The Curry Coastal Pilot

Crossing the line

I was not aware it was your policy to allow name calling in your letters to the editor. Unfortunately I believe your allowance of the letter by GG Thompson on Dec. 20 crossed the line.

Mark Hollinger

Gold Beach

Time to adjust

The financial condition of any county is of no interest whatsoever to countless thousands of retirees with ever-shrinking incomes.

We worked 30 to 40 years for what we have, and are sickened by ridiculous salaries and benefits paid to union and non-union managers and employees.

When managers and employees must contract out to "consultants," they are not qualified for those positions.

If individuals or groups seek public funds for anything, they must pay for it, not the taxpayers.

No more blowing tax money for anything that benefits only a few. Many seniors retired at 45-percent of working income. Adjusting to a reduced income is a matter of good planning and anyone can do it. Forget raising taxes. Adjust as we all did.

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Pray for Fishermen

I'd like to call upon followers of Christ to prayer. Thus far the crabbing season is not producing well.

Our Lord has authority over all of creation (Math. 28:18). He has demonstrated twice, that I can think of, where He commanded animals to come. He called them to the Ark (Gen 6: 20), and after His resurrection He called an abundance of fish into Peter's nets (John 21: 4-6).

My Bible says that we will do the things that He has done, even greater (John 14:12). Wow! Under the privilege of His authority (Math. 28:18) I'd like to ask His followers to call the crabs into the crab traps. Express our authority from Him (Math. 10:1, Luke 10:19, John 17). I know that His desire is to bless.

It is His goodness that draws people to repentance, to the knowledge of His great love (Rom. 2:4). Please include in your prayers safety for our fishermen and women; that the fullness of His blessings will fall upon them and their families. Amen, amen, and amen.

Laurie Reynolds


Have reports online

At the Nov. 20 school board meeting, Superintendent Brian Hodge was excited to put the 2013 Healthy Teen Survey results for BHHS on the district's website for everyone to see and for the new "Data Committee" to develop and make evidence-based decisions.

I've been asking, for more than a year, that the district repost 2010 and 2011 reports that were available before the website was redesigned, and to add 2012 data. At the Dec. 18 school board meeting (Dec. 21 Pilot report "Good news, bad for school district"), he kept diverting focus to how much time it would take to get 2004 data back on the website, when, in fact, 2004 through 2008 data have always been there. However, with no data available since 2008, the 2013 report stands alone.

These survey's are done every year with eighth and 11th graders and every other year sixth graders are included. In addition to simple, year-to-year trends, 2010 sixth graders can be compared to 2012 eighth graders and to 2015 11th graders.

While this information isn't directly available to individuals, the district can make it available directly or through the district's website. Mr. Hodge claims his staff has tried three times to set this up with no luck. In talking with ODE last week, they said it's just a process of taking a URL they provide for each school and pasting it on the district website.

I would think having these surveys available on the web would save the district staff time and money versus copying reports for anyone who asks for them. Is something else going on here? I wonder.

Gordon Clay

Theatrical gift

Thank you to the Redwood Theater of Brookings and the whole Polar Express Team.

I had the immense pleasure of taking my niece and nephew to the free showing of "Rudolph" and "The Polar Express" Monday Dec. 23, at the theater.

While waiting in line, we were greeted by the "conductor" and given our large ticket for boarding the train. As we neared the entrance, we were handed a nice jingle bell. Upon entering the theater our tickets were each punched with a flourish as in the movie. Following the showing of "Rudolph" and being called "all aboard" by our friendly conductor we had a surprise visit from Santa.

The kids were happy to sit on his lap and put in last-minute wishes. Seeing "The Polar Express" on the big screen added to the thrill of Christmas.

Thanks so much for all those involved to adding this great holiday memory to my list this season! By the way the kids enjoyed it, too!

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Vickie Boardman


Use road fund

Your Editorial - "No time left for Curry County" (Pilot, Dec. 21) - is welcomed.

The Curry County Commissioners continue to kick the can down the road. But you, your staff and others consistently fail the whole truth. When you say that "andhellip;the collision isn't going to be pretty" ignores the county road fund.

