The Curry Coastal Pilot

GOP, TP destroy us

Question: why is the GOP always bent on looking for ways to make people suffer economically?

The list goes on and on: food stamps for kids, destroy WIC for Women, Infants and Children, shut Department of Education, stop Meals on Wheels for the elderly, raise the interest on college tuition loans, close Planned Parenthood, shut abortion clinics, and refuse to increase regulations of banks and business (folks lost there homes to greed). They want to ruin SS, Medicare and Medicaid.

And, the worst part is the shutting down of the government. 800,000 government furloughs creates hardship for everyone down the line since people don't have money to spend has a "ripple effect" throughout the country.

Then there are public safety issues like laying off food inspectors; how about aircraft inspectors? What about the cops in DC having to protect the GOP and Tea Party jerks for no pay?

One man, Boehner and the tea party, is keeping the whole country/world in calamity, because he wants to keep his job. What a rotten, traitorous, selfish person!

Voting is our right. Democracy is our right! The nation voted in Democrats. Obviously GOP and TPers don't believe in American values. Voter suppression anyone?

The TPers - what a sad, uneducated lot; most are older. They're in a group voting against their own interests. Go figure.

M. Schrum


many on stout train

On behalf of the Stout Mountain Railway Club I am glad to announce that work has begun on The Ornament Express.

We are in a new location between Sears and Harbrook Jewelers in the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center.

This year's layout will feature a Christmas Mural created by Janeen Vick and her art students at Wright's Custom Framing. Our tree will be decorated by handmade ornaments created by children of the Chetco Library's After School Crafts program.

A huge trestle bridge built by Mike Noonan will span the width of the layout. And as always, Herb Hedgpeth will make sure the trains stay on the track and run on time. We will be open daily from 1 to 7 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 7 through Tuesday, Dec. 24.

Admission is free thanks to our many fine sponsors. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact or 541-469-0551.

Tony Parrish


PFLAG party thanks

PFLAG-Gold Beach/Curry County (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) held our very first Halloween Party this year. It was a great success.

We would like to thank those who attended and members of the community who contributed toward the success of the event. We especially want to thank Janice Scanlon, executive director of the Chetco Activity Center, for providing a venue for the party.

Thank you to the Pilot for printing the flyers, featuring our party in your Halloween Happenings edition, and sending a reporter to cover the party. Thank you to the local schools and colleges in Curry and Del Norte counties who posted and distributed flyers. Thank you to all of the local business people and government agencies in Curry and Del Norte counties who allowed us to post flyers in your window or on your bulletin board.

A special thanks to the following businesses in Brookings and Crescent City who donated prizes for the party: Fred Meyer, Taco Bell/KFC, Creme Cafe, The Escape Hatch, Starbucks/Crescent City and Alisa's Coffee Company/Crescent City. We are also grateful to Bold Strokes Books and Harmony Ink Press for donating YA novels to be given out as prizes at the party. A special thanks to PFLAG members who also donated prizes and refreshments to make the party a success. Thank you Paul, from Grocery Outlet, for loaning us your karaoke machine. Karaoke was a big hit at the party.

PFLAG promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through: support, to cope with an adverse society; education, to enlighten an ill-informed public; and advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.

PFLAG-Gold Beach/Curry is on Facebook. Watch the Pilot Bulletin Board for future meeting and activity announcements.

Susan Reaves

PFLAG member


an always thanks

I was in college at Berkeley during the later years of the Vietnam war.

Young men were still being drafted into that war. Like many of my peers, I participated in protests against a war that had lasted too long, taken far too many lives and seemed like an exercise in futility.

Then the war ended and U.S. troops pulled out of Saigon. Our soldiers, some of them wounded and most of them changed by what they had seen and experienced in those far-away, terrible jungles, did not come home to the ticker-tape parades that WWII veterans came home to.

Instead, too many came home to misdirected anger, contempt and a war-weary nation eager to put a defeat behind it. To some, they were symbols of a bitterly opposed war - feelings on one side or the other were still raw.

The shame and injustice of such a homecoming were lost on many at the time. It wasn't lost on the soldiers who found their very real sacrifice disrespected. With the passage of time and increased maturity, many of us now look back at that homecoming with sorrow and wish there could somehow be a do-over.

Whether it was the right war or the wrong war doesn't lessen the courageous, often selfless service of those brave men who served in Vietnam. We may not be able to give them a parade, but we can tell them that we honor their precious service to this nation and anyone who has done what they've done is owed a nation's gratitude - then, now and always.

Eileen Sorrels


dreamcoat opens

Hello Brookings-Harbor community!

