The Curry Coastal Pilot

ophir days thank you

The Rogue Grange extends a hearty "Thank You" to all the participants in, and attendees of, the Ophir Days Celebration on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013. You made the event successful and full of community spirit!

The morning began with a small but mighty parade led by members of the Gold Beach VFW who carried the flags with pride. An impressive list of participants followed: three fire vehicles driven by volunteer firemen from the Ophir Fire Department; a lively group of Jazzercisers complete with a banner; "Little Angels" Hannah and Jane driving a go-cart; beautifully costumed Italian folk dancers; an attractive young woman, Imy, driving a tractor; two smart, companion/rescue dogs in training; and the Dishner goats!

The highlight of the day was the Ophir Fire Department barbecue featuring hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and Honey Bear bratwurst sausages. Many thanks to the organizer, Captain Becky Brotton, and the dedicated fire department volunteers who always step up when the community needs them.

Special "Thank Yous" to Dan Crowley of the Curry County Road Department for making the permit process painless, and to the city of Gold Beach Public Works Department for loaning safety equipment.

Biggest "Thank Yous" of all to the many local business and friends who donated gifts for the raffle: Jerry's Rogue Jets, Corner Drug, Sweetbriar, Port Hole Cafandeacute;, Fresh Hair Family Hair Care, Indian Creek Cafandeacute;, Moose Lodge, Linda James, Rhonda Lee, and Ilse Sherman. All of you are generous beyond expectations to every worthy cause in this community and in particular to this event.

Rogue Grange and Ophir Fire Department members are grateful for community support and participation in bringing forth the spirit of Ophir Days!

Cheryl Seaton

Nesika Beach

marvelous er staff

This letter is directed to Curry General Hospital's ER wherein I met a marvelous staff on the nights of 6th and 7th October, 2013.

The occasion of my visit was the prevalence of high, erratic body temperatures which were basically unabated for two nights, accompanied by severe chills/shakes. My arrival was precipitated by the insistence of my faithful wife and companion (of 55 years) that left no room for doubt that I was destined for a visit to the "ER," which, in fact, was one of two visits in sequence.

The presence and attentiveness of Drs. Niedens (on Sunday) and Johannson (on Monday) coupled by a super staff of support "troops"; i.e. X-ray tech, RNs and the efficient and no-nonsense Liz, was a rewarding experience.

Such dedication to and concern for a patient's well-being must be rewarded. Let's get a new hospital. You all deserve it!

Lyford Muncy and faithful companion, Sue

Gold Beach

cocksure posturing?

When I read the letter Obamacare will fail, (Pilot, Oct. 12) I swallowed hard and chuckled quietly at the writer's apparent conviction in making a statement about "the harmful effects of Obamacare. andhellip;"

He seemed to be so cocksure that he is right, that I must presume that he has read the entire 800 pages of the bill and understands the concept in its totality. Right?

He certainly couldn't have just been posturing based upon preconceived notions solicited only by right wing invectives of a modern tea party's death rattle andhellip; or could he? (Wink wink.)

When I read the obviously ignorant, political prattle of writers such as this fellow, is it no wonder that I divorce myself from party lines and declare myself to be an NPA? For those of you who function at the intellectual level of the writer, I'm responding to, NPA means No Political Affiliation.

I'm 82. I would like a list of the reasons that this brilliant and empathetic president could be considered to be the worst president in andhellip; our history.

Our founding fathers' disgust would be indescribable if they could witness the childlike malfunctioning of a government they fought to create and hopefully would set a powerful example for other blossoming nations to follow andhellip;rather than becoming the object of universal ridicule andhellip; such as is the writer of the letter I'm responding to.

Politics is defined as the art of compromise.

Let's do it the way our forefathers envisioned it should be done! For goodness sakes and for the good of our people, let's COMPROMISE!

Skip Howard


cohort 3 thank you

About a year ago, a group of emerging and current community leaders began an ongoing leadership class through the Ford Institute Leadership Program here on the Wild Rivers Coast.

We were aptly named the Wild Rivers Coast Cohort 3. As part of the program, we designed and completed a class community project. The chosen project for our cohort was a small refurbish of the alternative high schools in both Brookings and Crescent City. We all learned a great deal and enjoyed contributing to our communities.

But, we did not do this alone and we would like to publicly recognize the businesses and individuals who were essential to our project. All of these businesses worked closely with us and donated materials and discounts so that we could stay within our budget. We want to thank Barron's Furniture Warehouse, Flora Pacifica, Forbes Drapery, Gold Beach Lumber, Christina Olsen, Earnest Turner, and especially Redwood Memorial Chapel, which donated a memorial plaque for the project in Crescent City .

Small, locally owned businesses make such a huge difference in the ability of groups like ours to get big things accomplished! Please support them as they continually support our community.

A big thank you also goes out to The Ford Family Foundation, the Oregon Community Fund, and all of those who donated to make this project a reality.

Vanessa Nidiffer, for The Wild Rivers Coast, Cohort 3


looking for cookie

This is a brief story about my missing cat Cookie. She was lost Sept. 20.

I got her from a litter of kittens seven years ago when she was a tiny kitten.

When she was 4 years old, she vanished, which took a month to find. After searching daily, was given a tip by the groundskeeper who saw a small cat running from a cougar. While looking for her going down a path, she heard me calling her, and appeared scared and skinny; what a happy reunion that was! A friend helped me a great deal in trying to find her.

Cookie, my small, shy, torty-shell cat had once again vanished on Sept. 20. She is indoor-outdoor cat who always came home. She got lost somewhere near Sunset View Mobile Home Park. I miss her very much and am devastated by her loss.

Cookie is a very shy little cat who will not approach people. It's possible she might be mistaken for a stray cat and could be at the nearby fields around Olsen and Oceanview. She is very precious to me. She has muted colors of brown, gray, beige with white belly and an orange distinct marking on forehead. I have been looking for her every day since she was lost.

If you have her or have seen her, please give me a call at 541-469-1874. Reward.

Myda Andlovec