I know that you know that the commissioners could take money from the $33 million (+/-) without a serious dent in it.

It's time that you stop the scare tactics with your readers!

Clyde Burke


Follow laws

While we all appreciate any job we have in an economy like ours, and I have been fortunate to work for a company that is fair to its employees and abides by state and federal employment laws, many of my Curry County neighbors are not so fortunate.

While people struggle to survive, some unethical employers are preying on the low job availability. Everywhere I turn, I hear of unfair wage practices, dangerous workplace conditions - simply unethical employer practices.

I was for many years an employer and am aware of the employment laws I hear broken repeatedly. I hear of employers scheduling many of their employees for a shift, then sending them home when the shift starts to disallow scheduling a second job; making verbal contracts then breaking them - all just because they can.

The most common story is of the hostile work environments, where employees are harassed in the work place by their superiors, sometimes disallowed lunch and break times. Stories of women going home in tears and men going home angry. I heard one story of a pregnant women ordered into harms way on the job site, until she was forced to quit her precious job for the safety of her unborn child.

Again, not all of our county's employers are like this. As the economy improves, I suspect these employers will be turned in to authorities, and passed over by workers for more ethical employers. Simply my opinion.

Dex Fick


Right and wrong

I would like to respond to G.G. Thompson's letter. There are things that also cause me to rethink the concepts of life. The liberal/progressive party is not one of them.

As a true conservative, I also believe in physical defense. I WOULD bring a gun to a fist fight since I have a right to bear arms. I WOULD build fences to protect my private property. I WOULDN'T demand absolute protection for anything anyone wants to do. I WOULD NOT make abortion available on demand. I AM NOT AGAINST birth control (but don't make me pay for yours). I WOULD NOT legalize drugs, and I WOULD NOT impose laws against groups based on their economic status. I DO BELIEVE IN "freedom of religion." I DO BELIEVE IN insurance, licensing and bonding as it shows responsibility. I DO BELIEVE veterans should get special benefits because they earned them. I AM OPPOSED to the government telling me what type of toilet to use, what light bulbs to buy, the size of my soft drink, and what sort of medical insurance is best for me.

I WANT police, hospitals, doctors, schools and roads and I'M WILLING TO PAY FOR THEM. If private corporations make billions, good for them. Businesses use automation because robots don't need health insurance, pensions, union dues, paid vacations, file discrimination laws suits, go on strikes, have maternity leave and use other government mandated benefits.

The government is the one controlling the economy through taxes, printing money, regulations and setting interest rates. I AM NOT AGAINST EQUALITY as long as it is an earned equality.

I DON'T THINK IT IS WRONG for a doctor to make $20,000 a week. I THINK IT IS WRONG for a 7-foot tall, tattooed, body-pierced man making more than that for running up and down a basketball court.

Happy New Year and Happy 2014 election returns.

Allan W. Stewart


Well explained

I'd like to say thank you to Andrew Bair, CEO of Curry Health Network, for his patience and clarification concerning the important issue of funding a new hospital here in Curry County.

Also, thank you to the Pilot for sharing opinion page space to further this discussion, and explanation.

Mr. Bair wrote on Dec. 18 that I was incorrect at to the "hospital not being a county issue," and he is absolutely correct. The county had long ago, been divided into districts.

I truly hope that the "districting" of an already small county is beneficial for the majority. It will always be my contention that moving forward, the county will be much stronger and more unified, as a singular and cooperative unit, proudly known as Curry County.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Record turnout

The numbers are in. A total of 13,482 attended this year's Nature's Coastal Holiday, according to ticket booth staffed volunteers. A new record!

Your chamber of commerce, Curry Coastal Pilot, radio station DJs, city hall, word of mouth, family traditions and Facebook posts played a role in getting word out to everyone.

But none of this would've happened without you! One hundred percent of your donations go directly toward purchasing more lights and figurines. NCH will continue to grow with each passing year.

Thank you for your continued support of this amazing event. Have a wonderful and safe New Year. See you next year.

Bryan Tillung