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The dog's on fire

Bureaucrats keep politics a two-team sport. By doing so, they don't need to collaborate on anything. They continue this charade of "doing the people's business" while focusing on connections and re-elections.

Politicians in Washington are clueless about what it's like being a regular citizen nowadays. The two-teams live in rarefied air, while worker-bees toil away. They know what's best for us. Example: this Health Mandate is better and cheaper for us peasants, but legislators exempt themselves, WHY? Show me a one-term senator or congressman and I'll show you either an idiot, or a person with scruples!

The Feds keep taking control over our lives, along with vast stretches of American real estate. The reason they can't pass a budget is simple: that requires eliminating frivolous spending, which would cost them contributions and votes. They've turned us into a debtor nation, with an increasingly dependent population, while creating class warfare that divides the citizens.

America was once a place where dreams could be realized and hard work rewarded. It's being taken over by a voting bloc of the lazy, the uninspired, and the uninformed. In 1992 a third party candidate ran for president on a platform of shrinking the size of government, balancing the budget, term limits for politicians, secure borders, and eliminating lifetime perks for public service. He wasn't a career politician, just a businessman and patriot. Changes to the status-quo couldn't be allowed, so with help from the media, he was labeled a crackpot and dismissed.

Isn't it time "we the peons" stop condoning this political shell-game? While our children are the ultimate victims, so are the shrinking numbers of hardworking Americans who pay taxes on their earnings.

Americas burns while they fiddle in D.C., and the tail keeps wagging the dog. andhellip;

T.E. Sloat


What really drew me

A year ago I moved from the Rogue Valley, my home for most of the previous 44 years, to Harbor.

The Brookings-Harbor area has been such a breath of fresh air. People here are (mostly) very kind and welcoming. Most of you are lovely, warm people I am enjoying getting to know. A few days ago I was reminded why.

Leaving DQ and heading south across the bridge, I saw traffic coming to an abrupt halt and quickly changing lanes. There was a blue and white older dump truck blocking traffic from hitting a disabled small car. There was a frightened looking woman sitting in the car. My heart swelled at the sight of the dump truck driver behind her car, protecting her. That was until he pulled out and abandoned her, or so I thought. I knew my little car wouldn't shield her and quickly calling 911, explained the situation.

By now well out of sight of the bridge I decided to turn around and make sure she was okay. In what had only been minutes, the car was gone. Scratching my head and relieved, I headed south again towards Lucky 7. Not far down 101 there was that older blue and white dump truck, and riding behind him, held on with chains, was that little disabled car and the driver! He hadn't abandoned her! He'd pulled around in front of her to hook up the car!

Thank you for reminding me what really drew me to this area. Wherever you lived before, now most of you embody what I think of when I say I'm proud to be an Oregonian!

Sunny Moshier


We have spoken: No!

In reference to "Talk on the streets" (Pilot, Oct. 30) concerning the property tax: No new taxes, no new taxes!

We, the property owners, have already spoken. Just as we have Obamacare trying to tax us into the poorhouse, here comes the Curry County-taxing commissioners again! We said "No" before and meant it, so stop!

To those few tea party supporters who back this tax, I hope those chains of servitude rest lightly on your shoulders.

Jeff McMoran


Speaking of savings

Two of our local home town drug stores are closing. How sad!

This fact is only highlighted by the knowledge that a local big-box store has purchased the customer prescription refill records of us locals who depended on the nice discounts we received from our small town pharmacy folks.

Those smiling knowledgeable clerks will be missed!

So fellow Curryites, just in case our new drug suppliers think about charging us more than we were paying our beloved home town drug stores, here's an option I have found for the more expensively priced drugs we seniors sometimes need. ...

I had a friend Google the names of some Canadian pharmacies to compare prices on my personal prescriptions. If I can save 30 - 50 percent on my monthly drug costs, that would mean more dollars I can spend with our local merchants and help our local economy at the same time.

And speaking of savings! If the Curry General Hospital tax proposal passes we (property owners) have been promised a yearly credit of $150 when we avail ourselves of the emergency room services or check in for God knows what ails us. That $l50 should take care of three Tylenols, a couple of Q-tips and a medically calibrated plastic specimen cup at today's outrageous hospital charges.

Gary Smith

Pistol River

No promises kept

Transparency, honesty, accountability and uniting the people - have we seriously seen any of these promises kept by our arrogant, thin-skinned president and his administration?

They make Clinton and Bush look like choirboys. Wasteful spending, taxation and heavy regulations don't promote job growth and a healthy economy

Thanks to the parties that oppose President Obama and his administration and show them for what they are.

I don't believe this is the change people expected.

Lou Costa


I was the child

How many children have tried to kill themselves or killed themselves because of bullying?

I was one of the children who tried to kill herself. I was 10 years old, I took some aspirin because I wanted to die. What happened next, I was sick that night, and I was upset I did not die. My mother the following day called the doctor and he told her I had the flu. I did not tell anyone, because I did not want to get beaten.

