The Curry Coastal Pilot

Given the future uncertainty, we don't envy anyone who has to provide an accurate forecast or make a firm decision involving health care across the nation. Given the history here, there is the same danger to making health care decisions along the Wild Rivers Coast in particular.

Yet that is the undertaking of the boards that control both Curry General Hospital and Sutter Coast Hospital, the facilities that seek to serve the Brookings-Harbor community.

After months of controversy, Sutter Coast is undergoing a comprehensive review of options, led by an outside consulting firm. The decision by the local board is expected this fall.

"We want to be a good solid institution well into the future," said interim CEO Linda Horn, "always focusing on patient care."

Meanwhile, the Curry Health District, which does not include Brookings-Harbor, is taking up a study and approval process for a hospital ... in Brookings-Harbor.

"We don't know all the answers yet," said Curry Health CEO Andrew Bair. "It's totally up to the community."

The key in both decisions will be to mesh the uncertain future with the ability (and willingness) of the community to pay the costs.