The Curry Coastal Pilot

We can make change

There have been many reports about bullying in the schools in the news and in this paper.

I'd like to share a story I read last year about a young girl named Chy and her experience which demonstrates one possible solution to bullying.

Chy has a brain disorder that gives her an odd appearance. The year before, Chy had been tormented at school - some kids even threw trash at her. She often came home crying.

Chy's mom had an inspiration and reached out to the starting quarterback of the school's undefeated football team. She reached out to the right guy: a straight A student, active in both church and community work.

The quarterback gathered a couple of his friends and had Chy join them at lunch. They took turns keeping an eye out on her during the day too. The bullying abruptly stopped and Chy went on to have a much happier school experience.

There's a saying by Christ Jesus that most of us have heard: "To whom much is given, much is required." (Luke 12:48)

JFK once said "One person can make a difference and every person should try."

We should all use the abilities or advantages we have in the service of others as well as ourselves and this is particularly true for those who have more advantages than most as they often have the means to accomplish more. This often takes courage but courage comes more easily the more we apply it.

What a better world this would be if all of us would do this to the best of our ability.

Eileen Sorrels


potential for harm

I just experienced an event that illustrates just how disastrous the government take-over of our health care system can be.

We have homes both in Chico, Calif., and Harbor. A mail package sent by first class mail from CEP America LLP addressed to Veterans Administration, PO Box 1037 Portland Oregon 97207 was delivered to our home in Chico. We are at our home in Harbor and received the package forwarded to us by our secretary who thought it was meant for me as I am a WWII veteran.

I opened the package today and found that it contained health insurance claim forms for four individuals, including their date of birth and Social Security numbers together with their complete medical history. Fortunately, it was delivered to me and not to someone who might use the information in a way to affect identity theft or for other nefarious purposes.

CEP America LLP is a billing service that administers VA payments to providers. The error is not due to its incompetence, but that of the postal service. This potentially disastrous incident should serve as a reminder of the potential harm that can result in allowing the federal government to manage our health care and communicate between departments using the postal service. As with Medicare, billing and record keeping will be done by outside contracted services but our records will be transmitted either electronically or via mail. The fiasco with the Affordable Care Act websites since October 1 and the erroneously delivered mail we experienced truly raises serious concerns.

There is a VA field office in Brookings and I will deliver the package to it on Monday asking that they forward it to Portland. I thought you and the public in general should be made aware of this potentially disastrous error, obviously the fault of the postal service.

Earl Dunn


needing the general

Curry General Hospital has stood proud for over 60 years, but it is aging rapidly and maintenance is becoming a challenge.

We all need health care: mammos and PSA testing, broken bones and injuries happen from unforeseen accidents and sports activities, couples want babies, family members and friends may become ill, and we are all getting older, which has its own implications.

The hospital construction would also bring about an economic boost our community could surely benefit from. A new facility is much easier to recruit more physicians and specialists to, as well as other supportive / clinical staff to better serve Curry County's residents and visitors.

Please vote "Yes" for the General.

Doreen Nielson

Curry Health Network employee

Gold Beach

new revenue stream

Cannabaceae - The Family of Cannabis and their relationship with Oregon Law present and future and their financial impact on the state and counties. Hemp - Ruderalis/Sativa Passed in 2009 in Oregon, now awaits federal conformation of non-interference to begin its Rules Advisory Committee for issuance of permits.

Cannabis is a known killer of the MRSA virus and other viruses. Hospital smocks should be made of hemp material as well as any uniform of those required to wear them. Medicinal cannabis Oregon Law since 1998 now giving Safe Access Point to Medicine via HB 3450; this is for medical reasons by cardholders and like all other medicines should not be taxed. Cannabis used for religious sacrament should also not be taxed.

By the end of 2014 some version of legalization is bound to be state law. This is where, along with hemp, the state and Curry County will have the opportunity to bring a new revenue stream into the county. Right now ancillary products in the U.S. are bringing in over $17 billion.

Don't you think its time for Curry to find new ways of supporting itself other than just taxation?

