Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

How does it sound?

In the article "Lottery, Not Taxes" (July 3, 2013) JR Wilson states that under his proposal he would receive 2 percent for his work. He is simply creating income for himself!

He also goes on to state that the county's percentage of the funds would be capped but doesn't indicate the percentage. Nowhere in the article did he state that his percentage would be capped! This is not a one time fee for his work!

Mr. Wilson proposes the lottery to be overseen by five members, including at least three volunteers, a citizen appointed by the copyright holder (HELLO!), and possibly a county commissioner. Are you willing to volunteer while he gets rich? Also this citizen that "he" appoints will not be a volunteer! Are you willing to give him this much control over our county?

Does this sound like a man who is in search of answers for our county or for one of his friends and himself?

Janet Walter


College challenge

RE: Letter to the editor from Greg Christensen, "Oregon State University student" apparently from Harbor (July 3, 2013):

My goodness! Let's hope this O.S.U. student is not a product of our local school system, as he seems to have missed the parts about civil rights and history and certainly problem solving.

His solution is hardly "simple," as he claims. If Oregon could charge an entry fee, every state could charge an entry fee, and how much more attractive Hawaii looks than a mere $5!

And his mention of toll roads and bridges to enforce his argument fails miserably as there are always alternate routes with no toll. O.S.U. students miss understanding that the "I" in I-5 or I-205 or I-80, short for "Interstate," and the "U.S." part of 101 and 99 and 97 mean that these highways belong to the nation, not the state.

Finally, who's collecting entry fees at seaports, airports, and all the forest service and other roads crossing our border? Maybe we need a wall similar to the one that fails to keep the "illegals" from entering the U.S. from Mexico.

To this University of Oregon graduate, it makes perfect sense that Mister Christensen is a student at Oregon State. You see, we from the Eugene school have long suspected very low or non-existent entrance requirements for his school in Corvallis. (Please, no cards, letters, emails, textings, or phone calls. This is an old and enjoyable rivalry.)

Chuck Weller


Lane solution here

I follow closely what is going on back home in Curry County.

I come back often, and am very up-to-date on the budget issues plagued by the loss of timber funds. I also know that nobody wants a county-wide public safety tax, especially when the three cities already pay for their own police force.

Well let me offer this solution I have seen my neighbor Lane County put to work. How about asking Sheriff Bishop the annual cost for fully operating the jail, at full capacity, and put that amount to the voters for a five-year levy. Each city wants a jail for their unruly, but they don't want to pay for more law enforcement they may not use.

Sheriff Bishop can use this levy to pay the jail to operate, and what little he saves from the general fund can go to another deputy or the community corrections program.

A sales tax would just be the beginning of the end. Remember what small percentage California started at?

The lottery? Nice idea but before the state is through with their lawyers appealing it the county will have been sold at auction.

Try the jail levy. It's just a small amount more and will do a large amount of good for everyone.

Next step? Get DeFazio to stump for the turnover of federal land to the county. Just 500,000 acres will keep the engine running for years.

John Spada


Why just these two?

Believe it or not there are still plenty of people who read the Letters to the Editor. Some actually read mine and since I have not written lately they actually asked me if I moved.

Well I do not write just to stir the pot and I do not write just to see my name in print. If I see something that really "gets my goat" I will write to the Pilot and maybe it will get into print. Sometimes.

I do not know Mr. Smith or Mr. Itzen and wonder why just two of the commissioners should be recalled. For years now, practically ever since we moved here from Rhode Island, large groups of Brookings and Harbor residents have asked for elimination of the four commissioners program. Large salaries and benefits could be put to much better use ... sheriff, police, etc.

Why can't we have a town manager who knows how to conduct the business of budgets, staffing of various departments and how to use our money to the best possible advantage. I guess it has been impossible, but I still want to know why these two gentlemen have been selected to be ousted.

Thank you for any response.

Geraldine Kass, no longer cranky


Divine comedy

Oh my God! Bankruptcy.

Well, maybe not. Let's raise property taxes; no, that didn't work. Let's go for a sales tax and spend money on a special election. Not a good idea, but we've got to do something to keep the state from taking over. Why don't we borrow $750,000 from the road fund and fund the Sheriff's Office for a year. Seems to be a good idea; of course we can't pay it back. If we get rid of one commissioner we can pay the interest.

Actually, we have $55,000,000 for the next fiscal year; that's $555,555.55 for each of our 99 employees.

Hey! Why don't we get rid of 10 employees and give the sheriff $5,555,555.55

The reason there will probably be a recall is they only need 1542 signatures. Why? Because you nitwits didn't vote.

OK, the recall isn't such a bad idea, except for the money it will cost.

I could support Home Rule, but it won't save any money and you are off to a bad start if you want to keep the persons involved in a recall effort, duh!

If you don't want Brookings to grow at least be honest and don't lie about new businesses. Competition is good for everyone and it might force some to improve.

And finally: Lady, if you didn't like the fireworks, next time donate and maybe you can ride a rocket.

(P.S. If it's free, quit complaining.)

Clifton Siemens