The Curry Coastal Pilot

The Event Center at the Beach is buzzing with activity as volunteers and vendors, cooks and cowgirls, entertainers and exhibitors all get ready for the 101st edition of the Curry County Fair.

It's a slice of Americana that offers something for everyone. Robotics, dog show, baby races, a magician, condors, a battle of the bands, motorsports, a drum corps, BMX riding, livestock auctions, and lots of traditional fair food.

And it's a small-town tradition that struggles to survive.

It's no secret that the Curry fair has been on a shoestring budget for years. There's been no money from the county for years; the gate receipts for entrance fees only cover half the costs of the fair. Longtime Fair Manager Ron Crook was meeting with the fair board treasurer Friday to make sure that cash flow would be safe when $30,000 is paid to entertainers this week.

"Without all the volunteers and sponsorships, we'd have a real problem," says Crook. But he and his board have been able to scrape together enough in reserves to do some much-needed building repairs on the fairgrounds.

What the fair needs most this week is everyone's support. Submit your best efforts on entry day early this week, take advantage of the discounted carnival passes on sale before the fair, peruse the special events, and plan to have fun at the fair.