My name is Cherita Wilson, newest director for the Brookings Harbor Community Theater, and I would like to tell you about our awesome production starting this weekend!

We are performing for you Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"! This musical, based loosely off the biblical saga of Joseph and the coat of many colors, is sure to keep you entertained from start to finish.

It boasts all different genres of music, like country and western, 50s rock and roll and, yes, even go-go music, to name a few. Featuring some of the best vocal, dance and acting talent right here from our community, I am sure you will love this family-friendly show. With a cast and crew full of talent, ranging in ages 7 and older, you will want to bring the whole family out to see this fun and colorful performance!

At the affordable rate of only $10 for adults, $9 for seniors and $7 for students, you can't lose! Show dates are Nov. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, and 22, 23, 24. Friday and Saturday doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:30; and Sunday matinees the doors open at 1 and the show starts at 2. You can pick up advanced tickets at Wright's Framing and Art Supplies in Brookings or at New Wave Video in Harbor.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the show!

Cherita Wilson,

director of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"


time and kindness

Thank you to the many kind-hearted people who took the time to assist me after my car accident Oct. 30, on Winchuck Road.

So quickly a woman was at my side calling 911 and contacting my husband. The volunteer services were there in a remarkably short time, worked in a compassionate and professional manner.

Law enforcement also arrived and directed traffic quickly and efficiently. Cal-Ore was wonderful in its gentle care.

Thank you all for your time and kindness.

Jana Pendarvis


What I know is life

Topics for consideration: B. Obama health care, wow!, budgets, chamber of commerce, city council, county commissioners, county gas tax, drainage, health care, hospital bond, jobless rate, low-cost housing, PERS, poor to-bad drivers, property taxes, traffic citations, sheriff's funding needs, and death.

I'm not planning to die and I have no intention to consider the aforementioned.

Sixty-one years ago I met a young minister, very wise for his age and a true teacher. I was raised a Baptist along with the best of the Mennonites, a bit confusing, but I managed. The Baptist minister had a tryst and the young Mennonites sought a different path. My mom church-searched and my dad, never outwardly religious, did good most of his life; many will bear witness. I, on the other hand, have visited two dozen churches and three religions.

The only thing I learned was the young minister of 61 years ago had everything right. Almost every living thing on the earth, the earth itself, and everything in the universe are products of the creator.

God is not a man; God is not evil; God does not punish nor does God kill.

Man is evil and man kills.

Moses, a mortal man, brought the Ten Commandments down from the mountain and led the Jews out of the desert; what followed was man's doing.

Jesus died for his beliefs, not the first or the last mortal man.

What I know is life, and living it is enough. May your God show you the way.

Clifton D. Siemens


BHHS Soccer stars

When so many letters to the editor are negative or judgmental, it pleases me to write this one.

Our Brookings Harbor High School soccer teams, both girls and boys, made it to the state playoffs. Our girls are still playing and our boys had an historical season, ended only on a game that frankly should be remembered as successful regardless of the outcome.

After playing 80 minutes of regulation and 15 minutes of OT, they finally succumbed to a team that was playing with its starters while we were playing with five injuries to our starting team and four freshmen on the field, namely Sean, Alex, Dillon and Fernando. When shortly before the half our first-string goalie, Carlos, went down with an injury, freshman Sean Colbert courageously took the position of goalie without hesitation while other freshmen took various positions for other injured players.

Although our team did not come out on top, I feel they did, with true Bruins spirit play a tremendous game.

I for one would like to say thank you for a great season and GO BRUINS. I look forward to the years to come with these talented players, all of them!

Ken Bryan


Coos: out of the box

Again, voters in Curry County have rejected what was billed as being a public safety property tax increase which basically would have tripled the county tax rate from $0.59/$1000 of assessed valuation to $1.93.

Again those county commissioners who pressed for the increase refused to act outside of "the box." Ignored was a differential rate between cities with and without city police protection as well as other suggestions.

Again, not even discussed was our sheriff's repeated warnings that the jail essentially is being held together with duct tape and baling wire - estimated replacement cost, a paltry $30 million, without knowing whether that includes a new, also needed courthouse.

The commissioners need to exit their comfort zones, including possibly merging with Coos County. Their published county tax rate is $1.08/$1000 of assessed valuation and their jail and courthouse apparently are fine. My wife spoke with our State Representative Wayne Krieger's secretary, who reportedly said that he had spoken with Coos County about merging with Curry and was told that Coos couldn't do that with Curry's current tax rate. But with some sort of tax rate increase for Curry in the works, for Curry to accept the Coos tax rate would be preferable to what most likely would be a higher rate and having to build a new jail and courthouse if Curry remains on its own.

Now is the time for thinking outside of "the box."

Jim Hansen