The Curry Coastal Pilot

Living on rice, beans

About the latest proposed tax raising measure of $1.3450 per $1,000 assessed valuation to be on the November ballot - I am already living on rice and beans as I set aside money every month to pay the property tax as it is, and I am not the only one.

Every week we hear about people on food stamps in Curry County not having enough food to eat when the stamps run out, people complaining about having to pay $5 to get into a place where they have to pay more money, (let's have a Mutiny on the Bounty festival of our own).

And here the commissioners are fighting about yet another scam. "And that takes time - something they no longer have, Smith and Itzen said."

Money is something WE no longer have!

Let the state come in and impose even more state income tax. There is hardly any income in this county to tax.

Read our lips - No New Taxes!

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

coverage surprise

After attending Friday night's Bruin Blue and Gold game and getting a small taste of Bruin fall sports, I eagerly opened Saturday's paper directly to the sports section to read the upcoming fall forecast of ... Golf.

No football, no soccer, volleyball or cross country. Golf.

Not that I am opposed to the game of golf, but after a summer fast of school athletics I was looking for our local youth to be showcased as we head into the fall sports season.

Earlier in the summer, a Pilot writer lamented the absence of plentiful local sports action over the summer break. Maybe a full page feature on golf would have been appropriate then, as we headed into the summer tourist season.

Hopefully, Saturday's lack of coverage is not a harbinger of this year's sports coverage.

Paulie Hawthorne


few work for many

To all you good-hearted, hard working folks who helped with the 14th Annual Hospice Market Place Sale, we say "MANY BIG THANK YOU'S": the swarm of tent-raisers, Duane Connor, bringer of pizzas, Cher Graham, her crew and Coach Swift for his football/Peace Corps team, all added much needed and appreciated young muscle to the furniture moving project. We couldn't have managed without you.

Special thanks to Cam "Hero" Connor and Mike Ananos for their long drives from California to help us out.

Deep gratitude to our new team of driver/movers, Joe Greer and Karl Caswell, who are so willing and able.

Thank you to the Curry community for all your donations. Thank you to all our loyal customers.

Finally, there just aren't words enough to thank The Mighty Hospice Volunteer Crew. Once again, so few have worked so HARD to benefit so many.

Linda Edwards,

Hospice Market Place coordinating committee

Gold Beach

recalls not the way

I am strongly against the recall of Port Orford Mayor Jim Auborn and our Curry County Commissioners Davids Smith and Itzen.

It is the right of the citizenry to air grievances, to file petitions and to have the names of public officials placed on a ballot for recall, but let's be real. Both Port Orford and Curry County governments operate with an efficient checks and balances system that works just fine.

When voters haven't liked the proposals offered by our public officials, the public crowds into one meeting after the next. Differences are aired, plans are revised or taken off the table or they are approved. That's the importance of citizen participation in government.

Mayor Auborn and Davids Smith and Itzen are in our corner and working hard for us and we need to support them as well. I hope this short letter deflates anybody's interest in recalls and saves the voters a fist full of money.

No egregious acts have been committed by these officials and there are more important matters to support. In Port Orford, the Police Levy is on the upcoming Nov. ballot and at the County level the property tax. These are important city and county-wide issues that need to pass.

Let's throw our support behind them. These are crucial to our way of life here in Port Orford and throughout Curry County.

John Roorbach

Port Orford

pulse of the people

Without any doubt, this is the most beautiful place to live (of course, this is my opinion) but the harbor, the beach, the ocean are all good reasons why I fell in love with this area.

I found the people friendly and almost right away, I found some people and groups of like-minded and loving people. Having lived in many places across country (through the military), I chose this area to retire.

Over the years, I would enjoy reading the letters to the editor, feeling that I could take the "pulse" of the community.

I have been doing so for the last couple of years. I noticed that there are several letters that sound so hateful appearing in the Pilot. I dismissed it as being election related. But it hasn't stopped.

