The Curry Coastal Pilot

NAFTA, TPP sellouts

I for one, would be willing to pay a little extra for a hamburger at McDonald's, or extra for other goods and services in our community, because I realize the economy isn't the same as it was when I was 15 working at McDonald's back in the 1970s.

Back then fast food were jobs for kids after school. But that was before politicians sold all of us out in favor of corporate greed, and NAFTA and outsourcing our jobs to China and other countries. And now, they are about to do it again on a grand scale with TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).

As Americans, we need to wake up and demand our politicians work on all of our behalf to say "No!" to TPP - more outsourcing of our jobs to other countries such as China and Vietnam and the implementation of policies that deal with trade where the U.S. has no say, and no recourse to an uneven playing field at the expense of our workers and unions.

This will be the final process in the destruction of the middle class in our country. So finally the top 1 percent should pay for their fair share of taxes and that goes for corporations as well.

Donald Douglass Sr.


Kick 'em all out

It's refreshing to read letters from Lou Costa, Theodore Allwardt, Dianne Daniels, and others whose clear thinking seems the real causes of many problems in our country.

Obama and his flea-brained cohorts are a shameful disgrace; they completely ignore the wishes of those they are supposed to represent and probably have never read the Constitution, one of the greatest documents ever written.

Mr. Boehner and the liberal Republicans aren't much better. They all should be tried for treason and forbidden to vote or enact any new legislation until the trials are complete and a legal decision reached.

Oregonians have additional problems but caused by the same liberal mindset that pervades politicians whose sole objective, once elected, is to remain in office forever and beyond.

During the recent government shutdown, 4,400 federal workers in Oregon applied for unemployment benefits which allowed them to collect both an unemployment and a federal paycheck. Taxpayers doled out $830,000 in these double dipping benefits.

Mr. Kitzhaber approved 4-6 percent raises for state government employees this year, gave himself a 5 percent raise and the secretary of state a 6.9 percent raise.

Unions need new taxes to fund their 6 percent increases. There's more but word limits make it necessary for me to summarize.

The combined union raises total some $86,000, which we pay for. The Health Exchange spent $82 million but not a single Oregonian had been enrolled in Obamacare's "Cover Oregon" website, according to the Oregon published by Taxpayer Association of Oregon.

Wake up, fellow Oregonians. Governments are taking over more and more of our lives, forcing more dependence on some form of government, and taking us until we have nothing left.

I say, "Kick 'em all out!"

Doris M. Roepke


To advance women

This is the most beautiful season of the year. Even though our economy is not the best, there are still many who have the spirit of giving.

Once again, our community has shown its full support for the betterment of education of our students. Thank you everyone for supporting our Christmas wreath and centerpiece project. Every year we try to contact those who have received them in the past and offer them to anyone new. We put flyers up; advertise in the paper, and on Facebook. The response has been positive. We also want to thank all those who have purchased See's Candy from Feather Your Nest, as this also is a Scholarship project.

Thank you to the members who traveled from Port Ophir to Crescent City delivering the wreaths and centerpieces, even in inclement weather. The hospitality shown these members are very much appreciated.

Our goal is to assist women and girls toward a better quality of life. All our projects are geared to accomplish that with the many fundraisers we have during the year. Therefore, being a non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible.

This community has made it possible for many students to receive scholarships, GEDs, women to receive needed items for their babies. We assist OASIS and parent organizations, to name a few; school programs are also projects.

Thank you, thank you, and have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

Marie Garcia




Critical cost care?

Last Thursday night the Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors decided, at this time, converting to a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) would serve our community better than "regionalization" to ensure SCH is financially viable.

Two years ago (November 2011), the SCH board voted to "regionalize." That means our local hospital board would be in San Francisco at Sutter Health West Bay Region instead of Crescent City. That vote was taken in a "closed" board room without presenting any public information or discussions and I believe that was the "...spark that ignited the community" vs Critical Access the board suggests in Saturday's Pilot article. Remember, back then, hospital officials repeatedly denied any consideration of converting to a CAH.

A few days before the hospital board voted last Thursday, I read an article in the New York Times newspaper titled, "As Hospital Prices Soar, a Stitch Tops $500" and sent a link to the board: www.nyti/186QIJM

The article addressed increasing health care costs across America and specifically a West Coast hospital corporation - Sutter Health, our Sutter Coast Hospital Affiliate corporation. The most important information in the article for me was the high costs at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco. AND the CMPC is a member of the Sutter Health's West Bay Region, the same region Sutter Coast will join when the board decides to "regionalize."

Roxie Hazard

Smith River, Calif.

Let's get together

About Gerry Kass's letter (Pilot, Dec. 7)about the lack of anything to do around here - I have an idea.

How about forming neighborhood (or regional) movie viewing groups? Get subscriptions to Netflix. Order great old classic films, you know, those made back when people were descent and graphic violence, etc, was not a part of films.

