The Curry Coastal Pilot

34 Rubber boots!

On Thursday, Sept. 26, all Azalea sixth grade students learned how to test water quality in the ponds at Salmon Run Golf Course. These students collected data to help others explore possible uses of the ponds in the future.

What else was significant about this trip? The students stayed dry because of the purchase of 34 rubber boots! Curry Watershed Education Program wrote and received a grant from the Dorothy and Eldridge Combs Memorial Fund to make this possible.

We want to thank them for their generous support as this will allow students in Azalea to safely participate in field studies.

Giving student the opportunity to apply knowledge in real world settings enhances their learning experience. It extends the classroom beyond the school building in a fun and exciting way.

Thank you to Curry Watershed Education Program and to the Dorothy and Eldridge Combs Memorial fund!

Sheryl Lipski,


Azalea Middle School


Emergency is proof

Early one morning in 2008, I walked outside and severely cut my leg on a rusty piece of metal in my yard.

Living 20 minutes east from Curry General Hospital, I was able to drive myself to the emergency room where an on call doctor spent at least an hour picking pieces of rusty metal out of my leg before stitching it up. If there was no emergency room in Gold Beach I would have had to drive 1 1/2 hours for care in an emergency situation like that, leg elevated, losing blood.

There are countless examples of why a centrally located emergency center in our county is essential and many examples of the lives that have been saved.

We cannot afford to lose our emergency room. This is why I am supporting the Curry General Tax Bond. Do I "want" to pay more taxes? No but sometimes regardless of our "wants" our "needs" are more important.

Please join me and vote "YES "for the Curry General Bond! Keep our community and citizens safe!

Lucie La Bontandeacute;

Gold Beach

Honor vets Nov. 11

The Vietnam Veterans of America Brookings-Harbor Chapter #757 and the Brookings Elks Lodge #1934 will again be co-sponsoring a free breakfast (please show military ID) for all who have served our country.

The breakfast will be at the Elks Lodge on Sunday, Nov. 10, from 8 a.m. until noon. The public is invited and the cost will be $6 and $3 for children 12 and younger.

The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 has won the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America "National Fellowship Award" for the third time. Good job, Rita Vitale!

My salute to my brothers and sisters: You may have served in combat or while preserving peace. You may have retired out, or have served for a short time, or may have been drafted or a volunteer. You may have served as a Marine, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard or Merchant Marines, but you served. You did your job honorably and for that I am proud to call you my brother and sister. You did not run. You have earned your DD214 with those words "Honorably Discharged," two of the most noble words in the world.

You are cool men and women. You have touched my life and I am thankful and proud to have served amongst you. A real brother and sister walks with you when the rest of the world walks on you.

Happy 238th birthday Marines! Have a great Veterans Day! The Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free. God Bless America.

Sam Vitale


General IS needed

While I am pleased that everything turned out well for Mr. Gary Smith (Oct. 12 letter to editor), I would like to point out the indisputable fact that the sooner treatment is started for many medical conditions (including heart attacks), the better the outcome.

The emergency specialists who are on-site 24/7 at Curry General Hospital (a Level IV Trauma Center) are experts in rapidly assessing a patient's condition to determine what's wrong and what care is needed to stabilize, and if necessary - transfer the patient.

While Cal-Ore staff is well trained as ALS responders, they are not physicians. An ambulance can only transport to a hospital - not diagnose, or treat beyond a very limited set of standing orders.

Trauma, stroke, pneumonia, and sepsis are some conditions where physician skill and knowledge is important for the immediate action that is critical to limit damage and optimize a better recovery for the patient, a time-frame commonly referred to as "the golden hour."

Without Curry General, a Gold Beach resident would need to travel about 55 miles in either direction - for more than an hour - before reaching any other hospital and expert medical care by Emergency Physicians - the same care now available in Gold Beach.

To think Curry General Hospital is not needed is simply ignoring the facts - facts that could save your life, your neighbor's life, or the lives of your loved ones.

Paul Tice, M.D.

Gold Beach

Appreciate support

I would like to extend my appreciation to the community for their support this past weekend for our "Change Drive" to send our Azalea girls basketball teams to a two day tournament in Fortuna. It was a very successful event.

