The Curry Coastal Pilot

almost-heaven help

My family and I moved here a little over a year ago from Tennessee.

When we first arrived, I knew I was home. I love it here!

I do have one concern. There are people in this wonderful town who are hungry. There are more homeless than most know about.

I think we should work together to help each other. I have no idea how to or what to do. I am open to any ideas.

Brookings Oregon is the next best thing to Heaven so lets help those in need.

Margarita Clewett


don't need more cops

So now one of the county commissioners has come up with another property tax plan. But it will only last five years. Right.

She even mentioned the property tax levy could be made permanent for the fixed income retired people of Curry County to pay $1.15 per thousand in a shell-game finance plan for six more deputy dogs. Right. When do additional taxes ever become temporary?

We who live in the unincorporated areas do not need any more deputy dogs. We do not need any more cops, thank you. We've got the state police, the game wardens, the forest rangers, and each other. People who live in Curry towns already pay for their municipal cops in their tax bill.

Next, the sheriffs will want a 30-million-dollar new jail. As a wise old man in Port Orford once told me, When you call the cops, things always get worse.

Read our lips. No New Taxes.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

equality in marriage

I am a regular 40-something woman who is probably a lot like many of you.

I love my family and friends. I like to garden, read, and fish. I volunteer in my community. I struggle with my weight. I always try to do the right thing.

One thing, however, makes me a little different. I've been in a relationship with a woman for almost 18 years. We've had our ups and downs, like any couple, but we're in it for the long haul. I would be proud to marry her, but I can't. If I could say "wife," people would know the depth of our commitment.

I'm not asking you to change your religious views. I'm asking for fair treatment under the law. We pay higher taxes because we can't file as married. When one of us dies, the other will have to pay inheritance taxes. And it feels a little silly to introduce somebody as my "girlfriend" as I near 50 years old!

Please join me and Oregon United for Marriage to bring marriage equality to all Oregonians. You can sign a petition to put this issue on the November 2014 ballot. Learn more at

Thank you for listening.

Saloma Clarence

Gold Beach

thank you vva 757!

I want to thank the members of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 (VVA and AVVA).

Our total membership is the largest in the State of Oregon. We have worked hard as an organization to be active in the community and I am proud to say that our chapter is the front-runner for the success of the Curry County Veterans Memorial.

Many businesses and individuals from the county have contributed to get this project going. Thank you! We have started construction at the new site at the Welcome Center at the south end of Gold Beach and want to thank the city of Gold Beach for donating this piece of property. This memorial will be a beautiful place to visit and remember those who were prepared to defend our country. It honors both the living and the dead.

We are planning a dedication in September when construction is completed.

"Character is a commodity that cannot be bought, cannot be stolen, and cannot be borrowed from any other." - Byron Pulsifer.

God Bless America - the home of the brave and the land of the free!

Sam Vitale


74-cent confusion

In the article (Pilot, July 27, 2013) it was stated that the Curry Health Network (CHN) property tax on the northern part of Curry County is 74 cents/$1,000. The Curry Health Network has just asked us for another 74 cents/$1,000 to build a new hospital at Gold Beach.

I am confused. I use CHN services and their charges seem about the same as other providers, so why do we pay twice, once through taxes and again through charges for treatment?

Other providers are not supported by taxation so why CHN? I have heard that they do not get reimbursed for some of their treatment. Perhaps these figures should be published.

Perhaps it is time for CHN to be privatized. This would release the taxpayer from responsibility to subsidize health services.

I doubt that the Curry County tax, the Curry Health Network tax, and the Port Orford police department tax will all be successful in November; I expect they will act against each other and none will be successful.

Roger Mitchell


baking goodbye

It is time to hang up my rolling pin and put away my cookie sheets.

After many years of sewing and selling soft lambs, bears and bunnies for the Community Christmas Bazaar, in 2003 I switched to baked goods; in 2011 we added pies to our table.

With the help of my husband Ole, daughter Vickie and our granddaughters, I was able to sell 1553 dozen cookies, 121 loaves of bread, 257 dozen dinner rolls, 352 pans of cinnamon rolls and 480 pies.

Now, with physical problems and lack of help, we have just decided to travel in our motor home.

I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to each of you who came to our table and purchased our products, to Night Home Extension, Vangie Andreason for putting up with us, and Peggy Goergen for always buying the first pan of cinnamon rolls.

Lauretta Newman


too little, too late

The plan to allow shooting of barred owls to allegedly help save the northern spotted owls is a case of too little too late.

Fact is, the spotted owls can only survive in old growth forest. It's not that there is too much competition from barred owls, but that there is so little old growth habitat remaining. Barred owls are simply more flexible in their habitat requirements. Killing barred owls is not going to bring back old growth forest.

I question the examples of other human interference with wild animals given as rationalization: People introduced pigs to Santa Cruz Island where they became a feral nuisance. Killing them made sense. But the reason we now kill sea lions to save the salmon is because we humans have decimated the salmon by damming rivers and destroying habitat. For millennia there was plenty of salmon for humans and sea lions.

On golden eagles vs. foxes: Golden eagles never nested on the Channel Islands until the native bald eagles (fish eaters) were wiped out by DDT and hunters (human interference).

Mountain lions are the natural predator of big horn sheep in Yosemite. The reason that is now out of balance is that domestic sheep are grazed in the area, allowing the big horns to be exposed to diseases for which they have no resistance. Wildfires of disease have run through the big horn herds. The dwindling herd, now more sensitive to lion predation, are spending their winters at higher elevations where the weather is more severe.

A no-win situation, again due to human interference.

Joyce Hannum


an awesome time

From volunteers clearing the Kite Field of trash and dog droppings to keep the area safe for the kite flyers, to getting the last passenger onto Sunday's final shuttle, the 21st Annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival was an awesome time for all.

Special thanks goes to the hard-working volunteers and committee members, generous local sponsors and invited flyers, who all made the weekend happen in such a wonderful way.

If you would like to volunteer to help with next year's SOKF, please contact me through the website at

See you all at next year's 22nd Annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival on July 19th and 20th - always the third weekend in July!

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell, SOKF volunteer coordinator


go mavericks!

We would like to take a moment to thank our wonderful community and Les Schwab Tire Center in Brookings for making the Senior Babe Ruth fundraiser car wash an amazing success.

With the help of everyone, the Southern Oregon Senior Babe Ruth State Champion Mavericks will be well taken care of at the Regional Tournament in Klamath Falls.

Nickki Darger, for

Maverick players and parents