The Curry Coastal Pilot

Vets doubly abused

I have heard some very disturbing news regarding how the county commissioners want to make budget cuts. I am shocked to learn that they would consider adding to the homeless-poverty-disability assistance problems of the ailing and the elderly, by not funding the Veterans Service Office! That the commissioners (perhaps more specifically, Commissioner Smith) are proposing to join forces with the recent popularity of cutting the supply lines to those most in need while still drawing a salary. I find this to be unconscionable!

Our veterans are doubly abused. First by being sent out to kill or be killed and then by our inability to care for the damaged people that war so readily condones. Has all the milk of human kindness dried up?

The Veterans Service officer is Kimberly O'Neal. She is a caring and most helpful servant to this community. She works overtime to assist many veterans and their families. I know personally that she has helped many veterans to get through the myriad paperwork that is required to even apply for veteran benefits (it is not a "dole") that was promised to them as a part of their military service.

Please use your influence to keep the Veterans Service Office open. Readers may also be able to help to influence the Curry County commissioners to keep their funding.

Please write: Curry County Commission

P.O. Box 746

Gold Beach, OR 97444

Or e-mail: smithd or browns or

Or phone: 541-247-3296

Burrill Catanach


Harbor does exist!

South of the Chetco River is HARBOR OREGON! Why is this so hard for the Port of Brookings Harbor (which is located south of the Chetco River in HARBOR) commissioners or anyone else (even the title companies document our house addresses as being in Brookings) to acknowledge?!

We have a post office, water and sewer, fire department, etc. Harbor does exist! If Harbor had a mayor they would be discussing the police options with him/her instead of taking it upon themselves to decide who should protect us and how much we should pay.

Seeing how the Sheriff's Department needs the money, I would think their rates would be reasonable. They are obviously qualified for the job. What about off-duty police? My uncle and some of his coworkers used to do it for extra money. Hiring a private security company is a possibility (if retail can afford them the port must be able to).

S. Osborne


Thanks, PTO partners!

The Kalmiopsis/Azalea School PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) recently host a Back to School BBQ at Kalmiopsis and Azalea school, fun and interactive catalog sale, pumpkin painting, Azalea Middle School carnival, to name a few. The school year has just started.

The volunteer group of parents, teachers, faculty and community folks all made this possible.

A special thanks to Grocery Outlet, CandK Market, Wild River Pizza, BC Fisheries, Azalea Lanes, Redwood Theater, Curry Coastal Pilot, KURY Radio and many, many more!

Together, the community partners who continue to provide the PTO with donated items, continuous discounts or help with our schools and kids are always there. Clearly, the events PTO provides for our kids and schools doesn't happen without your never-ending kindness, donations and support.

On behalf of the PTO, children, our schools and our community, THANK YOU for all you do. It truly makes a difference.

Lorie Botnen

Kalmiopsis and

Azalea PTO


Perfect health care

In keeping with spirit of the season, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the medical staff at Urgent Care, Brookings, the staff in the ER and the hospital in Gold Beach and the personnel of Cal-Ore for taking such excellent care of me in my time of need.

Be proud, Brookings and Gold Beach, of your medical teams. Their efficiency and tender care are exemplar.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bless you, each and every one.

Junette Lucero


WHEN JFK was Shot

I was a merchant seaman on the freighter Overseas Rebecca. We had come from Europe and docked in New Orleans the night before President Kennedy was killed

We went to Avis (the next day) so I could deliver a car to Ft. Worth. On the way to Ft. Worth, we stopped at a restaurant in Dallas across from the Depository. We sat there, we're eating and some of those Texas good ol' boys come in, saying, "Now we gotta get his (expletive)-loving brother." I told my friend, "Let's get out of here before we get in trouble."

We got up, got in the car and drove to Fort Worth, and start stopping at car lots to see if we could get a car to continue farther on. At about the third one, we're talking with the dealer and someone on a PA system says, "You in there! Come out with your hands up!"

We go to the door and there's all these state police, Ft. Worth police, Dallas police, all with their guns out. My friend was in the cop car, a bunch of cops with their guns pointed right at him. One guy says to me, "Boy, keep your hands up!" I said, "I don't have a gun, I don't have any weapons!"

I got my driver's license and the Avis card out. The girl who'd made up the card typed in a four-door sedan instead of a station wagon. The cop said, "All right; you boys get outta here and don't you ever come back again."

We found out later we fit the description of the two dark-headed 6-footers that shot Officer J.D. Tippet in front of the downtown theater in Dallas. We were very upset over the whole thing. All I wanted to do was get out. Everything went wrong.

Sheldon Lent


Senator seeks middle

Dear Senator Wyden: Oregonians love clean water, strong salmon runs, healthy forests, and nature in general.

As Director of Wild Rivers Land Trust, the future of my work and Oregon's great outdoors depend in large measure on the Land and Water Conservation Fund created by JFK a half-century ago.

On Valentine's Day 1963, President John F. Kennedy proposed legislation giving birth to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The bill passed with strong bipartisan support for taking a portion of the revenues from offshore oil and gas leasing and reinvesting them in onshore conservation.

Although LWCF requires no taxpayer dollars and is authorized at $900 million annually, that level has been met only once during the program's history. LWCF, a major source of funding for Land Trusts, has proven to be the best tool we have to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

Today, I'm asking you to please find a way to reauthorize and fully dedicate funding of JFK's Land and Water Conservation Fund.

