The Curry Coastal Pilot

support thrift store

Urgent - As a volunteer at the South Coast Humane Society's Thrift store located at 620 Hemlock St., I see the urgent need for volunteers from the community to process the volume of goods of all kinds coming into the store on a daily basis.

Our most urgent need is for volunteers to sort and price linens and clothing. Volunteers are trained in these specific fields, and there is always supervisory help available when needed. However, help in other areas is always welcome.

Volunteering is a most gratifying experience and to know you are helping to support the animal shelter and its dogs and cats is doubly gratifying.

All proceeds from the thrift store go to support the shelter. The shelter doesn't receive any funding from other sources and is self-sustaining with the only help coming from private donations and voluntary assistance coming from a most generous community.

The store's manager can be reached at 541-469-5694 or by visiting the store.

Please consider volunteering, as the need is great and your efforts will be most appreciated.

Lastly, you will be helping our helpless animal populations who depend on us for survival.

Barbara Wieneke


panhandlers loose

A few weeks ago, it was in the Pilot newspaper that there were problems with panhandlers causing problems with shoppers at one of the shopping areas off highway 101; well, this is from one person's feelings about these people.

There are those who claim to be panhandlers and there are those who are really "homeless," those that have lost their home, their job or whatever and go to the streets for help. Then there are those who just find this life to receive money for alcohol or drugs, those we call bums (tramps). Many are young, look healthy enough to find a job of some sort, but prefer this way of life; some even have a dog or two, a companion, are they considered in the same category?

If these people are hungry, they can go to a soup kitchen and get a meal; there are places that can help.

The city of Brookings seems to have control of this situation of these panhandlers staying off the streets, so why does the Harbor area allow them there? It not only looks bad seeing them on the street corners, but it gives a bad appearance for the county areas.

Citing those who contribute money to these panhandlers, as was mentioned by a gentleman in the Pilot a few days ago, is incorrect. It is people's rights to spend their money as they like. This gentleman should think about his comment.

Virginia Cunha


general A needed link

I have been a practicing physician in Gold Beach for the past 40 years.

The local hospital was one of the reasons I decided to stay here and set up my medical practice. In my years of practice in Curry County, I have enjoyed working with all the hospital personnel, though I have not always agreed with the politics and business decisions made.

The hospital is essential to Curry County. The facility needs to be updated to continue to serve our community and provide for the medical needs of our residents.

Recently, I personally had need for an urgent medical evaluation and was impressed with the professionalism and care provided by the emergency room, the hospital staff, labs, X-ray and Cal-Ore EMTs that got me safely over to Rogue Valley Medical Center. Thankfully, my medical situation resolved and after a full evaluation by expert physicians I was discharged in good health to resume my medical practice with Dorothy Dutton, F.N.P., in Gold Beach .

Over the years, Curry General Hospital has provided for the medical needs of our community and, when needed, is an important entrance point and link to the larger medical system of specialists.

I am voting "Yes" to update and replace Curry "the General" Hospital.

Michael O'Gara. D.O.

Gold Beach

lose the incumbents

For the past three weeks, we have seen so much anger, frustration and confusion at the ineptitude shown by our U.S. Congress as they shut down our government and risked the economic trust that our country has throughout the world by flirting with default.

As George Washington once indicated, we would be better off with doing away with the two-political-party system. Today we seem to be more concerned with our political views than what is best for our country.

Therefore I would like to ask all registered voters, no matter what "your label" is - Demo, Rep., conservative, liberal, right wing, libertarian, left wing, independent, socialist - to consider not re-electing any incumbent in 2014. They all were part of the problem.

New faces plus new ideas equals new solutions.

Don Vilelle


north bank speeding

How many young people are going to die in our community because we have no deputies on duty?

The young people know there is no reason to obey speeding signs; after all they are invincible; how many teenagers just luck out and keep their cars on the road?

How much would you give out of your pocket to keep these kids alive? What about your own protection, your own home or when you are driving in the county? Law enforcement presence does make a big difference.

Now is your chance to vote "Yes" for more law enforcement.

This ballot you received is only for three years and if any timber money comes in it will be subtracted from our obligation.

A while back Curry County hired four replacements - one road deputy and three jailers who we now will send to the academy on your dime.

How much more efficient to keep our road deputies and jail deputies here instead of training them and sending the off to better-paid Oregon counties.

I strongly urge you to vote "Yes" so we can keep our county safer and our kids alive.

Sandra Ensley


support our champs

Brookings High School Varsity Soccer Team went undefeated this season.

Little do the people of Brookings realize what is happening on that borrowed baseball field at the school. In a couple of weeks we just may have the state champions.

These are the kids you have watched over the years racing down the aisles at Freddy's in their uniforms on a Saturday afternoon, piling into DQ after the games and that have grown up in the local youth soccer league, spending umpteen hours learning the footwork, the plays and the teamwork needed to be called champions.

I have had the privilege of competing and working with some of the most talented athletes in the world in the past - I believe that this group of players, representing Brookings and its love for the sport is in the same class. It would be sad to see only a handful of supporters come to the playoffs: To witness a season of greatness in any sport is rare. Don't miss this opportunity!

The Pilot has done a good job of reporting the games. Now we as a city need to come out and give these kids and their coaches our support, encouraging them on to greatness and making this an experience they soon will not forget. They have earned it.

D. Frazier


General PAC prolific

Your recent editorial stated that "there are no organized groups campaigning for or against anything" in the current election.

For Curry Health District voters from Pistol River to Elk River, there is a vigorous campaign by Friends of Curry General Hospital PAC. The PAC supports replacing Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach and expanding healthcare services and hours in Port Orford.

The PAC raised nearly $12,000 from dozens of donors for the following activities: The PAC distributed about 2,000 brochures at 50 business and non-profit organization locations; held 22 presentations to community groups and service clubs, including eight town hall meetings in Gold Beach, Port Orford and Nesika Beach; 200 lawn signs, 100 car/small business signs; 15 large banners, 10, 15- minute radio interviews by healthcare and community leaders aired at least twice each, 10 different 15-second and five different 30-second radio ads totaling nearly 250 broadcasts; two 30-second TV ads on Charter with nearly 200 broadcasts; 500 campaign buttons and 1,000 button stickers; as well as large printed ads running in four newspapers totaling 18 ads, of which two were full page, including nearly 300 supporters' names. There were over 30 individual letters-to-the-editors supporting replacing the hospital, and many were published in multiple papers, particularly in Gold Beach and Port Orford. There were two opposing letters. There is also a Phone Bank reminding voters to vote and a Door-to-Door campaign.

The PAC thanks all the volunteers for their hundreds of hours spent on this campaign to Replace the GENERAL.

Dale Thomas


general benefits

Dear folks, Many of you are aware that I think we live in perhaps the most beautiful area in the world and that I consider myself most fortunate and privileged to live here among you.

It has been an honor to provide medical care to many in our community as well as innumerable visitors to our county that have needed care in our emergency room.

The reasons to rebuild Curry General Hospital have been well stated by so many letter writers and I agree with those reasons. If the ballot measure fails the hospital and emergency room will close and the consequences to all of us will be very sad. Please be sure that I am convinced that a yes vote to replace our aging Curry General Hospital and improve Curry Family Medical Clinic in Port Orford will allow us to provide better medical services, attract health care providers, and bring new individuals, families and businesses that will improve our economy as well as maintain positions for greater than 200 individuals employed by Curry Health District.

A rebuilt Curry General Hospital will have all these benefits and will increase property values.

Please join me in voting yes to replace Curry General Hospital.

Laurence (Ted) Taylor, D.O.

Gold Beach