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They want/don't want

There are things that cause one to think of re-imagining the concepts of life, but the tea party is not one of them.

As a true liberal I believe in physical defense; I imagine tea party types are those that bring a gun to a fist fight, build fences and demand absolute protection for anything white folks want to do, impose laws against abortions, birth control, drugs, poor people, the homeless, and people or religions they don't like, while also crying out for building and zoning laws that are anything but freedom, licensing and bondings and insurances for anything and everything, protection and advantages for old folks and veterans that no others deserve, and then they say with a straight face, they are against too much government!

They want on-demand police, hospitals, doctors, schools, roads, security, etc., but not to pay for it. If the private sector corporations make billions, skip out on taxes, employ slave labor in poor unregulated countries, buy machines to employ instead of mouthy people, well that's OK, it's the American way.

If the private sector manipulates the government to control markets and profits, that's OK, no one notices because there's more pressing problems like Mexicans and black folks or Indians and women wanting equality.

These folks throw trillions and trillions of dollars at war machines and government-funded militaries that are totally being robbed by the private sector contractors they have to employ and that's OK, plus doctors making $20,000 a week and hospitals charging $20,000 a night, they deserve it, it's private.

What part of less government do they mean, and which part of the private sector that they worship am I missing out on, and by the way, Glen Beck is gay and the pope is right.

Happy Holidays,

G.G. Thompson


Where's Christmas?

Today, as my husband and I were driving up through Brookings, I noticed for the first time no Christmas in Brookings?

What happened to our city decorations?

It looks drab and non holidayish. This is a story worth looking into. I hope they didn't decorate just to please the non-Christmas folks.

I'm looking forward to seeing article on what happend to Brookings' Christmasspirit.

Sidney McDonald


A great place to live

Brookings - a great place to live and a great community

Brookings is a beautiful place to live with a rich history. There are so many options for viewing the beautiful landscape - beach, river, forest, etc. - wildlife and the sunsets are amazing.

I have felt very blessed to be part of the Brookings community during the past several years.

Thank you to my parents, new friends and entire community for your kindness and support.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas

Jennifer White


Give it a chance

Regarding the letter composed by Andrew Regan on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.

Yes, beating a dead horse does mean something to me. I am tired of the Republicans beating to death affordable healthcare. This is a program long overdue and yes. it has had several significant issues during roll out. However, any program this huge is going to have issues during rollout.

You quote the Wall Street Journal, a Republican publication. You quote FOX Cable News, a Republican entertainment channel. I have read many articles both for and against affordable healthcare. It may or may not be successful, but how about giving it a chance?

Rich Ruppert


ObamaCare works

The U.S. Constitution's first sentence states that We the People formed this country for several reason and one of them is to Promote the General Welfare. With that in mind, I would like to thank President Obama and the 2010 Democratic members of Congress for passing into law and implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

Is there anything that promotes a citizen's General Welfare better than good health? And that is what the Affordable Care Act is all about andndash; providing greater health insurance coverage at better prices to more citizens of the United States.

Better health insurance means greater access to medical care and better health. In that same sentence of the Constitution, it also states that WE formed this country to provide for the common defence. A healthier people are better able to defend this nation against its enemies, both foreign and domestic. Don't you agree?

Here is my experience with Obamacare. I filled out out an application for health insurance at the CoverOregan website, in late October. At that time, the system was not quite ready to process applications. But with three brief phone calls over the next five weeks, I was able to follow the processing of my application, the determination of my eligibility and the picking of a new insurance plan. Starting January 1, 2014, I will be covered under a much better health care plan that costs me $347 less per month than the insurance plan I have today.

Carl Harker


Boo Wyden, Merkley

Senators Wyden and Merkley DO NOT SUPPORT MILITARY PERSONNEL and broke their trust. They passed a budget at the expense of one group: military retirees.

Senators Wyden and Merkley deemed they, and they alone, no longer deserved the promised meager cost of living allowances if they're under age 62. Retired Civilian personnel and Congressmen aren't treated similarly. There are two military retiree groups Senators Wyden and Merkley cheated out of earned benefits: men and women who have devoted 20 years or more to the service and defense of the US and those who have been severely injured and medically retired.

Wyden and Merkley judge them least important. The budget doesn't even reduce spending! They believe illegal immigrants deserve continued tax breaks.

Yes, break U.S. laws: Senators Wyden and Merkley think you worthy of government largess. Dedicate yourself to service of our country, often under harsh conditions, long hours, and low pay relative to expertise: Senators Wyden and Merkley believe you unworthy of what was promised and earned.

Senators Wyden and Merkley rendered meaningless promises to military personnel that after their sacrifices have been made their country will stand behind them, rewarding and honoring their service and commitments made to them (lower pay on active duty for retirement pay/health care later).

Do Wyden and Merkley think any commitments to military retirees should be kept? Senators Weyden and Merekly can no longer say they support the troops: their votes harming military retirees, present and future, are proof. Don't forget this betrayal!

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Happy Birthday Jesus

What is Christmas? It is the tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future. The Vietnam Veterans of America #757 and Associates wish all of you a Happy Holiday season and a New Year filled with peace.

I would like to take this time to thank the great Curry County for always supporting Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757. You have helped us become #1 in the State of Oregon. Because of your generosity, we have been supporting veterans and their families in our County who are in need. We also support veterans in Roseburg Hospital, White City Hospital, and the soldiers home in The Dalles by donating items that they need.

Also, in regard to the Letter to Editor by Ray Kornell, VVA Chapter 757 did acknowledge Pearl Harbor Day on the radio. Normally, we fly the flags on the bridge on this day, but not when the weather might be a factor. We also fly the flags on the following days: March 30 - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day; April 11 - Persian Gulf War; May 8 - VE Day; June 25 - Korean War; Sept. 2 - V-J Day; Sept. 21 - POW/MIA Day; Sept. 30 - Gold Star Mothers Day; and Dec. 7 - Pearl Harbor Day.

God Bless America! The home of the brave and land of the free!

Sam Vitale