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bullying is stoppable

Our students will be returning to school in just a few weeks. Will the educational environment be any safer than when they left for summer break? have organized an initial public forum on bullying entitled "The end of bullying begins with you!" which will be held this Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Chetco Community Public Library. It's an opportunity for citizens to tell their story, an opportunity to learn how to prevent and make an appropriate response to bullying and learn signs, such as depression, that a child might exhibit indicating that they may be a victim of bullying.

We know that students who don't want to mistreat others outnumber those who do. Therefore, a major aspect of the public forum will be "Don't be a bystander!" designed to empower everyone who observes a bullying incident. We want to be sure all parents and students returning to the Brookings-Harbor school system understand the importance of not being just a bystander, and learn the power a bystander has to immediately interrupt a bullying incident without resulting in violence.

Instructions and forms will be provided to make it easier to file a rumor or complaint, anonymously or identified. And we have also invited a number of local and county organizations to make short presentations on what they have to offer.

We invite all graduates, homeschoolers, current parents and students, and citizens to this public forum. For those who would like to talk personally about this issue, I will be at the main entrance of Fred Meyer this Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 p.m. Let's make Brookings' schools a place where all students feel safe so that they can focus on why they're there - to get a better education. Please join us!

Gordon Clay



No need for Taxes

In regards to the Aug. 7 letter by Dom Petrucelli, please let me respond.

He said, "I would never refer to our sheriff's deputies as "deputy dogs." They work hard and deserve our respect."

Yeah? Recently one of them put an abandoned vehicle sticker on my old paid-for truck parked legally by the side of the road.

He said, "We need the protection of the police."

Look at Josephine County and the crime rate there. The crime rate is not that here, in spite of a lack of deputies.

He said, "You apparently do not read the Police Log, the Sheriff's Log in the paper."

Yes I do. Each and every issue. Know what? I'm not scared.

He said, "The highway patrol is cutting back due to funding problems, as is the forestry service."

This is what happens when a Republican House gets in power, voted in by the same redneck complainers who carp about taxes.

He said, "It is the job of the county sheriff to patrol the county, not the highway patrol."

The one and only main road of this county is Highway 101.

He said, "You obviously have no care for your neighbor or their safety from crime if you have to pay an additional $7.50 per month for police protection. What will you say to your neighbor if they are robbed or raped because you wanted to buy another carton of cigarettes, have steak for dinner one extra night a week. ..."

I do not smoke, buy steak or go out to dinner. I live and pay off my land on less than $2,000 a month.

I felt bad for calling the officers deputy dogs, and I appologize. Its just that we don't need more taxes, no way, thank you very much.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

Farewell Pastor Green

I have noticed that Brookings has not seen much sun in about a week.

Pastor Rick Green gave his final message at the Nazerene Church about a week ago.

Coincidence? Maybe.

He and his wife Marylynn have been a positive force in our community for over 11 years.

I just want to say "thank you" and bid them a sad farewell. They will be missed by many.

The sun will shine again, but not so brightly.

Sharon Allen


What's best for Pets

The South Coast Humane Society (SCHS) adopts out animals, cat and dogs, every month, with total adoption numbers adding up to hundreds a year andndash; consistently.

All animals adopted out from SCHS are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and healthy. This care is expensive. The animals in our shelter come from Curry County and the immediate local area. We cannot always accept animals that owners want to surrender because of our limited resources andndash; our shelter is only so big.

Our adoption policies are strict. Although some people are turned away, it's because we try to provide the best, loving, forever home for each and every animal in our shelter. Many have been through so much, they deserve nothing less.

The South Coast Humane Society believes an important part of animal care is to help keep pets in the loving homes they have. When times become financially difficult for pet owners, shelters everywhere see an increase in the numbers of animals surrendered to them. SCHS has helped hundreds of caring people keep their animals through our low-cost wellness clinics, our low-cost cat spay/neuter clinics, our program of giving pet food to needy families, and through our willingness to help whenever and wherever we can.

Curry County is blessed to have two animal shelters. Both operate with different philosophies. Both work to better the welfare of pets, and both save the lives of hundreds of pets a year.

Come visit the South Coast Humane Society at 828 Railroad in Brookings. We open at noon Tuesday through Saturday.

We'll also be at the Port of Brookings Harbor on the boardwalk for our annual Dog Days Afternoon and Mutt Strutt on August 18. Bring your dog and join the fun.

Jan Henault

Volunteer of the South Coast Humane Society

Lying to the PUblic

Bin Laden is dead -Al Qaeda is on the run.

Those where the words of our president the day after the Navy Seals killed bin Laden. Why would he make that statement and two years later close 19 embassies?

According to the White House, Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video made by someone that hates Muslims. Susan Rice made sure all of the Sunday news shows had that information.

My Curry County friends, this is the saddest example of a nice guy trying to be President of the greatest country ever brought forth by mankind.

If a Republican had done what has been done by this man, he wouldn't have been elected the first time - let alone the second. It's no secret now that the press has protected this President not only from himself but also from their own failures, they are covering up their embarrassment by not reporting the truth.

Democrats will not believe that all three major networks and CNN combined with 90 percent of the printed news is lying to their listeners and readers. If your not listening to talk radio or watching Fox News you are uninformed. I would be surprised if more than 10 percent of all Democrats could tell you who Valarie Jarrett is? Rush Limbaugh hasn't confirmed that his source is accurate yet, but if it is you will have a big surprise. Valarie may be the person that gave the stand-down order to not help our men who were murdered in Benghazi.

It's no wonder that newspapers are failing or selling out at a give-away price.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach