The Curry Coastal Pilot

Honoring Catherine

Far beyond the Curry County Animal Shelter, (current home of Pennies For Pooches), far beyond the borders of Curry County, the many dogs, and cats that couldn't fend for themselves have lost a tremendous friend, and a hero.

This friend, Catherine Powers, died so suddenly that many of us are still in disbelief. Her tireless cause, finding homes and love for so many pets, was an amazing and heartfelt sacrifice, filled with so many wonderful successful connections for pets and pet owners.

Many have asked how they can be of help, in this time of great pain and loss, at the Animal Shelter. Truly dedicated and willing workers are always needed and appreciated at the shelter. There's a very small handful of volunteers that maintain the huge responsibility.

Another great way to honor Catherine and her cause and her sacrifice is to be a responsible pet owner. More spaying and neutering and reminding of friends and neighbors to do the same, as we know, will greatly help in reducing the pain and suffering.

Another important cause of Catherine's is the need to license your dogs. The task of reuniting a lost or hurt dog with its owner makes that so vital.

Please be caring and kind pet owners. Your animals will love you for it, and Catherine's memory and cherished goals will live on forever.

Clayton Johnson

Gold Beach

Brown the Naysayer

We do not need the Republican and Democrat parties to cause controversy. We have our very own Commissioner Susan Brown.

I really had no idea that paper newsletters were "archaic" and "inneffective." Does this go for all paper products? If we could no longer receive the Pilot, how could we read Ms. Brown's letters and comments? How could those of us who are "archaic" and do not have or want a website or computer have any idea of what is going on in our community? I know! Carrier pigeon -of which we have so many down at the port and who could be trained to carry mail.

Ms.Brown, do you enjoy always being the naysayer? It seems to many of us that you do not seem to agree with anything the other commissioners propose.

I know you are a well-read, intelligent and very nice person; however, my mother always told me "think before you speak," so I say to you, "think before you write."

Archaically yours,

Geraldine Kass


Loved her dedication

I would like to dedicate this letter in memory of Catherine Powers, executive director of the Curry County Animal Shelter.

A bit of background information. In May 2009 my toy poodle, who was on leash at the beach, was killed by a dog off-leash and not under control of his owner. At that time I found out that they could not cite an owner for the attack because the law stated it had to be witnessed by an officer.

I wrote your paper a letter to warn others of the danger they could face and to be vigilant when walking their dog on the beach. Catherine Powers was the officer that handled our case.

Due to the many letters in support of me and the frustration over the ordinance and mostly due to Catherine's diligence the law was changed in July 2009. I strongly feel that had it not been for Catherine pursuing the change there would be many more pets' lives in danger on the beaches. She admitted to being a pain in several person's behinds to get this done. I was so proud.

I had become friends with Catherine over the years and loved her dedication to the animals in Gold Beach and surrounding areas. She would glow when telling me of the number of animals adopted or of those saved from god-awful conditions and how they thrived with love and care. I don't know of anyone who lived for the animals like she did.

My sympathy goes out to all the pet owners who have lost their guardian angel. I hope that the shelter will continue and that Pennies for Pooches will thrive because that is what Cats would have wanted.

Thank you Cats for what you did for me and for all the pooches you have saved.

Lori St. Clair

Ridgecrest, Calif.

Harbor panhandling

Have you noticed how Harbor's trash problem seems to be growing?

Excessive numbers of homeless and transients are creating this issue. Some totally disrespect our environment, community and property owners.

Not all cause harm, but those who do refuse to take responsibility for their behavior and think they own this town. The truth is andhellip;. they're right: Police are limited with few regulations that apply.

The city of Brookings has an anti-panhandling ordinance, which chases them to Harbor. Our mild climate makes us a magnet for the homeless, compounding the problem. In my opinion, Harbor needs an anti panhandling law andhellip;. the only way we're going to solve the trash problem.

If you ask a police officer, homeless support agency, soup kitchen or church providing for the homeless, most will say, never give money directly to panhandlers; there are local organizations serving the homeless that could use your donations. The problem is, we continuously give money directly to them, thus exacerbating the problem!

Harbor has tried in the past to pass an ordinance, but it failed. The homeless situation has gotten worse since then and now the Curry County Board of Commissioners has agreed to discuss this issue in their next workshop, at the County annex building in Gold Beach, next Wednesday (Oct. 9, 2013) at 10 a.m. I urge all interested parties to attend this meeting.

The only way something is going to get done is by voicing your concerns so we can solve this problem.

Bill Vogel


Won't let dream die

The sun may have been shining the morning of October 2, 2013, but in many hearts it was the darkest day we could imagine, both for people and for the beloved animals she loved and cared for.

You wonder who I am speaking of with such love, respect and compassion in my heart and soul - it is Catherine Powers of Pennies for Pooches/Curry County animal shelter; she passed away on this lonely dark day.

She gave so much of herself to our four legged friends; always there to help and to have the door open at the shelter in Gold Beach. She never turned her back on any animal; she loved them with everything she had and she did it out of pure love. She will be missed so very much not only by those who worked so very close to her but to the animals will also feel the great loss.

Thank you to all for your support; you have shown Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter, but we will come up from this great sorrow and we will rise to make it through this and show the world her strength and courage will carry on for those who still need us.

I just have to say I have never, ever, met someone with such determination of helping animals, pushing spaying and neutering to see the world with no homeless animals. That dream we will never let die in her name.

She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is with all the precious animals we had to say goodbye to. Thank you Catherine and until we meet again.

Beverly Duncan