The Curry Coastal Pilot

I hate sin, not sinner

I've been accused more than once of being hateful. It's not that I hate an individual; my Christian faith says to hate the sin but not the sinner. Not always easy, to be sure, but I sincerely try, falter, seek - and receive - forgiveness, then try again.

To me, a sin, briefly, is for those in power to misuse and gradually increase that power over the general populace by whatever means they deem their "right." This is how dictators take over a nation.

That said, here's what I do hate - and both political parties have had greedy fingers in the pie: the incredible growth in the size of our government; the demolishing of our Constitution; the health care plan being forced on all of us by a Congress that never read it but exempted themselves and eventually all their union buddies; the growing lack of respect and support for our military; Congress-people who make promises to their constituents, then scrap them when they get into office and frequently vote themselves a pay raise which they will receive for the rest of their lives; the billions of tax dollars sent to countries that hate - that word again! - us and whose leaders line their pockets with the money that was sent to help their own people; behind closed doors deals that too often benefit government officials or enact legislation not permitted by the Constitution, all on our tax money.

There's more but space limitations force me to stop, knowing full well I'll again be accused of being hateful. So be it. I just have a deep love for my country and immense respect for its founders; I have difficulty in coming up with a warm fuzzy feeling toward those who would destroy it.

Doris Roepke


hitler tactics

At the end of World War II nothing was ever found that proved Adolph Hitler wanted Jews slaughtered. Hitler simply had weekly meetings and his think-alikes agreed to the same ugly murderous acts.

Sharia law promoted by the Muslim terrorist (which the Brotherhood claims not to be but is) is a written law, it believes in killing anyone that does not support the belief in Mohammed as the lord almighty. They have been killing Christians for years without any reprisal.

The United Nations Council has done nothing and President Obama has sent military support to the guilty party, the Brotherhood in Egypt. The most recent was to Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's leader before he was removed from power by the military. Obama shut down sending any more planes and tanks after his removal.

We will never know why President Obama would aid those that kill Christians because he never puts his orders on paper. Ambassador Susan Rice came out of the White House and lied to us about a video being the reason four Americans were murdered in Benghazi. Over 100 trips by the IRS director were recorded visiting Obama in the White House before the government's heavy hand came down on any organization trying to widen their conservative support, alas the tea party. The president and Eric Holder have exactly the same mind-set, don't doubt me!

Don't you love it when liberals attack me for telling the truth. I hope it continues because talk radio is not our country's problem and we all know it except them.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

amazing memorial

My wife and I, along with about 300-plus residents of Curry County, attended the dedication of the new Curry County Veterans Memorial in Gold Beach on Saturday.

To say we were amazed would be an understatement. Kudos to all involved.

What a great symbol to show support and respect for our veterans, law enforcement and firefighting personnel. The speakers were awed. The attendees were awed. We veterans were humbled.

If you get a chance, stop by and enjoy the view and reflect on what our country stands for and thank God and those who gave us the ability to do so.

Allan W. Stewart


a sound investment

No one likes more taxes, but I do like good investments.

A new hospital in Gold Beach and service upgrades in Port Orford are sound investments for my tax dollars. A new hospital brings additional services and more physician specialists to our community. Greater local access to services like cardiology, oncology and orthopedics means fewer trips to Coos Bay or Medford.

One trip to Medford costs approximately $90 in gas, plus hotels, meals and less lost work or leisure hours. A Medford surgery could mean five total trips because of the pre and post operation appointments. This equals about $450 in gas, 35 hours of driving, and $500 for motels and dining; compared to an average $150 in additional tax for the average health district household.

Building a new hospital requires at least 15 months of construction. During that time, 200 new construction jobs will be created in Gold Beach. About 50 will be from local residents. The 150 from out-of-town will use about 7,000 lodging days and consume over 20,000 meals. With their family visits, over $1,000,000 will be spent in our local businesses before the new hospital has even been completed.

Once the hospital is completed, the additional services bring additional family wage jobs and stronger economy. A stronger economy will bring more families, which will help our schools, our local governments and our property values. It's an easy decision for me: "Replacing the General" will provide a great return on my investment. I am voting yes.

Dale Thomas


auxiliary thank you

Curry General Hospital Auxiliary had a rummage sale at the Roberts' hangar last Saturday which was very successful, with over $1,680 profit from the sale. The proceeds will go to purchase items for the hospital.

The Auxiliary Board want to thank all those who donated items to be sold and to those in the community who stopped by and bought things. It was a lot of work, but many of us were glad to clean out our basements, closets, etc., for this great fundraiser.

I want to thank the Board and the members who volunteered their time and items and for their hard work to make this successful. You are appreciated.

Our next event is the Quilt Show where we will have a Soup Kitchen with homemade soup and desserts that the Auxiliary are famous for and hope many will come out and enjoy. The Soup Kitchen is next Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday the 22nd.

Margie Roberts

Hospital Auxiliary Board

Gold Beach

or. health insured

In Wednesday's edition of the Pilot (Sept. 11), a political cartoon made an appropriate reference to the employment conundrum many American workers face these days: holding down multiple part-time jobs - and because they are "part-time" - earning no health insurance benefits.

Since the 90s, companies have increasingly found ways to increase their shareholder value at the expense of their employees. And health-care costs and insurance premiums have risen so sharply many small businesses and self-employed individuals are struggling to find ways to pay for insurance.

According to an article in The Register Guard, 600,000 Oregonians currently lack health insurance, almost 15 percent of the population.

Perhaps because of this, Oregon has taken the lead among the 17 states that have chosen to create their own health insurance exchanges that are part of the Affordable Care Act.

The insurance exchanges will be websites where small employers or individuals not already covered by a plan or by Medicare/Medicaid can shop for insurance that fits their pocketbook. Different options in the exchange will offer subsidies and rebates to help with affordability.

A new program, COVER OREGON, has been launched to make health coverage more accessible and easier to understand. It offers a new online marketplace (website) to help Oregonians compare different plans and enroll in health and dental insurance that meets their need.

More Oregonians can now get health insurance even if they have a pre-existing condition or need financial help.

To find out more about this free assistance, go to or call 1-855-268-3767.

Eileen Sorrels


save red's drive-in

It would be a shame to see another small business lost in the community. Red's Drive-Ins have been around since 1959, first in Brookings and now in Crescent City. It is a bit of nostalgia left in this community of now high prices and real estate madness.

I submit the communities of Brookings and Crescent City join the plight of saving the Drive-In because of Hollywood digitizing. The cost of $80,000 for new equipment is not easily obtained, as anyone with a small business would know. I am sure not sure how this would happen but any fundraising would be appreciated. Having bands or special movie presentations are just two ideas.

Where else can you take the whole family plus your dog in the comfort of your car to watch double features at economy prices!

Tom L. Thomoas

Tygh Valley

(Editor's note: See for one way to help Red's.)