The Curry Coastal Pilot

phone, email, write

Dear Americans: Oh my. ...

Oregon time, I have listened to Senators Cruz, Lee and others, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, from before 1 p.m. yesterday (our time here) to 1:30 a.m. ... but I had to turn in. Now, from 6:30 a.m. The only change I see in Sen. Cruz is his shirt collar and tie may be a smidge looser. He actually leaned on the lectern for a moment.

I admire greatly his devotion to freedom, fairness, listening to the American people on the topic of the ACA (Obamacare). "Affordable Care"... it is turning into neither. I have heard people in (a (local chiropractor's office) tell his wife working at the counter that some of their friends are getting letters from their insurance carriers that at the first of the year, they will no longer carry them, and saying they have had good health insurance, for years!

We have heard many stories of what is happening in our economy, in business, businesses not expanding, people who perhaps just get by, having their hours cut so employers will not have to comply. People are losing their jobs, already ... because their employers want to stay below 50 employees This is not job creation ... this is job destruction. Those who probably needed help the most are being hurt the most.

Believe me, I have emailed several U.S. senators with my comments, varying according to their actions, civil of course, but pleading for fairness. I hope, I pray, you do too. Perhaps some of you already have...Normally I am too quiet. Maybe you are not.

I hope and pray, if quiet before now, you will phone, email or write to your U.S. senators and representatives in Congress.

Thank you for listening.

Jane Cadwell


difference means life

If Curry General Hospital had closed for not meeting fire codes, it could have meant the difference between life and death for my husband Don - once when both legs were broken in a logging accident and once when hospital radiology revealed life-threatening aneurysms and he was flown to OHSU.

I am urging those of you in the Curry Health District to please vote yes on the November ballot for our new hospital.

Catherine Kelly

Gold Beach

Keeping music Alive

Stagelights Musical Arts Community has had a very successful 2013 so far and we'd like to thank everyone for their generous support for our many programs.

The Stagelights board recently voted to donate $400 toward the purchase of music instruction software for the music department at Azalea Middle School. The software will insure that beginning music students learn fundamentals that will help them make the most of their music education.

Our summer Day of Drums event provided nearly 50 people, ages 5 to 85, with hands-on experience playing drums and making percussion instruments.

Our popular concert series continues with an oceanfront house concert on October 5 featuring Caravan of Thieves. On October 19, renowned western singer/guitarist Chuck Pyle will perform at Azalea Park's Capella by the Sea. In November, the musical family "The Koles" will perform their uplifting acoustic folk and pop.

In December, Stagelights and Friends of Music will host the Los Angeles-based world music fusion band Incendio at the Lucky 7 Casino. Information and videos of the artists can be found at

Stagelights recently completed building a professional karaoke system, thanks to donations from local businesses and individuals. We plan to host monthly, family-friendly karaoke events that provide a safe and fun place to hang out. We will kick things off with a "Scaryoke" on Saturday, Oct. 26, and everybody is encouraged to wear costumes and sing or cheer their friends on.

The Stagelights board is already planning big things for 2014, but we can't do it without the continued support of the community. Follow us on Facebook or visit

Thank you for helping us with our mission to keep the musical arts alive in our schools and in our community.

Laurie Calef