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only for gold beach

I'm amazed!

Curry Health District (CHD) plans a November vote on a $10 million bond for a new hospital (76 cents per $1,000 assessed value). Why is CHD talking to the primarily Brookings audience and not those in the taxing district? The actual CHD taxpayers, residing between the Pistol and Elk rivers, and west to Agness, are being left in the dark.

The Pilot article (21 August) says CHD needs $10 million to replace Curry General, citing its out-datedness. Previously, the Pilot (27 July) discussed talks between Brookings and CHD officials about an emergency room or hospital for Brookings. It indicated CHD may establish main and satellite hospitals in Gold Beach AND Brookings, dividing the 24 beds, maximum for a critical care facility, using a law loophole.

What's not clear: Will the additional tax dollars we in Central and North Curry pay, go to a new hospital in Gold Beach or Brookings? The last new medical facility Gold Beach, Agness, and Port Orford taxpayers bought was in Brookings. CHD seems to be talking to the people of Brookings, not us, raising my suspicions.

We taxpayers are neither fools nor wealthy. Unless Curry Health District wants this bond for a much needed hospital replacement to fail, they need to quickly, thoroughly, and honestly engage with the actual taxpayers. I would support a new facility in Gold Beach, but only with written guarantee a "yes" vote means that. I understand the economics and aren't against more/better facilities for Brookings, but not at our expense.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

give them their due

I've sung this song before. Here's how it goes. My phone rings. "Hello, we're having an event. We need music. Can you please organize it for us?"

Almost always, I say, "Yes." Everyone agrees that having music is important. So do I.

I hop to it. My musician friends arrange their schedules to support the event, providing two or three hours of music. For free. Yes, they can put out a tip jar, which is a good thing. We musicians are always happy to have an audience as we have rehearsed for hours on end, plus we want to add something special to whatever else is happening.

Here's my complaint. Why can't the reporters and event organizers recognize that there has been free music provided for their very special activity and add that information in the writeup? Just a nod in our direction, please, something like, "Music was provided by so-and-so." So easy and so good to know that we have been appreciated.

The Second Saturday Art Walk event always lists the musicians who again, at no cost to the venue, provide music.

That's how it should be.

Shirley Hyatt


fine quote, bad math

Dear Ms. Roepke, Since the Pilot has, again, ignored its own guidelines for civility in political discourse, I want to thank you for posting the quotation from H.L. Mencken last Wednesday (Aug. 21).

Mencken's prophecy was certainly accurate but I'm afraid your arithmetic was not: It took only 80 years, not 90.

Michael Pitts-Campbell