The Curry Coastal Pilot

always professional

I would like to take a moment to thank the Curry County Sheriff's Department, and particularly the deputies involved who helped and supported me when my car was stolen last week and then subsequently recovered.

Some might say they were only doing their jobs. While this may be so, it was a difficult time for my wife and I and their support is very much appreciated.

I am also aware that these officers face an uncertain job future because of the county's difficult financial situation. Surely this must be in the back of their minds, yet they are still performing their jobs with a high degree of professionalism and good dose of compassion.

I also know that in counties to the east of us that are also facing tough law enforcement budget issues, cases like this do not receive the level of attention that this one did in our county.

The way this ended means that now my wife and I will be able to spend the holidays with our family; that wouldn't have been the case with a different ending.

Again, I thank the Sheriff's Department and the deputies involved for the way they handled my case.

William and Jeanne Krause


'animals, not egos'

Sitting at the front desk of the South Coast Humane Society, it was a rare day I did not see Pennies for Pooches on caller ID and pick up the phone to hear a snappy, "Pat. Catherine," and receive a quick share of useful information, of joy and humor, or a venting of frustration and anger over a situation of animal abuse.

Through Catherine, to the benefit of Curry County animals, our two organizations have existed in a spirit of cooperation with "animals, not egos" as our mantra, and with the understanding that, regretfully, there are more than enough abused animals to go around.

Catherine was a whirling dervish of positive energy, and it is my wish Pennies for Pooches will continue its success honoring her intent and spirit. She was a short-lived comet dashing through our county, extinguished all to soon.

I will miss her.

She was also a mother, a sister, a wife - and my heart goes out to her family with love.

Pat Malone


take on memorial

Who do those World War II veterans think they are anyway?

How dare they try to visit their own memorial that has already been paid for by private funds!

Those 90-year-old terrorist thugs have needed to be put in their place for a long time and Obama did just that. Good for you President Obama!

Keep up the good work Peter DeFazio! You need to keep on supporting this patriotic president every step of the way!

Joe Thomas


no party-boss push

The Republican and Democratic Parties, with their lock-step, party-line balloting, should be dismantled.

Candidates may declare as liberal or conservative, with hard-core or a moderate leaning. Congressmen can then be judged by their voting record.

Extreme conservatives favor small government, with rules decided at the local level. Self-reliance is encouraged.

Extreme liberals prefer strong federal governing, with national laws. Spreading the wealth through entitlement is promoted.

The point being to allow those elected to vote their conscience without pressure from party bosses. A consensus with moderates meshing together would be a relief.

Perhaps the Vodka Party would be a sponsor.

Tom Holden


despicable duping

For the past nine months Curry County commissioners have focused their energy on how to "Dupe and Deceive" the citizens of Curry County into approving a Tax Levy.

This despicable behavior became nothing less than a circus October 2 at the commissioners' meeting when elected county officials paraded up before the cameras to pledge their support for the November 5 Tax Levy. Officials and staff attending the meeting outnumbered citizens 16 to 3.

Those attending were provided a preview of commissioner Smith's "Wild Rivers Coast Review" that will be inserted into property tax bills being mailed around October 7. This "Special Edition" is dedicated to the November 5 Tax Levy and includes the state's alternative (HB 3453) should voters fail to approve the measure. This threatening alternative states an income tax may be imposed by commissioners without a vote of county electors.

Two weeks after defeat of the May 21 Tax Levy commissioners went on a hiring spree. June 11 they transferred $950,000 into the county general fund from road fund reserves which total nearly $35,000,000. What followed were six promotions and 10 new hires including four deputies. The funds could have been transferred a year earlier and double the amount but that would remove "fear mongering" and "intimidation" from the commissioners' bag of deception.

For more information, including details of the one-year agreement commissioners recently signed with the Teamsters union, go to Check out HB 3453 and HB 4175 at the top of the page for the truth.

Don't be "Duped." Vote NO Nov. 5.

Thomas Huxley


where did money go?

I see many letters and articles about building a new hospital in Gold Beach.

One letter was from one of the top nurses. She stated that a lot of money was lost when the operating room was being renovated, or shut down (I'm not sure of the exact reason). She stated that the money that they lost in that short period of time would have made the interest payments for a year on a new facility.

My question is this. If they lost that much money in that short period of time, it only stands to reason that they have made that much money in that amount of time in the past. Multiply that over 20 years and you can only ask yourself where's the money? Did they spend it? Did they save it? Invest?

Is there any chance you can put together an article that answers the questions? It seems like we are back into scare tactics to get funding for another facility. Who wants to pay for a new facility when they can't prove financial responsibility for the last one?

Mike Pundyk