The Curry Coastal Pilot

It's not a surprise that many of Curry County's single family homes are manufactured homes, but the actual number is startling: 3,876.

And of those, according to the Assessor's Office, more than 600 are in poor condition - on crumbling foundations, full of mold, or falling apart.

Armed with that idea, a consortium of Curry County, regional, state, and federal agencies is launching ReHome Oregon, a package of tools and programs to help homeowners afford to either fix or replace those aging manufactured homes. With financing of that work will come much-needed jobs for our community.

The assistance might come through either grants or low-interest loans, or a combination. The aid will depend on the circumstances of the homeowner.

But the chief obstacle might be the embarassment of needing help or the fear of accepting "government" aid. This is not a time to be shy.

If you own a manufactured home that you can't afford to fix or replace, ask for help. Our county needs the jobs.