-owning neighbors have less to spend. When we cannot find time to volunteer for community organizations, fewer projects get done. When fewer of us donate cash, there are fewer decorations. When we vote against taxes, there are fewer services.

It all makes for a good New Year's resolution: How can we make more things happen for the entire community?