People could take turns showing a movie in their living rooms, serve coffee and herb teas, and there might be a discussion and critique afterwards. Comedies especially appreciated.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

Paying it forward

A HUGE thank you to the individual who turned my wallet into the customer service desk at Fred Meyer just a day before Thanksgiving.

You can imagine my relief of not only getting it back, but to find that my money, cards, and all other identification were returned.

I am so grateful for your honesty and kindness and it proves again the good spirit of the people of Brookings.

As a token of appreciation for your wonderful good deed, I went directly to the food bank to make a cash donation and told them of my experience. I would not have been able to do that without your act of kindness.

Thank you so much, whoever you are,

S.J. Richards


Help mom rebuild

My name is Tarah Dougherty and I was a long-term resident of Brookings for most of my life. (I was the 2005 Azalea queen).

My mother, Wendy, also lived in Brookings for a long time and still considers it her home, despite no longer living there. A few days ago, my mom's house burned down to the ground, leaving her, my stepdad and my 5-year-old sister Lily with only the clothes on their backs.

I am hoping you might be able to post something online or in the paper to let people know and to ask those people who knew up to help. I started an online fundraiser for them at

This is especially heartbreaking as my mother lost every one of our childhood pictures and memories from Brookings. Please help me to rebuild their lives.

Tarah Dougherty


For a common man

I watched President Obama being interviewed by Chris Matthews.

I didn't notice a hint of arrogance in the president's responses. He gives me the impression that he's my next-door neighbor, sitting with me, having a morning cup-a-coffee, discussing world affairs as they seem to relate to us.

I didn't hear him express one thought that didn't seem to be reasonable and logical.

I'm an 82-year-old man who used to sit with his grandparents listening to Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the radio during his "fireside chats."

President Obama seems to have the same ability to speak to the common man and elicit feelings and emotions which endear him to them. My impression is that he is one who seems to understand the needs of people and is trying to ease those needs by appealing to the public to vote for politicians who consider "people" to be of greater import than their next run for office.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had a rare ability to "bond" with citizens to the extent that when he died, after winning his fourth term, my grandparents cried because they loved the man!

We Americans seem to be "dumbing down" and because of that newly-gained "ignorance," we seem to be more aggressively, foolishly and dangerously opinionated.

Politics is defined as "andhellip; the art of compromise."

For goodness sake andhellip; "Can't we all just get along?"

Skip Howard


Why not annex?

As I read commentaries, articles, editorials and sheriff and police reports I wonder why Harbor residents have not considered the obvious solution for providing police protection for themselves by annexation into the City of Brookings.

It seems to be the elephant in the room everyone continues to ignore based on some obsolete opinions of times gone by. With a larger tax base, the property tax rate increase would be minimal and surely worth the safety and peace of mind.

Ta Da! Problem potentially solved without having to rely on the uncertain conditions of Curry County government.

Peace and Blessings throughout the Christmas holidays and the coming New Year to all who enjoy our beautiful shared community.

Marci Kitchen


Can-Do together

I live near Mill Beach and used to like to walk my dog down there because it is so beautiful, but then it got a little treacherous getting over the logs and there were some other challenges.

Recently, I joined friends down there with my dog and I was THRILLED to see the change! Such easy access to the sand (a wheelchair could even make it to the bottom!), the parking area is very nice and the added bonus is the bathrooms!

I understand that our mayor (who does so many wonderful things in and for our community) "dreamed" this improvement many years ago and he just didn't let go! Thank you, Mayor Hedenskog!

I understand other folks to be praised on this project are South Coast Lumber (from whom the land was purchased), Tony Baron for designing the improvements, our Fabulous City Works team who graded the road site and beach access, secured state approvals for the work near the beach and the creek, cleared the brush, found a suitable pre-fab restroom and picnic benches, installed the retaining wall and water/sewer connections.

Isn't it something when you come upon a finished project and then you stop to realize the effort and care that went into making it happen? Thank you, folks, for exhibiting "The Brookings Can-Do Spirit"!

Moira Fossum


Stronger as one

I appreciate that Andrew Bair, CEO Curry Health Network, promptly responded to my letter, dated Nov. 30, concerning the recent County Hospital bond being funded without a tax increase upon Brookings/Harbor.

I did, as he suggested, go to the Network website. Neither Mr. Bair's explanation, nor the website, were able explain why a proposed new County Hospital, so well geographically located, and truly beneficial to all, would not have been more fairly funded by all of us. All of us throughout the county will be welcomed at the facility, and any reasoning that attempts to subdivide an already small county even more, is truly misguided.

In much the same way that the United States returned from such divided times seen during the Civil War, we are a much stronger, more unified and better funded force as one sole county. I hope that in the future, for the sake of all of us, that county measures that affect all of us, be shared, by all of us.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach