The Curry Coastal Pilot

Course correction

The letter from Clayton Johnson published November 30 regarding the Curry Health District ballot measure requested an explanation to the misconception that somehow Gold Beach and Port Orford residents are bearing the brunt for benefits that Brookings will reap.

We are pleased at the opportunity to offer an explanation. 100 percent of the bond levy funds to be paid by District taxpayers will be invested - as required by law and subject to annual audit - specifically and solely to build a replacement hospital in Gold Beach and improve services at the District's clinic in Port Orford.

The District has always been transparent in its intent to investigate the opportunity to serve the needs of Brookings-Harbor by providing additional services to include an emergency department. Emergency departments in Oregon are legally required to be part of a hospital - thus the need to add hospital beds. This investigative course was identified as a goal in our strategic plan of April 2013, and has been pursued as an endeavor that is happening concurrently with our commitment to replace Curry General Hospital and improve the Port Orford clinic - but on a divergent path that is investigative in nature.

If adding an emergency department in Brookings is determined to be feasible - which will in all likelihood take several more months - we will then determine the best course of action to ask our southern neighbors how they will fund the endeavor.

We encourage anyone with questions to visit our website, for answers.

Andrew Bair, CEO

Curry Health


Gold Beach

Be not boatless man

Last month I mentioned that I would be donating a 4-foot, custom-designed, handcrafted miniature yacht to the local chapter of the Vietnam Veterans (VVA) of America.

That event will take place on Dec. 10, at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church during the VVA Christmas party. Raffle tickets will be available from that point on.

OK, I know what you are thinking. What am I going to do with a 4-foot mini boat? When you see my rare creation you will understand. Even the most unmaterialistic person will see dollar signs floating around them like golden-winged hummingbirds looking to be your friend.

I have a lifetime of experience building models and later working in boatyards in South Florida building million-dollar yachts. I have always had this obsession to build things. Anyway the raffle tickets are only $10 each and the ticket itself is a work of art. The Vietnam vets will do wonders with your donation in this time of increasing needs.

You will do me proud for the incalculable amount of hours I spent on my mini-boat by seeking out my creation and buying one or more raffle tickets and I, the VVA and my next dog that I have not yet found thank you; and remember the old Viking proverb: Bundain Er Batlaus Madur - Bound is Boatless Man.

Arthur D. Larason


Grad night funding

Brookings Harbor High School's Safe and Sober 2014 committee has begun planning for the Grad Night celebration for this year's senior class.

This event provides a safe, supervised environment for seniors on the night of graduation with plenty of games, food and fun.

We are starting off our efforts for this year with two fundraising events. First, we are raffling a pair of reserved seats for this basketball season. These seats, located behind the team benches, normally sell for $100 each. Tickets are $10 each with a total of only 100 tickets being sold. The winning ticket will be drawn at the first home game on Dec. 17. You do not need to be present to win. This is a great chance to cheer on your Brookings Harbor Bruins in cushy comfort! To purchase tickets, call 541-661-5177.

Also, we will be doing a Christmas tree pickup on Jan. 4. We will pick up and dispose of your tree for a donation to Safe and Sober. You can call the number above to schedule pick up. Thank you for your support.

Mandy Aldrich


Grant to do good

The members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 966 would like to extend their grateful appreciation to the Wild Rivers Community Foundation for the Holiday Partnership Grant award.

This grant will be used to provide free meals for veterans in transition from active duty to civilian life, new veterans in our community, disabled/disadvantaged veterans, senior veterans, and military families of deployed active-duty members. Special activities and holiday events provide a supportive atmosphere and multiple opportunities for local veterans and military families.

We are the only veterans organization in the Brookings-Harbor area that has their own facility and is multi-faceted in the services provided. We also help veterans receive their earned entitlements, allowing us to reach out to veterans from all conflicts and branches of service.

This will provide for veterans in need who seek the camaraderie and support of the veteran community who cannot afford the cost of admission to these special events. This underwriting will allow us to stretch other fundraised dollars even further and reach more veterans more often. Therefore, the VFW Post 966 is honored and grateful to have been awarded this grant.

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, more veterans transition to smaller rural communities like ours. We want to be a community that welcomes them home with more than just open arms. In addition, we are developing a community veterans initiative which will encourage community alliances on behalf of all veterans. We will try hard to coalition-build and thus capacity-build with other veteran-serving, community-based programs.

Much of any veteran-serving organization's efforts go unseen. That is simply the nature of outreach and safety nets.

Gladly and humbly serving our community,

Carlton W. Hatfield, quartermaster,

VFW Post 966


Solve four in one

Perhaps we are a little naive, but the search article about the empty building at the port (Pilot, Oct. 26) seems to be obvious to us.

Maybe it's just our politics, but why couldn't it be a combination lease from the county, state, feds, and related agencies?

If the big problems in the area are homeless, lack of jobs, hungry people and veterans with no place to go, why couldn't this building be used for those purposes? A job search area could take a quarter of the building, a meal center site could take a quarter, a vet center could lease out a quarter, and taking care of the homeless would fill the remaining quarter.

We're sure that grants could be applied for at various agencies in order to finish the electric, plumbing and walls for various suites. Perhaps the people of Harbor and the port don't want to deal with people of that caliber, but you'll have it either at the 100 foot above sea level or at a 10 foot level.

We assume it's your choice, but it seems to us it's easier to deal with something in one area rather than all over Brookings and Harbor, especially for security purposes. You'd be able to solve four problems with one building.

Linda and Ken Smith

Hartford, Wis.

A man of the ages

My wife and I were fortunate to be assigned to the U.S. Embassy in South Africa in 1991 thru 1995. (Our daughters would not allow us to accept assignments to SA until Mandela was released).

The black people were ecstatic about the release of Mandela and looking forward to the upcoming elections and controlling the country. The whites were wondering what the future would be.

Mandela's words of unity and working together for SA as well as his calm demeanor did much to allay many of the white citizens concerns.

We volunteered to be voter observers for the vote in 1994. An amazing event as blacks and whites, some in their best clothes, lined up peacefully to await their turn to vote. In response to their request, we guided some of the first time black voters on how to make their mark for Mandela among the 21 candidates. They were so enthused to be able to vote.

We toured the preparations at the Union building in Pretoria for Mandela's inauguration the day before the event - so many happy people and then to watch it on TV and hear the noise of the crowd - a memorable occurrence.

It took a person of Mandela's wisdom and stature to prevent a massive civil unrest problem. He truly is a "man of the ages."

Jim and Jane Benson


A job well done

I believe that all those people in Curry County and surrounding communities who drive or own classic cars, as well as most businesses in the same areas, have had the privilege to know Tom Lee and have enjoyed the fruits of his labor and love of old cars for the past several years.

Tom was the president of the Curry County Cruisers car club for the past five years, and along with the car club has worked tirelessly to put on events in the community that have benefited several, if not all local charities and community service organizations at one time or the other.

Tom recently decided to retire and pass the torch to another club member, but knowing Tom, he will continue to work with the Curry County Cruisers and other organizations for the benefit of all of us in Curry County and beyond.

Happy Retirement Tom. You deserve it, and we are all grateful for your tireless efforts to make this community a better place.

Keep on Cruzin', Tom!

Jim Haggerty


Off the bandwagon?

Martin Bashir resigned after potty mouthing Sarah Palin on M.S.N.B.C. which is a weekly event for that network against a conservative.

Democrats are effective at calling Republican women, Republican blacks, and Tea Party backers names. It's done on occasion by Republicans but Democrats run wild bad mouthing the right.

Liberals have relied heavily on media to support whatever they say about any subject or organism. It has now come to the end of the line.

The president's lies are killing Democratic representatives and senators; they are jumping off Obama's bandwagon in droves; in other words it's panic mode!

I watched Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) being interviewed on T.V. and he stands firmly behind the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) like it is the greatest idea since sliced bread. He has been told by Harry Reid to support it and he can't think for himself so he's doing as told. He knows his blue state will vote him back in so he's quite comfortable.

Let me tell you why you should vote against Peter DeFazio and Jeff Merkley. If Obamacare doesn't crash like I think it will then Democrats will take healthcare to a single payer system; that payer will be you, the federal government. If you're a young person under 50 your taxes will pay for the old, the sick and the uninsured. The government will tell you what you can do and it will not be your choice or decision. We have never lived under those rules before so it's hard for you to identify the beginning of communism.

As a Tea Party supporter I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Pearl Harbor lapse

As I was waiting for the Saturday morning paper, I said to my wife, Marilyn, I'll bet you anything the Pilot will have their headline "Pearl Harbor, A Day of Infamy" as said by our former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Well, when the paper came and I looked at the front page, I was dumbfounded to see nothing about Pearl Harbor. As I scanned through the entire paper, I could not find an iota of any reference to that day. I was not only shocked, but very disappointed to think that no one, not even an editorial regarding that day of infamy was written.

It saddens me to think that this could happen in our little community. So many of our servicemen died that day for the love of our great nation.

By the way, I have a "God Bless America" neon sign showing in my living room window which I display on all the patriotic days of the year.

Disappointed and overwhelmed,

Ray Kornell


Citizens responsible

Regarding editorial (Pilot, Nov. 9): Those of us who have actually been around the block do not believe it's a day late, and a dollar short isn't factual.

Talk of tax increases and a merger are not the answer.

Proper management, salary and benefit reduction along with fair employee participation could stop layoffs and terminations.

It's time to reward the proficient and eliminate the bad.

CandK Markets are in Chapter 11, Shop Smart is closing, along with two drug stores.

I've been told the Flying Gull is closing and Dolittle Cafe is gone.

I've heard rumors about other businesses, unconfirmed that it is.

Not even Ray's can blame the big box stores. Hell, the closest thing we have to a big box store is Bi-Mart.

Ray's has a good selection, nine out of 10 of their employees are very helpful. The problems are the one out of 10 and cash register shock.

The real story: all of those closings and problems are putting a lot of people out of work.

This community is dying and its citizens are responsible. Period!

It's still not a day late and a dollar won't fix it, but we can.

Clifton Siemens