Jim Klahr


tactics do not work

Here we see that the latest circus meeting, "Commissioner Smith's "Wild Rivers Coast Review," that will be inserted into property tax bills being mailed around October 7. This "Special Edition" is dedicated to the November 5 Tax Levy and includes the state's alternative (HB 3453) should voters fail to approve the measure.

Do they not get it? Scare tactics do not work with Curry taxpayers.

The threat of HB 3453 rings hollow. Most people here are retired and do not even have a taxable income. And who needs another expensive "landing site" for medivac helicopters in Gold Beach? Any old person having a heart attack or otherwise really sick, they are just going to turn on what this ex country hospital nurse calls the Bug Lights.

Melissa Bishop, R.N.

Elk River

grandpa is worried

A good friend of mine in high school, Ernie, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, straight A's. He won a National Merit Scholarship and got a full ride to the college of his choice. I graduated with a 3.25 GPA and I paid for college myself.

During my first week in college I met another lifelong friend, Ed. He graduated from a different high school with a 4.0 GPA, just like Ernie. I thought to myself Ed was going to be tough competition. It turned out not to be the case. My grades in college were significantly higher that what I had achieved in high school. Ed struggled to make C's.

Ernie did well in college and Ed did not, even though they each had straight A's in high school. Why? It was not for a lack of effort on Ed's part. Just like me Ed took college seriously and tried very hard to do well.

The answer is that my high school administrators and teachers made certain we learned something. Ed's high school did not. My high school prepared me to go on to college and do well. Ed's high school did not.

Brookings is a great place to live but our schools are a weak link. This grandfather is not happy about it.

Jerry Norman


no terrorist thugs

Regarding Joe Thomas' Oct. 9 letter: I am one of those 90-plus-year-old terrorist thugs that served in World War II.

I want Joe and everyone else to read my book, "One Pilot's Life." It is on Amazon and it will provide you a clear view of what it was like before, during and after World War II. You will also see what it was like to put your life on the line to save our country. If we had not been successful, you would be writing your letters in the German or Japanese languages.

After reading my book, write another letter to the editor and let the public know if you still think 90-plus-year-old World War II veterans are terrorist thugs that need to be put in their place.

If you think these World War II veterans should be thanked for their service to this country, just say so by writing an apology.

Thomas Herrod


My angel that day

I am "the woman" from the Thomas Creek Bridge from Aug. 28, 2013.

This town has let me go through a process that no person, place or institution has been able to provide. I realize I put people in danger and also apologize for any pain, inconvenience or fear that I caused.

I especially want to thank Jennye Moore for her bravery, quick thinking and, most of all, compassion.

I want to thank the friends who brought me to this sweet village of Brookings and all the friends I made here whose love helped me over and through a psychiatric explosion. Your love and patience brought me finally to the other side of an illness that many said was beyond treatment.

What a gift.

Thank you Jennye Moore. You are right. "Not on my watch." You were my angel that day.

Ann Marie Carlsmith


family for general

The communities served by the Curry Health District have the opportunity to support the bond to replace Curry General Hospital.

The hospital is invaluable to the community and it needs to be upgraded to meet today's needs. In my family alone, we had several births at the hospital, including myself, my husband, my youngest sister, and three of our four sons. It is a vital first response to be able to stabilize patients and send them on to auxiliary care.

My mother, Betty Van Leer, was stabilized at Curry General before being flown out on Mercy Flights after she had a heart attack when she was in her late 60s. She lived to be 77, despite the fact that she had been a heavy smoker in her younger years. My dad, Robert "Bob" Van Leer spent his last days comfortably in the care of the hospital staff after dealing with leukemia for 26 years. He was 81 when he died, and he never expected to live to that age, or outlive my mother.

Jim and I still own a condominium at Rogue Riverfront and my sisters and I, through SAMS Properties (Sherry, Amy, Molly, Sally), still have properties in Curry County because of our parents, Bob and Betty Van Leer. We know that passage of the bond will mean increased property taxes and we are happy to support it. We just are sad that we cannot vote ourselves.

So, we are depending on and asking our friends in the Curry Health District to please vote yes to "Replace the General" on our behalf.

For the health needs of the Curry Health District's community, we need to "Replace the General." We ask you all to support this effort.

Jim and Molly Walker