I have been involved in coaching sports in Brookings for 24 years and the community is always supportive of our kids with their generosity.

I believe sports are a vital part of the schools and the total education of the students. With money as tight as it has become over the years, the sports teams have called upon the community in many different ways to get the needed funds to make these events happen for the kids.

The support of the community is appreciated and I don't think that they are publicly thanked often enough. I would like to publicly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of all of the fundraisers my teams have done over the years and for the ones yet to come.

Go Bruins! Go Bruin Supporters!

Lori Cooper


Pool Paint Praise

I want to take this opportunity to thank contractor Tommy Serna and Vision Council volunteers for their effort in giving the Brookings pool building a fresh paint job.

This was a community effort with many involved and without the effort of volunteers this project would not have been completed. Thank you.

Anthony Baron

City of Brookings

Parks and Technical Services Supervisor

Thanks from canada

I just want to thank the people of Brookings, Oregon, for being so friendly and welcoming.

I stopped in Brookings as the sun was setting one evening and I did not want to continue on to my original destination in dark.

The staff at the Black Trumpet Cafe were so friendly and welcoming; my encounter with them nourished my spirit while the delicious food nourished my belly - and even gave me an extra bowl of soup to go!

Oregon is exceedingly beautiful, with an abundance of good people, and I want to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have met some of them on this trip.

Jen Smith, a traveling Canadian

Nelson, BC

Accuracy addressed

I am writing in response to a recent letter to the editor that contained some blatantly inaccurate information.

In this letter it was stated that "two weeks after defeat of the May 21 Tax Levy commissioners went on a hiring spree." The letter further stated that commissioners made "10 new hires including four deputies." The truth is that since May of 2012 due mainly to turnover in staff, there were 45 vacancies of existing budgeted positions that needed to be filled. There was only one position that could be considered a new hire; even though it did address a longstanding vacancy. That was a position in the County Clerk's office filled to immediately cope with the additional workload caused by the potential of three recall efforts as well as an initiative to adopt a home rule charter, a levy to fund the Port Orford Police Department, a fire truck levy for the City of Gold Beach, and Measure 8-73 for the county.

The recent letter to the editor also stated that amounts transferred from the Road Fund Reserve "could have been transferred a year earlier and double the amount" and then argued against supporting 8-73. The truth is that in order to assist the sheriff in maintaining his current level of law enforcement, Chapter 75 allows for the very restrictive use of road dollars for patrol and direct and indirect patrol related costs. The decision to use road funds was arrived at during lengthy and public budget process and it is likely that to use more of those funds in this circumstance could be a violation.

It is important to note that if Measure 8-73 passes, the Board of Commissioners will reduce the tax in any year in which Federal Safety Net related payments are received.

Dave Itzen,

Curry County commissioner


Community tree

It's nearly that time of year again, CHRISTMAS!

Once again the Curry County Board of Realtors will be joining with the Curry County Home Builders Association to provide a community Christmas tree in downtown Brookings. The tree will be located on the corner of Chetco Avenue and Hillside Avenue, across the street from Daryn Farmer's State Farm Insurance.

This year we have exciting events planned, starting off with the Tree Lighting Ceremony on Sunday Dec. 8 at 4:30 p.m. Come down and bring the kids to see Santa and enjoy some cookies and cocoa while listening to Christmas Carols performed by our local area children.

On Saturday Dec. 14, there will be a Toys for Tots drive that will be in conjunction with the Brookings Merchants Association's annual Christmas event. Bring an unwrapped toy to the Christmas tree and make this holiday unforgettable for our local children. The Brookings Fire Department will have a truck at the event for children to see and there will be cookies, coffee and cocoa to keep everyone warm.

On Dec. 21 you will have the chance to be a star. There will be a Christmas Carol sing-off at the Christmas tree, open to anyone. You can perform as a group or individually; winners will be chosen by the crowd's applause. Entry forms will be available in November at local area merchants or you can call the Curry County Board of Realtors at 541-469-0219 for a form. There is no fee for entry and the deadline for entries is December 13.

If you are interested in contributing to the community tree, please contact the Curry County Board of Realtors at 541-469-0219 or the Curry County Home Builders Association at 541-661-0254. Donations of any sort are welcome.

Roxann Haynes