I'm also very concerned about public land management. Most importantly, I implore you to keep public lands in public hands. Industries that extract natural resources from our land and waters exert tremendous political pressure. I'm proud that my senator seeks a middle ground between industry's demands and the perhaps quieter voice of the conservation community.

I sincerely appreciate all your conservation efforts. Thank you for visiting Curry County, senator, and thank you for representing all Oregonians. Kind Regards,

Jerry Becker,

executive director

Wild Rivers Land Trust

Port Orford

Give to giving tree

The time has come to help our local families in need, by giving something back this holiday season.

Oasis Shelter Home is starting its annual Christmas Giving Tree program and is in need of community support. The Christmas Giving Tree program is a program where local families in need are given a tag to be hung on the giving tree for you, the community, to take and fill with their special want or need.

These trees are located all around our community: in Rachel's Coffee House and Corner Drug in Gold Beach; at Quality Fast Lube, Superfly and Shop Smart in Brookings; as well as Tasty Kate's in Port Orford and the Langlois library. The Giving Trees will be up and on display starting Friday, Nov. 29, until Monday Dec. 16. After you have picked out the tag you wish to fill, please return the presents, unwrapped, with the tags attached, to the Giving Tree.

We here at Oasis are very grateful for the community support we saw with last year's Christmas Giving Tree Program, but this year the number of families in need has doubled and we are in even greater need for your support.

We know that times are tough for a lot of families this holiday season, but we are calling out to all of you, more than ever, to help make a child's Christmas dreams come true. If you have any questions about the Christmas program or would like to make a contribution to Oasis Shelter Home, please contact us at 541-247-0607.

Happy Holidays!

Lea Sevey

Oasis Shelter Home

Gold Beach

Drive to keep us safe

Local law enforcement officers deserve our thanks and our respect. I see them doing their job in a faithful and professional manner. I'm proud of them.

That is why when I see one I give him a wave of hand to say: "Thank you." And I say a prayer for his safety. We need our law enforcement officers. And we need them visible on our streets.

There are motorists who drive safely, attentively, thoughtfully. We appreciate them.

Then there are motorists who forget there are pedestrians in this world. Or that crosswalks exist. That a yellow light means prepare to stop. And a red light means stop. However, some of them can have their memory temporarily restored by sight of a police vehicle nearby.

Of course, these are also the ones who complain about police being present on the streets and about getting a ticket. They also are the ones who need to take the AARP drivers' course which would help them be better drivers and save them some money on car insurance too.

Driving is a privilege. So please be a safe, attentive driver or don't drive.

Dandi Kenoyer


All benefit? All pay

The Curry General Hospital bond that recently passed will be paid for by property owners, and renters indirectly, paying an increased property tax, only north of the Pistol River, and south of the Elk River.

All of us in the county will potentially be benefiting from a larger, more modern county hospital, regardless of this contrived border.

I read recently that the hospital board of directors authorized $17,000 to explore expanding services in Brookings, with the anticipation of much needed emergency room service. Also, it's been estimated, not surprising, that 66 percent of the revenue from the county hospital comes from Brookings ... in short, it seems that we ALL benefit from the tax increase and future hospital.

Wouldn't it seem fair to have made this a county-wide tax increase? The cost would have been dramatically decreased, per household, had all the potential users been asked to contribute.

A new county hospital is a wonderful thing, I don't think anyone would disagree, but since we're all one small county, it seems that the levy should really have been county wide. If I'm wrong, please explain, but right now it's seems like Brookings/Harbor "got the gold" and Gold Beach/Port Orford "got the shaft."

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Facts versus tirades

Recent liberal tirades against Republicans (Nov. 9 and Nov. 20) are, as usual, the exact opposite of the facts!

Republicans try to cut programs because of fraud, abuses, corruption, and waste; fewer programs mean less taxes needed which leaves more money for people to spend as they wish, which is what TEA partyers want. In contrast, Obamacare shows that Democrats all along targeted the middle class to pay much more for health care; now a local liberal even seems to propose confiscating all income above $250,000! Who wants to "make people suffer economically"?

Obamacare also proves how baldly President Obama lies; he knew people would lose their health insurance policies because of Obamacare regulations and would have to pay more for new policies, but said they wouldn't have to. It also proves how incompetent he and his administration are; they had more than three years to work on it and could not develop a workable and secure website.

Who caused the government "shutdown"? President Obama refused to accept even a delay in Obamacare, as proposed in the budget bills passed by the Republicans, so he is totally to blame.

The October jobs report showed a significant gain in jobs in spite of the "shutdown"; doesn't this imply that less government is better for the economy?

The Macroeconomic Advisers report had valid criticisms raised against it, and the company devising it was founded by a Clinton appointee, so it is hardly unbiased.

Facts always contradict liberal fault-finding!

Theodore Allwardt


Gale winds for golf

I cannot think of a better name for a golf course built between Port Orford and Point Blanco.

Pacific Gales, hahahaha! Right on the most windy spot of a very windy coast. Not only water hazards and sand traps, but also wind hazards. This is the area where the wind was once clocked at 161.5 mph before the anemometer blew off Point Blanco and was never seen again.

I can just imagine, routinely golf balls blowing away, followed by golfers and their carts. What a view!

Melissa Bishop

Elk River