I was made fun of in school, because I was a slow learner; the teachers did not give me any support. The coaches did not care if I sat on the bench, or I was last to be called. I was bullied by the students, teachers, coaches and by my parents.

I did not want to go to bed at night because of nightmares, and I did not want to get up in the morning because I did not know what the day brings.

What I would say to the teachers, give the child a chance, after school help the child instead of ignoring the child or chastising the child. Coaches, if a student is not a good athlete, stay after practice and help the child instead of chastising him or her. The worst thing a teacher or a coach to do is to say to the child, ignore the bullying, instead of stopping the students from bullying the child. Help the child.

The reason I am writing this - I was the child, who tried to kill herself. I do not want any children to go through what I went through.

Please stop the bullying.

Lauren Diane Spector


Put things right, boys

It was totally unexpected to read that the parent of the 11-year-old responsible for the dastardly act of vandalizing headstones in the Gold Beach Pioneer Cemetery turned in his son to the authorities, who in turn, disclosed the identity of the other boy involved in this act.

The article on this travesty stated that bringing in heavy equipment could cause damage to the graves. If these two young boys acted alone, and this is assuming that this is the case, perhaps they should be held responsible by putting the headstones back in place. If they had the strength to accomplish this act, they could put things right by uprighting the headstones with adult supervision.

They could learn a lesson to respect the grave sites of the deceased.

The parent of one of the boys involved should be commended for acting as a responsible parent and in doing so prevent his son from any future mischief.

Barbara Wieneke


Book LWV coupons

The League of Women Voters of Curry County League is selling a coupon book featuring businesses from the three main population centers in the county.

There are 33 participating businesses including 15 in Brookings, four in Gold Beach and 14 in Port Orford. Coupons in the book offer discounts on restaurant meals, auto work, haircuts, antiques and much more. The coupon books are for sale at $25 per book and include savings from the merchants of much more than the cost of the book.

The coupon books are being sold through local merchants, including Coastal Copiers, Art Alley Grille, Sporthaven Marina, Harbrook Jewelers, Black Trumpet Bistro, DeAnn's Tea Room and Dottie's Corner gift shop in Brookings. In Port Orford, the books are available at Tasty Kate's, The Wooden Nickel, Dad's Coins and Collectibles,One Lump or Two, Quilter's Corners, Wildland Properties and Computer Bytes.

The coupon books expire on Dec. 31, 2014, so are good for the next 14 months.

Monies raised from sales of the coupon books will go toward deferring expenses incurred by the League for putting on the numerous candidate forums they sponsor at election time and other activities.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public through education and advocacy. They welcome men and women of any political persuasion who want to take an active part in the issues that affects us all.

Evan Kramer

Port Orford

How bad Obamacare

Obamacare is so bad: President Obama won't sign-up his family and himself.

Congress got themselves exempted and won't have themselves or their staffs on it, without a 75 percent taxpayer subsidy. Obamacare head, HHS Secretary Sebelius, won't sign up for it (falsely claiming it's illegal). Vocally pro-Obamacare unions demanded and most got exemptions from it. No Democrat/Obamacare-supporting pundit has said they've signed up for it and happy.

The president promised you could keep your plan/doctor if you were happy with them, period. But, Obamacare doesn't allow it ... and the administration knew it since 2010. President Obama says these plans/doctors are "bad apples": his plans are better, the inference being you're incapable of determining a good plan/doctor.

President Obama claims he knows what plans/doctors are best, affirming his better. Alternately, he didn't know his website didn't work. His people knew it, yet went ahead with the launch anyway. He blames Republicans though they've been cut out of all Obamacare design/execution. He says their attempts to modify, improve, or cancel Obamacare made the people executing it feel so bad they couldn't do a good job. Or insurance companies did it on their own, although insurers cite Obamacare regulations making these healthcare plans illegal.

Locally, no Obamacare supporters write of positive sign-up experiences; affirm achieving the president's promised $2,500 savings; or express joy they'll finally have good Obamacare doctors and coverage. Why not?

Remember those responsible when you vote in 2014. We foresaw this outcome; why couldn't they?

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Random positives

Sometimes people do things that just make you feel good and restore your faith in your fellow man amid all of the negative happenings in the world today. Sometimes they happen right here in our little town of Brookings.

I do volunteer work at CC's Clothes for Cancer on Saturdays and have made it a habit to have breakfast at my favorite restaurant, "Blue Water Cafe," in the Port on my way to work. On Saturday, November 2, I had breakfast there and about 11:15 a.m. the waitress came to my table with my bill and told me that an anonymous gentleman that had already left told her he wanted to pay for the breakfast of the lady in the red hat. That was me. She said she did not know who he was, and although I did see him in the restaurant, I did not know him either.

I just wanted to thank him and to let him know he made my day and I hope he reads this so he can know that he was very appreciated.

Sandy Dietz