The Curry Coastal Pilot

what do we have?

I just finished reading a letter to the editor on July 24 submitted by a lady by the name of Ms. Barbara Wieneke titled, "Not a relic of the past" in a response of a letter by C.L. Grove on July 10.

Ms. Wieneke mentions the possibility that our nation may be, or possibly is, in the hands of the experts.

Now, as far as I can tell, the definition of expert can also be broken down as the following: X- an unknown quality; and Spurt - a drip or drips under pressure.

So what do we really have in D.C.?

Why are we still supporting countries who don't or won't support us?

Fred Hunt


no fault of homeless

Homeless people cause port's financial woes?

Theft (oh, wow!), fuel siphoning (incredible!), two people got drunk on the Fourth of July (unheard of!), eating out of a trash can (unbelievable!), even sleeping in the crab pots (here I thought it was the traps that stunk so bad).

Please, give me a break.

Reality check: Millions of people across this nation have lost their jobs and homes, some due in part to city "leaders" spending hardworking taxpayer dollars like there's no tomorrow, while making sure to pay themselves handsomely for the rest of their lives, bankrupting cities. Now they're blaming the homeless? Was the homeless guy siphoning the fuel into his backpack?

Here are a few ideas that might help (Port) Commissioner J. Relaford and Port Director T. Fitzgerald. How about putting the trash can inside the restaurant, like McDonald's or maybe even give the poor fellow some French fries in a to-go box. How about locking-type fuel caps? Maybe even locking up stuff before going home? Stack the traps closer together. Doesn't seem too complicated.

Fitzgerald says it takes 125 hours a year to address all the emergency calls at the port. Let's see ...125 hours is about five days or so out of 360; please don't work so hard. $85,000 for someone to keep an eye out 27 hours a week? Heck, I'll do it for $40,000. Tax all the homeowners? All the RVers? All the boats? How about instead, we'll take it out of your pensions, and problem solved.

Sign me "the homeless guy who picked up all the trash and dog poop for your Kite Festival so you wouldn't track it into your 'home' - for free."

Richard Hebert,

homeless in Harbor

they finally woke up

In an article about Jackson County closing down all 15 branch libraries because of no county funds?

(Jackson) County Commissioner Don Skundrick stated, "This isn't something that just happened. This is something that's been an issue the last five years." The library officials "urged commissioners to give them adequate time to find a solution."

Sound familiar?

Sounds just like our Curry County commissioners! Present and former county commissioners had no idea that the federal lumber subsidies would stop some day! The commissioners finally woke up this year and discovered, "We're out of money." Now they want adequate time to figure something out to raise revenue!

I voted for Commissioner Smith because of his campaign promises. Which by the way never happened; quite the opposite happened with him.

The last idea (raise property taxes) was voted down. His excuse: "The public was misinformed."

I don't know if "Home Rule" is a better idea, but I'm willing to give it a try. I just signed a petition for that proposal.

We really need some people who can work together to get our county back on its feet. Not commissioners arguing among themselves and getting nothing done.

Andrew T. Ragan


facile facility for us

After reading the July 10 front page article stating that Curry Health Network intends to ask voters to approve a $10 million general obligation bond to pay for a new hospital in Gold Beach, I have to ask the following question.

Why don't we use the relatively new multi-million-dollar facility in Brookings and complete the certification for an ER as originally planned and promised instead? It is my understanding that the basic requirements are already in place.

Another question I have is why was the surgery center on Chetco Avenue closed? I am referring to what was originally the "Eye Center". Both facilities are outside the tsunami inundation zone plus the majority of the population is concentrated in the Brookings-Harbor area.

We also have an excellent life-flight ambulance system to service the entire county. It seems like a logical and less expensive way to solve the problems stated in the article and definitely preferable to an additional property tax increase of 74 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

A voucher is relatively worthless to those of us on Medicare and supplemental insurance, by the way.

M. Kitchen


response gratitude

I want to personally thank the many people who have donated to this ministry upon hearing of Outreach Gospel Mission being a victim of a robbery last month.

I want to acknowledge those anonymous saints who, donated cash in sandwich bags, brown paper bags and old bank teller envelopes with hundreds and hundreds of dollars; yet did not want a receipt or any type of recognition. You know who you are and on behalf of all the people in need we have and will assist, we all thank you!

With God's blessings and the generous population of Brookings and other areas of Curry County, OGM was able to continue the basic services that those in need are so very hopeful for.

Thank you again!

Michael J. Olsen, executive director Outreach Gospel Mission


A painless solution

Raising the money to fund county services does not have to be painful and can be done in a responsible manner.

What if half the money needed comes from people who live outside of the county. Have I got your attention yet?

My proposal is in three parts, all of which need to work together. Part 1: Generates money strictly from inside the county. A property tax increase from $.59 cents to a $1.10/thousand. The second part is a sales tax of 1.5 percent, which would generate money half from Curry County residents and half from out-of-county travelers. The third generates money strictly from outside the county. It is a Hotel/Transient tax. All hotels, campsites and RV sites that are used on a non-permanent basis are taxed. Put all three parts together and half of our tax burden is paid for by people who live outside of Curry County.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Seems simple enough to me.

Footnote: I know it's a good idea because I ran it by my 16 year old son and he thought it was a good idea.

Randy Patterson

Gold Beach