I submitted a letter which did not get printed. So I now wonder what the purpose is for this newspaper. If it is to report on what is happening, I see a lot of occasions that are ignored (like the fundraiser for the free clinic). But then we have coverage of some businesses ... free advertising?

Then I read so many letters that are filled with nastiness and twisted logic (i.e. citing only one "news" source). Looking back to the 1960s, I am so impressed that we seem to be emulating the challenge given us to "Love one another." I just wonder if the hatred of our president has more to do with the fact that he is a black president in the White House! I suspect that bigotry is still around and is the impetus for a lot of this hatred.

I wonder if I will see this in print!

Burrill Catanach


crises and cancer

I was a dental hygienist for many years and I started to see a correlation between the patient's life crises and dental and medical crises.

Then, three friends passed away from pancreatic cancer, all with the same life crises. This is what opened my eyes to the possibility that pancreatic cancer does not come from a virus, and that the researchers are looking in the wrong place for a cure.

I wrote a letter to the editor asking for life stories, and 11 responses confirmed my theory.

Cancer is an issue that is out of control, and if you heal the cancer-causing issue, you can heal the cancer. Pancreatic cancer is three log-jammed belief structures - one related to capacity, one to compassion, and one to an event that has come into your life that makes you believe you can't attain the life of your goals. This is what leads to one's death.

Because this is not a scientific study, I am now starting a pancreatic cancer project and am collecting case histories of people who are suffering from pancreatic cancer, and will turn their stories over to the doctors once I have enough proof. If my theory is correct, it will save the lives of many people, including those who suffer from the other cancers, such as leukemia, lung cancer and breast cancer.

If you or anyone you know has experience with pancreatic cancer, please send your story to me, Karen Holmes, P.O. Box 4131, Brookings, OR 97415.

Karen Holmes


Hoover like nsa

The administrators of the National Security Agency (NSA) say "Trust us, your privacy is secure."

Let's be reminded of J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director 1924 to 1972, who had compiled a dossier of incriminating evidence on unethical conduct by many leaders. Upon his death the papers were located and destroyed by them to cover proof of blackmail. Hoover kept his powerful position all those years through intimidation.

The masses were immune to damaging secrets; only the powerful were controlled. But what has that to do with today? NSA could bias elections.

Tom Holden


world going to pot

I foolishly thought that Woodstock was "different" to say the least, but it pales in comparison to what is now going on in Seattle.

The powers that be decided to make marijuana legal and a whole new era has begun. Pictures from Seattle showed people of all ages sitting on the grass in parks, on benches or trying to walk in the streets - and I mean hundreds of them. Some had the special pipes and other types of apparatus but some were just smoking "maryjane" cigarettes. When a reporter tried to interview a few of the people, they were practically incoherent.

Now I wonder two things, first is I wonder if Seattle is prepared for the onslaught of people who will now descend on what once was an exciting and beautiful city and more importantly what will happen to all the schools and colleges when teachers will try to teach children of all ages who come to school "stoned?" I missed the part when they told the legal age, not that it will stop anything.

I read about the chaos in the Middle East, our failing economy, a president who is young, intelligent and charming but who knows nothing about foreign affairs and even less about how to govern a country but knows how to take great vacations.

I try very hard not to be negative, but what is going on in the world is taking this away from me, and I resent it. Yes, I am heartsick and now I feel my age.

I know it sounds foolish but I will no longer buy the sourdough bread from Seattle nor will I buy the wonderful coffee that I enjoyed.

Sadly yours,

Geraldine Kass


Attention Car Buffs!

This Saturday is the 16th annual MDA car show at the Lucky 7 Casino in Smith River. Come and view all of the classics and hot rods or, preferably, bring your own. Registration starts at 8 a.m. and the show runs until 4 p.m.

We will have live music, a raffle with more than 30 nice items, plus a 50/50.

The casino will be preparing food on site. It promises to be a great day. Don't miss it.

See you there!

For more information call me at 707-487-0611.

Tom Lee

Smith River