The Curry Coastal Pilot

did nothing, do less

Curry County Commissioners should be the front line of defense for the OandC funds to be reestablished.

They should be camped out in Salem, lobbying for Curry County, along with each county's commissioners, with protest signs declaring how the federal government broke their contract, not unlike treaties with Indian tribes and thus, are liable for penalties; they should be sued in court like the Indians did to finally win back their original rights.

Our commissioners lamely sit through each compelling evidence of why proper cultivation of forests can and should prevail, and, that bogus claims otherwise are based in monetary gains for those with proprietary and vested interest. For each and every absurd claim put forth by the environmental lobby, someone is getting rich, and others find security in few jobs are not based in reality.

To see nature is to see evolution, humanity is witness to facts they don't like: Reality is barred owls are the dominate species, spotted owls are obsolete. What the environmentalist should be doing is curtailing populations of humans, but that's too "negative" and impossible to do, so it's easier to "play like fix things" are the answer.

Our commissioners got in office and gave up, did nothing, and still do nothing but protect their jobs, make their money, worry about themselves, and look to tax everyone else. Kick them out; get someone with onions enough to at least talk the talk as it really is, cut the trees or watch them burn; we decide, not some lame wanna-be wishful tinkerer.

G.G. Thompson


clean, safe together

A few years ago I was part of a group fighting annexation of Harbor to Brookings. Several years later I have done a complete about face and now feel that with the complete lack of security we, in Harbor would be better off if we were part of Brookings.

I now feel that Harbor is like a separate town, a separate county and a country unto itself. It feels to me like living on a desert island. The South Bank has become a "dumping ground" and when you come over the bridge and see the sign "South Bank Chetco River Road" you also see a large garbage bag, paper cups, empty cigarette packs and grass as "tall as an elephant's eye. ..."

There was a group of men cutting down grass, limbs of trees and raking the ground. This was not on the south side. They never came across to the corner near the sign. While it is true that the homeless have made the South Bank their home, I must honestly say that they do not leave any refuse behind.

I realize that taxes in Harbor will probably go up, but wouldn't it be nice to feel that we have security and a cleaner South Bank? I no longer rake up the garbage because it appears the very next day.

Does anybody who lives in Harbor agree with me?

Gerry Kass


recall recall drive

I feel this recall is ridiculous and uncalled for. As far as I am concerned, these two commissioners have done nothing illegal.

The cost of recalling these two commissioners would be thousands of dollars, which this county can't afford.

They are just trying to do their job. I believe everybody should have a fighting chance until their term is done.

To the people behind this petition, I would not follow you to the outhouse. If you think the problems of this county are going to be taken care of soon, keep your pajamas on and keep dreaming! This is not going to be an easy fix and it will take time. Hopefully, the commissioners will come up with a solution that we the people can vote on.

The people of this county don't realize how lucky we are to have John Bishop as our sheriff. He and his staff are doing an outstanding and knock-down job trying to keep us safe. I salute all of you.

"One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done." - Marie Curie

Have a Good Day!

Sam Vitale


schooling the brass

If our county commissioners got report cards, they might look like this:

1. Does not cooperate well with others.

2. Lacks ability to make decisions.

3. Does not seem to understand needs or opinions of others.

4. Does not take responsibility to complete a given task.

5. Inability to carry through a comprehensive plan when needed.

Teacher's note to parents: Please see me ASAP for an emergency conference.

Mim Lagoe


coast solidarity

There is a lot of talk about taxing landowners for the loss of lumber funding for Curry County.

Oregon is known for "NO TAXES" true, false, whole or in part. It is not the land owners Of Oregon's fault we lost these funds. My wife and I just bought our home in Brookings in June of 2012 after four years of looking for the right town. When we drove into Brookings, we knew this was home. After visiting for almost a year and shopping for a home that we could afford, we bought.

One of the main attractions of coastal Oregon for most people, ourselves included, is the beauty, low density of homes, people, that create the peace, quiet, tranquility and solidarity of coast cities.

There are truly fewer people along the coast than inland. And it seems unjust to tax the few homeowners along the Curry County coast to pay the large bills for all the services provided along the coast. Most of the people who use these services along the coast are of a transient lifestyle. They are on vacation, live in their mobile homes, or are cycling through. With only a couple years of awareness of this financial issue, I am wondering if there is a way to put the cost onto this transient population.

Higher fees on camping, RV spaces and RV parks. A bed type tax on RV parks/land. Higher taxes on hotels and motels. The best is a fuel tax that Oregon landowners don't pay. Each year landowners get a card with their land tax assessment that removes the tax on fuel they buy in Oregon.

Larry Jonas


need, respect the law

A recent letter attacked the Sheriff's Office. Please let me respond.

A. I would never refer to our sheriff's deputies as "deputy dog." They work hard and deserve our respect.

B. We need the protection of the police. Look at Josephine County and the crime rate there.

C. You apparently do not read the Police Log, the Sheriff's Log in the paper.

D. The highway patrol is cutting back due to funding problems as is the forestry service.

E. It is the job of the county sheriff to patrol the county, not the highway patrol.

F. You obviously have no care for your neighbor or their safety from crime if you have to pay an additional $7.50 per month for police protection. What will you say to your neighbor if they are robbed or raped because you wanted to buy another carton of cigarettes, have steak for dinner one extra night a week, or go out for dinner an extra day a month rather then help pay for the police protection we need.

G. Don't rail at those of us who live in the city because we pay for police protection as we understand the need and are willing to sacrifice to help our neighbor.

Finally, I live on a fixed income and any additional expense hurts, but I also understand the need to protect ourselves, my neighbors and myself against the depredations of those who would steal and hurt others. I understand the need to put criminals in jail and the great job as well as the risks that our police face every day, and say thank God for them.

Dom Petrucelli


Fritter money away

An article in the Saturday Aug. 3 Pilot described the dilapidated condition of the Curry County Jail and I find myself sympathizing with the sheriff's plight in trying to maintain safety and security for his deputies. As far as I'm concerned, County Roadmaster Dan Crumley and Sheriff John Bishop's departments are the best run and pretty much the only ones worth funding.

I have lived here for almost 13 years now and watched as the county was flush with as much as $8 to $9 million a year in OandC dollars from Uncle Sugar and saw former Commissioners Marlyn Schafer, Georgia Nowlin, Lucie La Bonty, Ralph Brown, etc. fritter the money away with no effort to repair or replace the county jail and courthouse when they had the money.

I know the county considers the OandC money from the feds as something they are owed, but when I moved here 13 years ago the commissioners at that time knew even then it was going to end. I'm not quite sure why the county commissioners think that people that live in other parts of the country should fund our government here. I realize socialism is in full bloom and most of the people in this country believe they deserve money that someone else earned, but it's like British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said, "The problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people's money."

We have 44 separate taxing special districts in Curry County along with the county's 59 cent per thousand property tax. I get tired of hearing that we are the second lowest taxed county in Oregon as many other counties provide most of the services we pay extra for that our county doesn't provide, so it just isn't true.

Ralph Martin